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Palestine Solidarity Campaign complains that Holocaust denier was harassed by Millett and Hoffman

This is cross posted by Richard Millett

Here is the transcript and much clearer audio of a remarkable exchange between myself, Jonathan Hoffman and someone calling herself Jane Green outside Rivercourt Methodist Church on Thursday 6th October after a Palestine Solidarity Campaign event. I also include the PSC’s response. (Warning: Extreme language)


Jane Green – Holocaust Denier


Hoffman: You’re a Holocaust denier.
Me: You said there were no showers.
Green: Fuck off, fuck off.
Hoffman: Did you say there were no showers, did you say there were no gas chambers?
Me: How did the Jews die, how did the Jews die in the Holocaust?
Hoffman: How did the Jews die in the Holocaust, Madam?
Green: They had their foreskins chopped off.
Hoffman: And were there any gas chambers, Madam?
Green: I don’t know, I wasn’t there, darling.
Hoffman: What about the historical evidence?
Me: You said there were showers beforehand.
Green: They had showers there, too.
Me: And how did the Jews die in the Holocaust?
Green: I have no idea, I wasn’t there.
Me and Hoffman: How many Jews died in the Holocaust?
Me: How many Jews died in the Holocaust?
Green: I think a few hundred thousand did.
Me and Hoffman: But not six million?
Green: I didn’t count them, no.
Me: And do you care?
Hoffman: Was there a Holocaust?
Green: I have Jews in my family, and I’ve fucked enough Jews to tell you about circumcised.
Hoffman: Did the Holocaust exist?
Me: What’s your name, Madam?
Green: Course the Holocaust existed, I’ve seen the fucking photos. My name, Jane Green. Nice Jewish name.
Me and Hoffman: How many Jews died in the Holocaust, Jane Green?
Green: Six million and one.
Me: You said a hundred thousand before.
Green: Six million and one if it makes you happy.
Hoffman: Were there any gas chambers in the Holocaust?
Green: I don’t know, I wasn’t there.
Hoffman: But before you said there weren’t any, so say that again.
Green: I didn’t say that.
Hoffman: Say there were no gas chambers.
Green: Stop harassing me.
Hoffman: Say there were no gas chambers in the Holocaust again.
Green: I’ve no idea, I wasn’t there.
Me: Do you deny the Holocaust?
Hoffman: Do you deny the Holocaust, Madam?
Unknown woman: Course I don’t deny the Holocaust.
Green: Nobody does. No one of any intelligence denies the Holocaust.
Unknown woman: I do not deny the Holocaust.
Green: But you’re using it to fucking kill the Palestinians. You are using it.
Hoffman: Sorry, nobody is using it.
Green: You are using it to commit genocide against another people, yes you are.
Hoffman: You know that calling it a Holocaust (against the Palestinians) is anti-Semitic?
Green: I don’t call it a Holocaust, the Jews call it a Holocaust. It’s meaningless to me. The Jews call it a Holocaust. A Holocaust is a general term for a conflagration. Look in your dictionary.
Hoffman: Do you know comparing Israel’s policy to Nazi policy is anti-Semitic? Do you know that, Jane?
Green: No.
Hoffman: You don’t know that?
Green: I see them as Nazis. I see the Jews in Israel as total Nazis.
Hoffman: You know that’s an anti-Semitic remark, Jane?
Green: I don’t give a fuck.
Hoffman: Jane Green, right?
Green: Jane Green.
Hoffman: Jane Green.
Green: Nice Jewish name.

PSC response:

Statement Following Public Meeting In Hammersmith On 6 October 2011

We unequivocally condemn the views recorded by Richard Millett of a person on the public pavement in Hammersmith on 6 October 2011. Even though the recording suggests that the person appeared to have been harangued by the interviewers, the sentiments expressed have no place in the campaign for Palestinian rights and justice. Palestine Solidarity Campaign (PSC) has a very clear policy opposing all forms of racism, including Islamophobia and anti-Jewish prejudice. Moreover, PSC has issued a further statement opposing attempts to deny or minimise the Holocaust.

It is important to remember that the recorded remarks were made outside,and not inside, a meeting organised by West London PSC which was widely advertised and open to all members of the public. The meeting itself drew upon a panel of speakers of different faiths – Jewish, Muslim and Christian – who all focused on the necessity for Jerusalem to be a city for all its residents, irrespective of faith or ethnicity.

West London Palestine Solidarity Campaign

Even though PSC condemns Green’s “views” and “sentiments” it actually defends her by suggesting that she might have said what she did because she was being “harangued”. In any event she wasn’t harangued at all but took great pleasure in taunting us about the Holocaust, as you can clearly hear.

PSC also makes a weak attempt to distance itself from Green by emphasising that her remarks took place outside the meeting and that the meeting was focused on Jerusalem.

Green actually took inspiration from the meeting, at least for her accusation that Jews are using the Holocaust to kill the Palestinians. Not long before this exchange she had heard the Reverend Stephen Sizer in the meeting blame “guilt for the Holocaust” on what he thinks is happening to the Palestinians:

Jane Green is not a one-off. Remarks similar to hers are whispered at the many anti-Israel events up and down the country. You just don’t get an opportunity to record them, so they are easily denied.

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  1. People are becoming increasingly politically and historically ignorant. The altercation with this Jane Green proves it. It is tragic that so many jump on the band wagon and want to force the JEWS out of thier ancient God given homeland. The Muslims have Mecca. As a Christian Zionist I am so pleased that the Jews are back in their land. I can visit sites which as a Chrisitan mean so much to me because the Jews control Israel. What would the fate be if the Palestinians had control? Stephen Sizer is a political zealot who does not give an iota of thought or care for his supposed brethren who are suffering in Islamic lands throghout the world for their religious faith. I do question if Sizer is a Christian and what Bible he reads? He has a clear agenda which is not Christian. You men who questioned Jane Green were brave and intelligent and you allowed her in speaking for herself to show her lack of judgement, logic and morality. Shalom and I pray for the peace of Jerusalem may God strengthen His peple in His land. Unfortunately prejudice and hatred of the Jews hides behind the mask of Anti-Zionism. However Zion is a word that in essence is part of Israel. You cannot take Zion out of the land because it is located within the land which was called Israel and according to God the Creator is still called Israel. The name Palestine is the hoax of the age.

  2. Charlene, there are always such people who have made up their minds and don’t want to be confused by facts.

    The brakes really did come off didn’t they?

    “Jane Green,” above (too cowardly, I daresay, to stand by her convictions and give her real name), should beggar belief but doesn’t. She sounds fairly typical of the sort of obsessive/ruminative individual who would frequent such a hate seminar. Disturbing and indicative of her obsession with and insecurity about sex are her frequent references to foreskins and her argument that millions of Jews died because they had their foreskins chopped off. Was she, perhaps, trying to be clever and her idiotic answer was by way of illustrating that these Jews died because (having been circumcised and that being a sure-fire way then of recognising Jewish males) they were known to be Jews? Even that wouldn’t explain why Jewish women were murdered in their millions as well.

    The PSC’s bleating that they were wronged digs them deeper into the hole they’ve made for themselves. In spite of the filth spewed on the platform, they are trying to argue that the exchange recorded above has nothing to do with them because it didn’t take place inside the hall!

    There’s also a total lack of insight into psychology and human nature on the part of the PSC. If “Jane Green” did not hold such obscenely antisemitic views in the first place then no amount of “haranguing” could make her behave as she did, unless of course she was mentally or emotionally challenged in some way, and, for example if she suffered from a disturbance which resulted in very poor impulse control. Given the exchange above the last is very likely.

    Stephen Sizer’s execrable reputation goes before him, which makes a nonsense of any excuses he makes and anyone who shares a platform with him has to be suspect.

    And we should thank the PSC for providing proof that no matter what they might argue this incident shows that there is no clear blue water between their antiZionism and their Jew-hatred. One shades seamlessly into the other, as we have witnessed from the exchange above. Well done Richard and Jonathan for forcing these wretches into the daylight.

  3. If this is harassment by Hoffman and Millet, then Ms Green has never been “interviewed” by the police. I remember a “role-play” by an ex-policeman, just to demonstrate how forceful such an interrogation could be, without ever over-stepping the bounds of PACE.