Berchmans’ off-topic Israel hatred of the day: On the IDF and dead Palestinian children

Berchmans is a frequent commenter beneath the line at CiF, and, as we’ve noted previously, though typically a man of few words, the words he does use are usually guaranteed to be used to vilify Israel and the state’s Jewish supporters.

Berchmans recently commented beneath a commentary by the Guardian’s Simon Tisdall, “Erdogen plays Palestinian savior, but what about the Kurds?“, Sept. 21.

In response to a commenter who argued that “Turkey must compensate the Armenian people for its deliberate genocide by Turkey…the Armenians’ children are still waiting”, Berchmans, never one to let the actual topic of a CiF commentary stand in the way of expressions of hatred towards Israel, wrote:

So, to Berchmans’, the IDF’s job is to kill and inflict suffering upon innocent Palestinian children.

While such a comment is clearly hateful and off-topic, it’s also (as its not been deleted) evidently consistent with the “community standards” at Comment is Free.

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  1. Why are you surprised? Berchmans may act like a knuckle-dragging ape but he must have enough animal cunning to evade banning. And every court, however corrupt, needs its jester.

    I know that he actually exists, albeit under another name and I cannot for various reasons share how I know, but given the samey (lack of) quality of his “contributions” to discussion, I used to wonder whether he was a Guardian-generated bot.

    I heard on the grapevine that he wants to visit Israel. All his posts, including the one about giving Anne Frank a blast, should be forwarded to the Israeli embassy in case he applies.

    It’d do him a power of good to be left somewhere in Gaza.

  2. Berchmans is still pist off because he was thrown out of CiF Watch,the guy is two sandwiches short of a picnic.A Teflon coated Guardian stooge,he can post just about anything about Israel knowing that he won’t get deleted.

    The Guardian’s village idiot,on par with Harriet Sherwood…..

  3. The telling feature of comments by obviously antiSemitic jerks like “Berchman” (beside the patent lying about Israel and Jews) is always the blithe ignoring of true atrocities, e.g. the ongoing murder of thousands of Syrians by their own government, to say nothing of the chronic brutality of the Islamic theocracies in the region brutalizing minorities, women, gays, etc., etc.
    That absurd hypocrisy tells you everything you need to know about the motivations of a twisted bigot like “:Berchman”. He should be indicted under England’s anti-hate laws.

  4. It is amazing how a self-defined “liberal” publication like The Guardian, ostensibly concerned about human rights, equal treatment of women, minorities, etc., has slid into blatant antiIsrael bias (try counting their pro-Israel articles!) and from there into what can only be called frank racist antiSemitism.
    Not just the height of hypocrisy @ The Guardian, but blatantly bigoted. Amazing indeed.

    • Indeed Israelinurse, after just watching his speech at the UN I think he already has!
      What a patchwork of smears, conspiracy theories and downright lies.
      I will advise the President of Iran on one thing, don’t mention SLAVERY, the Islamic record on this is far,far worse than anyone else now or in history.

  5. A Warning
    Berchmans acts as a trap for cif to get rid of commenters who see through the Guardian’s world view. His remarks are invariably outrageous lies and generally far off-topic so that answering them is a cause for deletion and eventual banning.

    Of course, Berchmans himself might be deleted, but never banned.