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CiF piece critical of Gilad Atzmon elicits storm of antisemitic reader comments, including organ theft libels

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A good barometer of the depth of Judeophobia among many regular Guardian readers is observing how they respond to a CiF commentary condemning the most egregious and undeniable expressions of Jew hatred.

As such, the hostility towards Jews expressed in various forms by CiF readers in response to a commentary by Andy Newman “Gilad Atzmon, antisemitism and the left, Sept. 25, is a perfect illustration of this dynamic.

Newman, it should be noted, is a trade unionist and contributes to Socialist Unity website.  That is, he is a leftist in good standing – a fact that didn’t seem to at all protect him from a volley of hate and vitriol from Guardian readers outraged at any suggestion that there is a problem with antisemitism on the left.

Newman’s commentary focuses on Gilad Atzmon, whose bigotry towards Jews recalls the most classic expressions of Jew hatred and antisemitic conspiracy theories throughout history.

Here are a few quotes by Atzmon which demonstrate his anti-Jewish racism.

Jews trying to take over the world:

“we must begin to take the accusation that the Jewish people are trying to control the world very seriously…. American Jewry makes any debate on whether the ‘Protocols of the elder of Zion’ are an authentic document or rather a forgery irrelevant. American Jews do try to control the world, by proxy. So far they are doing pretty well for themselves at least.”

Jews were responsible for their persecution by Nazis:

“Jewish texts tend to glaze over the fact that Hitler’s March 28 1933, ordering a boycott against Jewish
stores and goods, was an escalation in direct response to the declaration of war on Germany by the
worldwide Jewish leadership.”

“Jewish lobbies certainly do not hold back when it comes to pressuring states, world leaders and even super powers. AIPAC’s behavior last week reminded me of the Jewish declaration of war against Nazi Germany in 1933.”

Israel is worse than Nazi Germany:

“We have heard the comparison between Israel and Nazi Germany. I don’t like this comparison because I really think that Israel is far worse than Nazi Germany.”

As you read the CiF comments below, also note that Newman’s commentary also mentioned, as another example of leftist antisemitism, Alison Weir, who published a piece at CounterPunch defending the libels advanced by the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet about Israeli soldiers murdering Palestinians in Gaza to harvest their organs. 

(It’s worth noting that the writings of Atzmon have recently received an unqualified endorsement from John Mearsheimer, the darling of the Israel lobby- fearing left.)

Here is a sample of some of the commentary beneath the line of Newman’s commentary.

Support, to varying degrees, of Israeli organ theft libel:

Zionists support greater antisemitism, as they see it as benefiting Israel.

Criticisms of Atzmon is a cynical attempt to silence all critiques of the Jewish right wing. Commenter endorses Norman Finkelstein.

Atzmon is not antisemitic at all. He is, rather, a compassionate and wise man whose words are just taken out of context and selectively edited.

Neuman’s essay is part of Zionist neocon campaign to smear Atzmon, who is merely revealing the world’s most sinister and racist ideology – Zionism.

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  1. After five thousand years of Jewish history, there remain but 15 million Jews. Most have learned the lessons of the pogroms, the Holocaust and, most recently, Arab/Islamic terrorism. They are the vast silent majority.

    Sadly, there are other Jews/Jewish NGOs who have not learned a damn thing. They are the socialists, communists, anarchists and so-called “human rights” junkies and “peace and justice” activists. The well-being of Israel is the very least of their concerns. What they lack in number they more than make up in noise level. These Jews/NGOs are funded by Israel’s eternal enemies.

    Yes, a few of these Self-Hating Jews may be well-intentioned but grossly misinformed… call it brainwashed by wave after wave of anti-Israel propaganda. But most of them know the Truth but hate their heritage to such a degree that nothing else matters to them except bashing Israel right out of existence.

    In an October 22, 2004 Jewish Press Letter to the Editor, Isadore Frank got it 100% right when he wrote, “Unfortunately, the vast majority of American Jews… utterly secular, thoroughly liberal, abysmally ignorant of their heritage… are beyond redemption. Not only are large numbers of them unaware or apathetic about the inroads made by “Palestinian” propaganda, many are actually in agreement, at least to some degree, with [those scurrilous] ‘Palestinian’ claims.”

    Self hating Jews are worst than the Capo collaborators of Nazi Germany. They are the scum of the earth. Worse than the Sicarri of the 2nd Temple era.

    • Self hating Jews are worst than the Capo collaborators of Nazi Germany. They are the scum of the earth. Worse than the Sicarri of the 2nd Temple era.

      Bad comparison.

      Nuff said.

      • I don’t agree. For the most part, the Jews who collaborated with the Nazis were left with absolutely no choice. It was either immediate death or guard those Jews or remove those bodies. Today’s collaborators (they are not self-haters – actually, they are in love with themselves) do have a choice and that’s what makes them worse. Furthermore, who is to say that the end result of their collaboration won’t be just as bad.

    • I agree entirely with Itsik. HP is over-stating the facts to compare the UK Of 2011 with central Europe of 1938. 1932-3, perhaps, in that the casual demonisation and belittlement of Jews and Jewish lives is well entrenched in society, but we are still (thank G-d) a long way from Crystallnacht.

      Sadly, however, there are those (mostly on the left) who would be (justifiably) up in arms if black, gay or disabled people were scapegoated the way Jews currently are, but use pseudo-intellectual sympathy with the Palestinians to justify their view that anti-semitism is a Zionist-imposed myth. It is these conditions that lay the groundwork for conditions such as those that occured in the late 30s and beyond.

        • Infidel – yes, there are sporadic boycotts by groups and individuals, but these are not government sponsored or widespread. I agree that all is not well in Britain today, but conditions are a long way short of 1938 Germany – see Pretzel’s contribution below.

          Foundless exaggeration does Israel and the Jewish people’s cause no good, as it lessens our ability to criticize our opponents for their blatant exaggerations and baseless comparisons with history.

          • Not sponsored but tolerated by the government and actively supported by parts of the legislative, the whole of the academy and virtually alltrade unions. Seeing the very active and vociferous antisemitic activity of the big unions I would say that the phenomena is widespread in the UK.

            • Not sponsored but tolerated by the government

              There a tiny number of Israel-related stores that face boycotts – but that’s it.
              There is simply no campaign against Jewish-owned stores as such – let alone one tolerated by the government. Comparisons with 1930s Germany are ridiculous.

              • There a tiny number of Israel-related stores that face boycotts

                So the authotities tolerate “only” a tiny antisemitism? I’m really feeling better now.

                There is simply no campaign against Jewish-owned stores as such – let alone one tolerated by the government.
                Really? I didn’t know that the Ahava shop was owned Rastafarians…

                • What anti-Semitism?
                  You know what I mean, i.e. there is no campaign targetting stores just because they’re Jewish. That would obviously mean thousands of business being boycotted – and that is simply not happenning.
                  The comparison to the Nazis is insane.

                  And saying the British government tolerates this non-existent anti-Jewish boycott is simply disgusting.

                  • there is no campaign targetting stores just because they’re Jewish.

                    I repeat my question. Is Ahava or Starbucks owned bt Rastafarians? Maybe Bahai?

                    And saying the British government tolerates this non-existent anti-Jewish boycott is simply disgusting.

                    Maybe disgusting but true.
                    Pretzel is the FO a government institution? Did they tolerated one of their high ranking employee’s (Rowan “fuck the Jews” Laxton) open and blatant antisemitism? Maybe he has been fired?
                    Is the BBC not controlled by the government? Have they published the Balen report investigating the BBC anti-Jewish bias? If they didn’t the government tolerated it or not?
                    This is easy to scream “disgusting” instead of facing the facts…

                    • Peter. Ahava is an ISRAELI company. Starbucks has been (sporadically and very poorly) targetted because it has branches in ISRAEL. I can’t speak for Pretzel, but it seems to me he has acknowledged that there are some boycotts (by extremists) of shops connected to Israel, but no widespread boycotts of JEWISH-owned shops. See the difference there?

                      You refer to the importance of facts, and in the same contribution state that the BBC is government-controlled. I suppose you are going to tell me that it’s all a lie, but please take the time to look up the BBC charter particularly paragraph 6(1):
                      “The BBC shall be independent in all matters concerning the content of its output, thetimes and manner in which this is supplied, and in the management of its affairs”.

                      You can argue that the BBC is biased against Israel (and personally I agree that it is), and you can criticise it for failing to publish the Balen report and other things, but you cannot accuse it of being run by the government. It just isn’t and that’s that.

                      As for your main point – yes, anti-semitism exists in Britain. Nobody on this site (as far as I can see) denies that. Yes, there are examples of mal-practice, discrimination and bias in all organs of government and in (probably) all private companies in Britain, as there are in ANY country (including Israel by the way) and as there are against lots of different minorities, including Jews.

                      What you do not seem to see, however, is the big picture. All the major parties in Parliament (even the Lib Dems with their disgusting tolerance of the vehemently anti-semitic Baroness Tonge) espouse the prinicples of equality and anti-discrimination. There is no OFFICIAL acceptance of anti-semitism or any other form of racism by government, although (as I have said above) there are examples of incidents which have not been dealt with appropriately.

                      One of the things that CiF and other defenders of Israel (and Jews) in Britain criticize others for is demonising Israel (and Jews) on the basis of mis-information and isolated incidents of wrong-doing.

                      Tell me why you are not guilty of doing the same to Britain?

                    • GoonerEll

                      You are correct, The government only collects from the public the financial resources of the BBC bit it is not controlled by it.

                      I don’t compare the UK to Germany in 1938 but some facts are very clearly visible even from here (Israel)
                      Occasionally reading well reputed newspapers on the net you can see the very strong anti-jewish feelings of many of their readers (and these people belong to the educated classes) by their posts and the exploitation of this fact by the papers themselves publishing articles with only one purpose – to provoke these posts..
                      The biggest trade-unions (the voting and financial base of the Labour Party) are busy with boycotting Israel and redfining anti-semitism in time of “austerity measures” – their millions of members are silent.
                      Theaters play the Seven Jewish Children – a huge success – promoted by every single leftwing forum – Guardian included.
                      There are universities and workplaces where Jews are expected to condemn Israel or became ostracized by their workmates/fellow students.
                      Rowan Laxton an open Jew-hater can continue his diplomatic carreer unpunished in the government service.
                      The legal system allows violent criminals to damage a private company only because it sells its product to Israel.
                      Sorry but these examples are not “isolated incidents”.
                      Anyway I don’t try to paint the UK worse than any other European country (with the possible exception of Germany and Italy) but I wouldn’t try to put every Brits in the same bucket, there are a lot of very positive voices too.

                    • I don’t compare the UK to Germany in 1938

                      Why don’t you challenge those ridiculous comparisons by Hoi Polloi or Thank God I’m An Infidel?

                  • Why don’t you comment on my arguments pretzel? These points are much more important than criticising other posters. I know that the UK is not Germany of 1938 but you are trying to deny the rampant (and yes, tolerated by the establishment) anti-semitism.
                    I would add a question: How is it possible that George Galloway giving money to Hamas in front of the cameras is not in prison? Are you suggesting that giving money to an organisation considered terrorists by the UK government is not a criminal offense anymore?

                    • Peter.

                      Thanks for your generally reasonable contribution where you raise important questions. It is true that there are incidents of anti-semitism in this country, some of which you have highlighted, but I do wish to correct one or two things:

                      You refer to the Justice System rewarding vandals who attacked a factory that supplies Israel. Yes, that happened, but the judge – George Bathurst-Norman – was later officially reprimanded for allowing his personal views to influence his judgment. The System, therefore, worked to correct an incident of clear anti-semitism (although it could be said that a mere reprimand is not serious enough).

                      Seven Jewish Children was well received by critics in some parts of the British media, but others condemned it for what it was. See for example. Your claim that it is “a huge success” is wildly exaggerated, however. It has not had any sort of extended run anywhere, and is mostly performed by small local groups (around the world, not just in Britain).

                      The trade unions do regularly debate boycotts and divestment, but the major ones very rarely pass these motions and I am not aware of any actually putting them into practice.

                      Campus anti-semitism is definitely a cause for concern, but I am intrigued by your claim that there are work-places where this sort of discrimination takes place. We have robust anti-discrimination laws and employment tribunals to deal with any such incidents, but I haven’t heard of any such claims being made. Can you be more specific?

                      The main point I am making is that I could give you as many and more examples of prejudice and discrimination against black people, Muslims, gays, women, disabled people, gypsies etc that have taken place in Britain in recent years, none of which should be tolerated or condoned, but I don’t believe that British society is irredeemably racist or intolerant, and I don’t believe it is worse than most other comparable countries in most respects.

                    • Anti-Semitism is hardly “rampant” in the UK. And if Galloway has committed a criminal offence, then he will be put on trial.

                      But why don’t you criticise other posters for comparing Britain with Nazi Germany? What’s stopping you?

                    • The similarities between Britain and early nazi Germany are unmistakeable.

                      Singling out Zionists/Jews for demonization in the UK socialist media is the most strking similarity.

                      The UK accomodating islamofascist sensibilities is like the Weimar republic accomodating national socialists.

          • Goon, It always starts with small groups that otherwise sane people chose to dismiss, as you have above, and grow into evils that become major threats to the world.

            After osama bin laden was neutralized, what would happen in the UK if a group of people were to demonstrate infront of a Pakistani owned business? Would “anti-fascists” join in the demo or denounce the demonstators as Islamophobic?

            Britain is still influential in the World – but its influence is increasingly tainted by double standards and a self-destructive appeasement that Neville Chamberlain would have recongnized.

            The same rot applies to the US but to a lesser degree.

            1933 Nazi boycott of Jewish businesses


            • Then we are basically agreed. I have not “dismissed” the boycotts – I suggest you read my original post. I have simply said (3 times now) that to compare them (and the double-standards and acceptance of anti-semitic myths as reality) with the situation in central Europe in 1938 is over-stating the issue.

              I am a proud Jew who is working and living in Britain with very little hindrance on my daily life. I can buy kosher food in supermarkets. My synagogue has never been daubed, firebombed or ransacked and I am free to worship there as often and as volubly as I wish. My children attend mainstream schools and are treated the same as everyone else – in fact they bend over backwards to assist them when they leave early for Shabbat or take time off for Yom Tov). We can walk the streets wearing kippot without comment (other than a few stares and the very occasional shouted “yid”). No Jew would have been able to say any of these things in Germany in 1938.

              This is not to say that boycotts etc are not a cause for concern – of course they are. I also do not wish to suggest they should be tolerated or condoned. Neither do I say that it is impossible for society to degenerate as they did in the 1930s, but this is not the inveitable outcome.

              • What does Chabad say about anti-semitism in the UK?


                “Neither do I say that it is impossible for society to degenerate as they did in the 1930s, but this is not the inveitable outcome.”

                At what point does it become inevitable?

                How much hatred of Jews and Israel will you tolerate?

                Is it tolerable if none of your direct family is affected?

                • Why do you continually misrepresent/misquote me, Infidel?

                  I clearly said in my last post that none of the boycotts etc should be tolerated or condoned, yet you accuse me of tolerating it!

                  Please do not read individual phrases in my posts without considering the points I am trying to make overall, which you seem to have missed entirely.

                  Just to spell it out for you in one, simple sentence:

                  I do not condone or justify any acts of anti-semitism nor the demonisation and de-legitimisation of Israel that are occuring in Britain (and other countries) today, but in no way are these comparable to conditions in central Europe in 1938.

                  Got it?

                  • You’re wasting your time, I’m afraid. These posters for some bizarre reason have it in their tiny minds that modern Britain is Nazi Germany reborn – and there is nothing you can say (e.g. your personal stories) that will convince them otherwise. And they always resort to personal smears (see above).

      • Gooner, like US Jews, you are ignoring the sad state of brethren in other countries. Discrimination and intimidation are the daily lot of Jews in France, Holland, and other countries. Those communities have concluded that there is no future for Judaism in Continental Europe. The slow exodus — a form of ethnic cleansing — has being going on for awhile, and will continue.

    • The UK in 2011 = Poland, Austria, Germany, Hungary in 1938

      If you had any idea about Britain whatsoever you would know that such a claim is absolutely preposterous.

      • “If you had any idea about Britain whatsoever you would know that such a claim is absolutely preposterous.”

        1) I suggest you read my post below.

        2) Unfortunately, I understand and know Britain only too well. It has come as absolutely no surprise that that squalid and perfidious nation should have become the leading centre for the organised hatred of the Jewish state. She betrayed the Jewish people during the Holocaust. She betrayed the Jewish people in Palestine. She continues that same betrayal today.

        • Unfortunately, I understand and know Britain only too well.

          Must be a Britain in a parallel universe, i.e. where Nazi thugs rule the streets, Jews have long since been removed from the civil service and academic positions, anti-Semitic race laws are in place and the state has synagogues burned down.

          Who on earth recommends such bizarre nonsense?

  2. And such unintentional truth about the Guardian in this post from Toeparty:

    “The actually existing Israel is founded upon displacement of another people, and there will never be peace and security until the Palestinians achieve justice.”

    – ‘There is little that one can do but agree with that statement and it should not be considered anti-semitic to say which is why, I guess, the Guardian have rightly printed it, any more than opposition to Al Qaida Islamism implies hatred for Islam or Muslims.’ –

  3. HP,

    Your analogy is almost as wrong as comparing Gaza to Jewish ghettos in WW2.

    My father happened to be in occupied Czech soil in 1938 during that November.

    Listening to his stories I fail to see a comparison to where I currently reside.

    Mind you, there’s still few months left in 2011…

    • “My father happened to be in occupied Czech soil in 1938 during that November.”

      Incidentally, I was unaware that Hungary and Poland were occupied in 1938. The former nation had suffered from the most vicious anti-Semitism since the early 1920s and Poland since the mid-1930s.

      • Correct.
        My mother side had to flee.
        I thought it was in 1938 that they fled but only learnt this summer it was in 1931-2.
        My grandma memoirs which I was given this summer are shocking (hence why my mum didn’t hand them to me earlier – you know being a Polish and Jewish mum…)

        She describes how Jewish schools were not recognised, and in the non Jewish schools the Jews had to stand during class, beaten at break and occasionaly die.

        This, thankfully, is not what is happening in the UK.
        Yes, things are bad at times, but then things are bad in most countries.
        did you see what happen in Ukraine today?,7340,L-4127481,00.html

        I have been in the UK for about 14 years and can’t recall anything like this.
        Mind you, I don’t recall 30000 Hasidim arriving in one go, but i doubt it will cause riots.

        • BTW, I never meant that Poland or Hungary were occupied in 1938, as they weren’t.
          The correct was for your description of Poland’s New and Old antisemitism in 1938 or before.

  4. “Your analogy is almost as wrong as comparing Gaza to Jewish ghettos in WW2.”

    But I am not referring to the individual Jew residing in Britain (although his lot is obviously far from attractive), but to the demonisation and deligitimisation of the Jewish state. In that sense, things are in many ways every bit as bad as the experience of the individuals residing in the nations I mentioned.

    • I see where you are coming from and there is a brain drain with regards to History (and almost everything else) in the UK.

      However, comparing this to 1938 attitudes towards the Jews (and you did right Germany – including the German occupied territories) is not remotly fair.

      My daughter is known as being Jewish in her school (the only Jew as far as I know) and she is very popular and have many friends including very good muslim friends.

      Politics do not creep into their everyday lives.
      In 1938 kids were used to parrot their parents bigotry and racism.

  5. Plus there were plenty of people illustrating what the author meant, i.e. appearing blind to – or stubbornly refusing to recognise – anti-Semitism on the left, even if not themselves making offensive comments.

    There was plenty of faux disguest among them over this article. As if they’re some noble front under attack!

    See e.g. BeautifulBurnout 25 September 2011 8:03PM, xenium1 25 September 2011 8:23PM – but best summed up by Namokel 25 September 2011 8:40PM:

    “So anyone who supports the Palestinians or opposes Israel’s barbaric treatment of the population in its occupied territories is therefore an anti-Semite?”

    What a load of bollocks.

    • This is correct.
      The Zionist movement agreed, and still do, to the patition plan.

      Now, you have various kind of Zionism.

      Religious zionism is a little more complex than that.
      New zionism is just as complex.

      But for these bafoons the word Zionism = Racism and that is that…

      Half of them wouldn’t even be able to place things on a time line.

      • The VictorKahn post cited in the article is a classic example of said bafoonery.

        Then there’s all that “zio-con” crap.

  6. The poster Gegenbeispiel seemed to be there only to spoil for a fight.

    And their response to my post to them is pretty bizarre:

    I do find Atzmon’s definition of “Jewishness” and his questioning of its meaningfulness interesting. It seems to me that the only meaning of “Jewishness” is that which comes, directly or indirectly, from antisemites. If there were no antisemitism, the only credible meaning of “Jewishness” – membership of a group persecuted by antisemites – wouldn’t exist.


    • Amazing Pretz, isn’t it?

      There is so much more to Jewishness but they are blind to it.

      They go to the cinema and watch a comedy which I bet you has some elements of Jewish humour, yet they wouldn’t even know it.

      Their morals, civil laws many of whic are based on things they are oblivious to.

      On my way home i pass the collage and see doezens of young students rushing in and out of the chippy, eating fish and chips.

      Now what would they be eating without the Jewish migrants…

      oops, just linked it to antisemitism in Portugal… LOL

      I guess, since we can’t get around it without hitting the subject, that President Obama was very much right in his speech.

      Yet they refuse to acknowledge the millenia of suffering in Europe cannot and should not be equated to what the Palestinian have gone through in the past 60 odd years.

      saying that does not justifying Palestinian suffering it just put things in perspective.

      Funny, Erdogan just tried to pull this “put it in context” in his speech…

      • Not sure what you mean on the fish & chips front. Yet another dastardly Zionist plot?

        p.s. Obama was not wrong in what he said – but he might have wanted to also address e.g. the settlements.

          • And they put those chemicals in there that make them so irresistble.

            On the other hand: what have you spawned?

          • I was very disturbed to hear of the awful Islamist attack on the MP in North Finchley. But the BBC interviewed him after the banning of the culprits. Such will no longer be able to reconstitute themselves under another name.

            My best memories of an area close by are of the best fish and chips ever (with chrain), in Temple Fortune – a Jewish business, of course – and a Hassid in Golders Green singing and dancing along my street on his way to shul.

        • BTW, about Obama speech;

          This has been long coming. It was requested again and again and nothing was done.

          How can one trust a partner that simply writes you off in the vilest of manners.

            • Haven’t there been Israeli textbooks/tourist guides claming the West Bank as Israeli territory?

              The short answer is no.
              The long version: not at all and you know it pretzel.

        • And maybe he should have address the true intentions of our palestinian peace partners:
          “Fatah Central Committee Member Abbas Zaki Calls Netanyahu and Obama “Scumbags” and Says: “The Greater Goal Cannot Be Accomplished in One Go”
          Al-Jazeera TV (Qatar) – September 23, 2011 – 01:49″


          But I know that you hate MEMRI for being a rightwing propaganda tool – the clip must be a Zionist propaganda plot, mistranslation, falsification (take your pick)

  7. It is interesting how quickly the possible “organ thefts” by a few Israelis, if they happened at all, are translated on CiF to a national characteristic of all Israelis, who apparently are assumed to spend their days and night scouring the world for organs.

    If that is not anti-Semitism, what is? If a Brit was accused of stealing organs – or anything at all – would we see articles with commentary that says all Brits are thieves?

    • Us Jews should be ashamed for scouring the streets for livers!

      Chicken or Calf livers for a Friday night meal, that is…

      We should all leave the scouring to the English for their steak and kidney pies…

      We should concentrate on the drinking, let them cook…

      Shana Tova to all!!!
      Happy Jewish new year!

    • It is interesting how quickly the possible “organ thefts” by a few Israelis, if they happened at all, are translated on CiF to a national characteristic of all Israelis

      Has CiF itself implied this is a “national characteristic”? No.

      And not even the anti-Semites on that thread were implying such.

      • Actually, there is now an even more obvious example of this slander about organized state-sponsored organ trafficking in a letter just published:

        Alison Weir (President, Council for the National Interest – whatever that bland sweeping and rather Stalinist or fascist-sounding title is meant to represent) responds to the article and quotes Dr Nancy Scheper, who has achieved fame through her infamous comment:

        “Israel is at the top. It has tentacles reaching out worldwide.”

        Yes indeed.

        7 million Israelis extend their tentacles through the world stealing peoples’ organs … make sure you wear iron-clad pajamas when you get into bed tonight.

        • You said above “translated on CiF to a national characteristic of all Israelis, who apparently are assumed to spend their days and night scouring the world for organs.”

          But the CiF article clearly cited Weir as a case in point of anti-Semitism!

          So you’ve turned condemnation into condonance!

          Care to take back that statement, then?

    • There was a scandal here some years ago when a Birmingham hospital was found to heave remove dead children’s organs without the permission of the parents. I think – I may be wrong – that there was no law preventing this at the time.

      That certainly had nothing to do with Jews. And no-one claimed that all of us did it.

  8. What do you expect from a former empire that releases the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103 under the pretense that he was determined by “expert” Briths medical opionion, to die within 3 months, yet, 25 months later he is still alive – unlike the people he murdered?

    • Infidel, he was not allowed the drugs in prison which would have helped prolong his life. A matter of costs.

      There was also the matter of “state security” in his pending appeal.

      I have respect for Dr Swyre and doubt the sole “witness” who was apparently paid for his “evidence”.

  9. General note: Comments which personally attack other commenters on this or any other thread will be deleted.

  10. Bored with the circular ‘discussions’ with Pretzel, Infidel and Peter now. It’s clear that we disagree with each other. Let’s leave it at that, shall we and concentrate our time and efforts on attacking those that hate the Jewish people and Israel rather than attacking each other!

  11. Thanks for these comments. I have read Atzmon’s book from cover to cover. Confused, as gentile friend of many Jews, attacked for being critical of Israel. In my mind I don’t hate anyone, especially those I love and around who I grew up. Yet I feel uncomfortable with the behaviour of Israel towards the Palestinians and, as a result, am called a Jew hater. Really? Can the view be SO polarised that to criticise a nation who I feel behaves badly is to hate a whole religion? Baby and bath water or what?!

    Atzmon’s book seemed to tread a logical ground to me. I can sit down with my friend the Jew and break bread with him, yet at the same time want peace for all those that suffer at the hands of others. How can such a contradiction create a conflict which allows boys I grew up with to no longer speak to me?

    Israel sometimes seems to do Jews no favours and places ordinarily decent, fair minded people in an impossible situation of sometimes having to defend the indefensible. I read Atzmon’s book to make some sense of how horrible I feel, and I have to say I feel a tiny bit better.

    Help me out here!

  12. Why this cover up of Israel stealing the organs of Palestinians?

    We know it was deliberate and official policy, and we even know who did it, Dr Yehuda Hiss, then director of Abu Kabir, Israel’s National Forensic Institute.

    He’s on tape admitting it and Israel slapped him on the wrist for it (long before the Swedish got hold of the story). He remains their chief pathologist.

    Nor was it a temporary lapse by one man – Israeli newspaper reports that 40 years ago, Israel’s first transplanted heart was most likely stolen.