Better Jews. The Moral Vanity of Israel’s Leftist Jewish Critics

Here’s an essay I had published yesterday at The Propagandist.

Ben Murane, an American Jew and head of New Generations for the left-wing lobbying group New Israel Fund, recently wrote an essay, under his blogging pseudonym  KungFuJew, titled, “Reinterpreting Jewish communal service“.

The essay attempts to “reinterpret” Jewish communal service in universal terms and represents the quintessential guilt of liberal diaspora Jews over Jewish particularism.

Writes Murane:

Accused, I was, of not caring enough for those other than Jews…of working only for Jews.

Murane has been accused of the sin of working for an organization which focuses primarily on the fate of the Jewish state and evidently felt the need to defend himself  from the charge of “selfishness”.

Instead of turning the accusation back on his interlocutors, and refuting the suggestion that Jews are unique in caring more about the fate of their own community than others, Murane immediately sought to assuage his guilt about being a Jew who cares about Jews.

There are plenty Jews in my world of the predominantly young and unaffiliated who are tired of the drumming of “Jew Jew Jew” and recoil from its incessant self-centered, self-referential, selfish concerns.

Murane, distinguishing himself from those parochial Jews who, triumph “selfishness”, writes:

What I abhor about the fight “against” intermarriage is the drive to identify and then root out non-Jewishness to protect us against its invasion.

Here, Murane  flirts with noxious idea that Jewish particularism is inherently chauvinist, racist, and illiberal, and distinguishes himself from those evidently unenlightened Jewish souls who champion Jewish values, Jewish people-hood, and Jewish survival.

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  1. It is a pity that Kenneth Levin’s The Oslo Syndrome does not yet seem to have a British publisher. It is well worth reading and should be sought out and ordered at one or other of the big libraries.

    Excellent though this book is. he is in places far too charitable towards the “superior”,, “non-parochial” Jewish self-publicists like Murane, who, to varying degrees, do not hesitate to give credence to the worst anti-Jewish accusations.

  2. Ben Murane looks like the typical as-a-Jew – proud to reject anything about being Jewish except his criticism of other, less worthy, in his eyes,Jews, and desire to embrace everything that opposes Judaism and Israel.

  3. OT: Three cheers for Melanie Phillips

    “In Israel and the West Bank, there has been a wave of attacks by extremists on mosques, synagogues and Christian sites, including swastikas spray-painted on Joseph’s tomb near Nablus. Two Jewish suspects have now been arrested in connection with an arson attack at a mosque in the Arab village of Tuba Zanghariya. It appears that Jewish fanatics are behind at least some of these attacks – although it is unclear whether Jews or Arabs were responsible for attacks on Muslim and Christian sites in Jaffa over Yom Kippur, despite the Guardian instantly blaming this upon Israeli ‘settlers’, as noted by CiF Watch here — and the Israeli authorities are said to be concerned that Jewish extremists are attempting to provoke civil war with the Arabs.

    Such violence by Jews should not only be condemned unreservedly by all Jewish religious and lay leaders, but also must be acted upon with contumely by the Israeli authorities. No excuses. Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu has said that all such perpetrators will be brought to justice, but this just isn’t good enough.

    The violence by Jewish religious extremists will only be curbed when their patrons in politics no longer wield such disproportionate power in political life by holding successive Israeli Prime Ministers to ransom through Israel’s dysfunctional system of institutionalised coalition government. And that ludicrous and self-destructive political system – responsible not only for paralysing Israeli Prime Ministers, empowering religious extremists and widening social divisions but also for the country’s endemic and shocking corruption — will only be ended if an Israeli statesman emerges committed to root-and-branch electoral reform.”


  4. Very well written article Adam. I agree with you that Jews like these should not be called “self-hating” for indeed they love themselves very much. They are “haters of Jews who don’t agree with them” – which I admit is rather a mouthful.