UK Foreign Secretary Hague doesn’t disembark from plane in Israel for fear of arrest on war crimes

A guest post by Geary

A major diplomatic row exploded last night as British Foreign Secretary William Hague refused to disembark from his plane at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv after Israeli peace activists threatened to arrest him for war crimes, The Observer reported.

The Israeli government has promised to review its legislation after admitting that the activists may well have succeeded in bringing a prosecution against Mr Hague under Israel’s strict laws governing the rules of military engagement, not always observed by NATO and other military forces.

A leading Israeli peace activist, Adam Levick, told our correspondent:

“It is the duty of all conscientious citizens to bring the warmongers of this world to account. The UK has actively engaged in four wars of aggression in the last 10 years alone and is, as we speak, slaughtering innocent civilians in Afghanistan whilst aiding and abetting the ethnic cleansing of black immigrants and Saharan tribes people in Libya. What’s more he refuses to investigate the numerous well-documented abuses of the UK military criminals in Iraq ranging from cold-blooded shooting of civilians to the torture and murder of detainees”.

“The UN Human Rights Council needs to step in”, added Margie in Tel Aviv. “In the meantime we won’t rest until we see Mr Hague on trial for war crimes. In The Hague.”

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  1. what was he actually there for? Was it to assure the palis that the UK will support them at the un or to complain about Israel building houses in Gilo? I cant imagine he was there to pat Bibi on the back for acepting the new “quartet” plan!

    • If the world had really been interested in justice and war crimes then there would not have been one British prime minister in the last 200 years who wouldn’t have ended up serving a life sentence. In fact, in a world where there was true justice, I doubt very much whether Europe or its rotten culture would even still exist.

  2. But only after the whole boiling of Hamas and Hezbollah and its representatives who are welcome in the UK and their fellow gutter crawlers are arrested for incitement to war crimes.

    Fair’s fair after all

  3. Hamas and Hezbollah don’t possess DIME and White Phosphorus (Maybe they should to level the playing field).. The US said WP is a Chemical Weapon and DIME has been compared to a dirty Nuke because people who survive the blast are at a greater risk of dying of Cancer as a result.

    Abe Foxman should be arrested for complicity and making veiled threats(Richard Goldstone’s Daughter?)
    Looks like Ariel Sharon is serving his sentence though !!

    • More from chris j walters (aka “the midget Taffy”) at twitter:

      — ‘Indymedia claims Holocaust revisionism is “Fascist” … Reading a book has turn’d me into a fascist “WOW!” Give me a break !”

      — “Jews did 9/11”

      — “When will RTE show the documentary that proves 911 was an inside job and the work of Zionist Jews ?”

      Why hasn’t walters been arrested?

    • What a liar. The white phosphorus used by the Israelis was entirely legal, it was used solely to obscure the battlefield which is its proper use. The so-called injuries allegedly from white phosphorus were faked, or were from other sources.

      The Gazan Arabs, however, DID commit war crimes when they loaded their mortars with white phosphorus and shot them directly at civilians, usually children. The Hamasniks don’t have the guts to fight armed men, they prefer trying to murder women and children. They are cowardly, scummy filth, and so is anyone who supports them.

      This means you, if you are too stupid to understand plain English.

    • You are being economical with the actualite aren’t you, or you’re a liar, whichever you prefer.

      Hamas may turn a blind eye to the firing of phosphorous at Israeli civilians, you muppet, but, being the “democratically elected” (as the knuckle draggers at CiF never fail to remind us) government in Gaza, it alone has the responsibility for whoever fires them.

      Given your too-eager resort to hyperbole and, yes, LIES, I shall need some references about Israel’s alleged DIME use (disinterested references, mind, not rubbish you have gleaned from Israel-hating sites) before I can take what you say as being true.

      I doubt, though, that you’ll be able to give them. You are so accustomed to spouting derivative nonsense that you have picked up from people who claim to know but actually don’t, that you wouldn’t know a disinterested fact if it bit you on your backside.

      Hamas and Hezbollah representatives in the UK should be arrested on charges of human rights abuses of their own people – we know they use the elderly, women and children as human shields because they are proud of it, and for the deliberate shelling of Israeli civilians which is itself a crime.

  4. And you think you have problems with Comment is Free !! In future i will impart Quotes ..

    Sharing my opinions is not a crime the last time i checked !! In your opinion you believe 19 Islamists who hate Freedom did 911 even though there is no charge sheet only heresay evidence which is no evidence at all .. Do you here me complaining about your opinion on such issues ?

    • They are also opinions based on nothing except lies and prejudice and which are calculated to stir up hatred against the Jewish people.

    • ‘“Midget Taffy?” Thats racist ‘

      1) No, it isn’t: he does possess a midget brain, he is a Welshman, that is his nickname.

      2) Coming from a primitive racist like walters that is extremely rich.


      Given the apple never falls far from the tree, in the interests of science, I think Walters should give us a full account of the evil monsters who raised him.

      • Are you refering to my family again ? Reason why i come here is to prove a point … I don’t need to prove anything .. You couldn’t stay on topic if your worthless life depended on it.. You and your “breed?” view anyone outside your comfort zone a threat .. If your not constantly ramming the Holocaust down peoples throats to perpetuate your sick concept of collective guilt you view the whole world as potential Anti Semites .. Its mad when you think about it as your not even Semites ,,,your a Mongrel race from Khazaria .. If there are a few grammatical errors in this post TOUGH !!

    • Where do you come from? I didn’t know that there was any sort of law in the intellectual gutter but I am willing to be corrected if there is.

      Are you of small stature physically (or is it just your intellect?) and are you a Welshman? I have never yet heard of a Scot objecting to being called “Jock”, so perhaps you’re pissed off because you’re punching very far above your puny weight??

      • Snigger, as a Welshman born and bred, the use of the term ‘Taff’ or ‘Taffy’ can be be offensive. But, and it is a big but, it all depends on the context in which it is used. I have been called Taff on many occasions and never taken offence.
        If you met me in a pub in London or Liverpool and called out ‘Taff’ to attract my attention it wouldn’t be offensive or racist. If you were renting out rooms in your house and put up a sign saying ‘No Taffies’ that clearly would be.
        Those who take offence at the drop of a hat either have a complex that needs help or are ‘pretend’ Welshmen living in Ireland, or both.

        • An interesting paradox .. In all honesty i couldn’t care what people call me as long as they leave my family out of it .. Consider this A black man calls me a Taff or a “Jew” , “Muslim” “Frenchman” doesn’t make any difference calls me a Taffy or Sheep shagger, i could return comment by saying Nigger , Kike , Raghead or Frog ..Like you said it all depends which context those insults were used .. You couldn’t call me a racist for retaliating could you ?

          In case your wondering YES i do retaliate ! You might not like my comments but you’ll be hard pressed to call me a liar on a personal level.. I think you’ll Find I’ve been pretty damned honest with you all .. If your wondering about my poor Grammar i got f*cked up in a Car accident when i was two .. Apart from that my head works pretty good if somewhat frustratingly slow ! ,

          • ” i got f*cked up in a Car accident when i was two ”

            chris j walters parents were trying to run him over.

  5. I am sure that no self-respecting ewe would let you near her. You will have to make do with lamb chops, they, after all, would not have a choice.

  6. I love this! Very cute satire. But fails as a set-piece – Hague has only overseen events in Libya and, to a lesser extent, Afghanistan, both of which have a UN mandate. I think it is other British politicians you would need to take down first, e.g. Blair?

  7. This discussion is the intellectual apogee of Cif Watch.
    The main highlight is the description of the site editor as a ‘peace activist’.

  8. chris j walters (@glyndwr1416)
    This quasi human has 2 followers in twitter, guess not too popular there either.you are as Welsh as I am so stop shaming the decent Welsh people