General Antisemitism

Pat Condell on the endemic antisemitism which informs the Palestinian cause

As Hadar Sela has observed about Jews, “in our millennia-old efforts to survive as a minority…we have become too polite and too reasonable.”

Pat Condell is not a Jew and is certainly not afflicted with the supreme moral vanity which informs the political posturing of those who suggest anything resembling a moral equivalence between Israel and the Palestinians. 

To those who may find Condell’s discourse on Palestinian antisemitism hyperbolic or facile, I suggest you visit the site of Palestinian Media Watch and spend some time examining the hard evidence regarding endemic Jew hatred with permeates Palestinian society.   

Then tell me that the conflict, for the Palestinians, is about land, the fate of the “refugees”, or anything resembling a true desire for peace and co-existence. 



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  1. The only thing which has to be destroyed is the legitimization, by the Western media (such as the Guardian), of Jew hatred in the Middle East. There will be peace when, and only when, Palestinians are held to the same moral standards as the West

    • It’s not about Fakestinians. The world doesn’t care about them. If they had started terrorising Americans, or Brits, or the French, then they would have been bombed into a richly-deserved anihilation circa June 1948.

      But their enemy isn’t Britain, or the US, or France. Their enemy is the Jooooooo. And the world hates Jooooos, and anyone who hates Joooooos, is the friend of the west.

      • Exactly.

        Another thing that corroborates that point is how the world didn’t utter a squeak when anyone other than Jews hurt them—when they were massacred by fellow Arabs in post-Saddam Iraq, in Kuwait or in Lebanon (Naher el Bared), not to mention their mass expulsion from Jordan by King Hussein.

        They’re useful to the Arab imperialist and worldwide anti-Zionist cause only for the purpose for which they were cast as a “nation”: Delegitimizing the Jewish State. Apart from that, nobody among their “loyal supporters” really cares about them.

        • “… and kill every man, woman and child living there?”

          I’m all for taking a tough stance but this kind of overkill is utterly disgusting and I’m amazed that Adam has allowed this to stand.

          • You’re entitled to your opinion. Adam is entitled to remove my post if he so desires.

            I stand by my words.

            • The reason we don’t say what you are suggesting is because it is morally repugnant. And if that’s how you are trying to paint us you can go to hell.

                • Don’t call me son, sonny. A legitimate military operation that razed Gaza to the ground is one thing. Advocating the murder of women and children out of frustration is another. And if you can’t tell the difference you should shut up.

                  • I shall call ‘son’ those whose immature and hysterical responses merit it.

                    And don’t tell me to shut up, son.

    • I agree with you Adam. While the west babies the Palestinians (which is discriminatory against them) and absolves them from guilt, blame or responsibility for their actions the way one might a little child, then there can be no peace.

      yitzhak, you are of course, absolutely right. There would be Jew-hatred in Arab countries even if there were no Israel because Islam commands its slaves to emulate their prophet in every particular, he being the “perfect specimen” of humankind:

      They are not told, however, that this “perfect specimen” was quite psychotic at times, and certainly personality disordered, and he was driven wild by the Jews of his time refusing to forsake Judaism and accept him as their prophet. The inability to let go of grudges and forgive is one of the first order symptoms of the personality disorder he had and he never forgave the Jews and, being himself vengeful and spiteful he quickly projected these onto Jews and was fearful of their power to unseat him. He betrayed his Jewish allies (for example, the Banu Qurayza, whose men he beheaded in the Battle of the Trench and whose women and children he forced into slavery).

      Of course, given that all Muslims are meant to take the Koran and the Way of the Prophet literally, and to emulate their prophet, it’s a brave Muslim who refuses to hate Jews as he had. Also forbidden from acquiring the critical thinking skills so necessary for any sense of agency and autonomy, they taught to believe their allah causes everything and that they should not act of their own free will, since it challenges their allah’s supremacy. This also means that their sense of cause/effect may be severely challenged so they often lack the skills to change, even if they want to.

      Of course, we shouldn’t lose sight of the main psychological mechanism, deliberately engineered in Palestinian and other Arab societies, to help them defend themselves against shame, that of paranoid projection. Absent the critical thinking skill and sense of autonomy and agency which most mature humans possess, Arab societies succumb to every bizarre conspiracy theory which places the Jews at the centre of all nefarious deeds and plans. This of course has a dual purpose – it lets the ordinary people off the hook to do anything to change their lives because (once again) it’s not their fault that these things happen, it’s as a result of the machinations of the Jews/Zionists, and also their leaders stoke these deliberately so as to distract their populations from their leaders’ corruption and lack of care for their people.

      Add to that the Muslim prophet’s injunction that good Muslims should always obey their leaders and Muslims really are stuck aren’t they?

      Of course there are honourable exceptions, but not enough and these brave people either have to go into hiding or emigrate away from Arab societies.

      • > There would be Jew-hatred in Arab countries even if
        > there were no Israel

        Indeed. Israel is a ‘conduit’ if you like, for anti-Semitism. If the events of 1948 had never happened, we’d currently be reading stuff like ‘Joooos control the banks’ or ‘Joooooos control the media’. Damn, what am I saying… we do get to read such shit!

        Anyway, what I mean is that Israel has just allowed the Nazis to hide behind ‘anti-Zionism’, and use it as a front for the truth, and that is that they hate ‘Jooooooos’.

  2. ZionTruth, the situation is well-described by an Arabic expression: The Palestinians are no more than a tool, “shirt of Uthman” ….

  3. “While the west babies the Palestinians..”

    I agree, Mitnaged. Our media and our governments behave like the indulgent parents of wilful, spoilt children, excusing every misdemeanour in the belief that the children aren’t yet mature enough to make grown-up decisions, yet at the same time, supporting their desire for the type of responsibilities only the most mature and astute adult should be awarded.

    The question is why are our governments behaving so dishonestly? Why are they promoting a policy that most of us equate to a reading of The Emperor’s New Clothes?

    And for the sake of all – not only Israel, but also our own countries – shouldn’t we be lobbying for answers?

    • Penny, I keep coming back to this* which is, for me, the parsimonious explanation for the apparently wilful blindness of western politicians about the sharia-creep of Islam. The loony Left is, I believe, beyond all hope of redemption, but I don’t see why we all should suffer because of their madness and lack of capability to reality-test.


      • > wilful blindness of western politicians about the sharia-creep

        Oh, they’re well aware of it, but there are several reasons why it’s allowed to continue unchecked.

        First, there is the fact that any politician in the west who speaks out against Islam, knows that either he (or she) is going to find a bomb under his car, or else citizens of the country of which he (or she) is leader, are going to be blown to smithereens in a discotheque somewhere. That’s if they’re lucky. If they’re unlucky, they’re going to find themselves being beheaded with a rusty penknife and the video uploaded to YouTube.

        Second, there is the endemic Jew-hatred which (to reuse my favourite metaphor) runs through the Western psyche like blue through a ripe Stilton. Whether this is a left-over from the ‘Christ-killer’ bullshit or whether it’s just a resentment of how Jews are ‘always rich’ (some of these dickheads should come visit me and see how ‘rich’ I am…), I don’t know, but there is no doubting that if G-d were to come down to earth tomorrow and with a wave of His hand kill all anti-Semites, then the population of this planet would be reduced to around 250 million.

        So western leaders are, in some respects, caught between a rock and a hard place. On the one hand, they don’t much like Jews but are aware that a lot of the Jews in their own country have this thing called ‘the vote’. And on the other hand, they really can’t come out in support of Israel (for the minority who would be disposed to do so anyway) for the reasons cited above.

  4. I can’t believe you’re promoting ex-comedian Pat Condell. What’s next? ex-Comedian Glenn Beck?

  5. Well, Luther, I’d sooner hear facts coming from the mouths of our elected politicians but as they seem unable to treat us as intelligent adults, capable of critical thinking, then yes, I expect we’ll have to continue to rely on others, including ex-comedians.

  6. Pat Condell is not a Jew and is certainly not afflicted with the supreme moral vanity which informs the political posturing of those who suggest anything resembling a moral equivalence between Israel and the Palestinians.

    You do not consider Israelis and Palestinians to be morally equivalent??

    • “You do not consider Israelis and Palestinians to be morally equivalent??”

      They are as equivalent as building the World Trade Center and destroying the World Trade Center.

    • Pretz. No doubt you already understand my meaning but if you need me to spell it out for you I will. The Palestinian cause is not morally equivalent to the Israeli cause, just as the American cause is not morally equivalent to the Taliban cause of the al Qaeda cause. I’m quite obviously talking about political values and not individual worth, but I think you knew that already didn’t you?

  7. Pretzelberg – I realise you’re addressing your question to Adam, but I’m curious as to how you define ‘morally equivalent’?

    • Hey, great page. Someone telling the Christian (and Islamic) fundies where to go! Good to see there are some sensible voices left in the US.
      Also a much nicer person than that Pat Condell fellow who got real issues; even though I agree with his rejection of the ‘Palestinian cause’. But Condell is not really pro-Zionist because he does not think Israel should be located where it is at all, and that it has no historic claims to the land – that becomes obvious from other videos of his; and his general hatred of religion is way out there, if you ask me, such hyperbole!

  8. Luther – what is your point re Marcus?

    “Piffle and codswallop” doesn’t really give anyone much to go on.