Guardian readers view release of Shalit for 1027 terrorists as evidence of Israeli racism!

No, what follows isn’t surprising to anyone familiar with the routine anti-Zionist vitriol spewed by Guardian readers beneath the line.

However, the following still should be noted as a perfect example of how Guardian readers are able to spin almost any news about Israel in way which assigns the maximum malice to the Jewish state.

Here are some reader responses beneath the line to Gilad Shalit exchange for Palestinian prisoners – live update“, Guardian, Oct. 18.

First, we see the beginning of a series of comments which make the almost incomprehensible argument that the deal to release Gilad Shalit in exchange for 1027 Palestinian terrorists is an example of Israeli racism!  When you read the comments you’ll see that these Guardian readers evidently believe the prisoner swap of one Israeli soldier for 1,027 Palestinian terrorists is evidence that Israel deems the lives of over Palestinians as only worth 1/1000th of an Israeli life.

First example of this narrative of Shalit’s release as evidence of Israeli racism. (44 Recommends)

The convoluted logic is almost comical, as it implies that the only non-racist act would be for Israel to release only one Palestinian terrorist in exchange for Shalit.  The mind spins at the moral reasoning which informs such an egregious fallacy, which fails to see that, in reality, what the prisoner exchange shows is that Israel was willing pay the moral and other costs (such as the pain such a deal will cause to the families who lost loved ones to the released terrorists) of freeing scores of terrorists responsible for the murder of 100s of Israelis, in exchange for getting one of its citizens back safely. 

But it continues (67 Recommends)

And, again. This is even more bizarre.  As if only a one for one trade would show that Israel views Muslim lives as equal. (5 Recommends)

Again, another nearly unintelligible rant which includes: “Zionism values Jewish fingernails over Palestinian cities”. (3 Recommends)

Again, this time it’s the Guardian which values Israelis more than non-Israels! (6 recommends)

But, there’s more contempt for Shalit and Israel beyond the bizarre theme that the deal for Shalit’s release shows that the deal for Shalit somehow demonstrates that the Jewish state doesn’t value Muslim life.

General contempt for Shalit: (10 Recommends)

The Jewish state was too cheap to take care of the 1027 Palestinian prisoners. (3 Recommends)

Reader upset more terrorist murderers weren’t released. (42 Recommends)

Rich and powerful American Zionists protect Israel from being prosecuted for war crimes. (24 Recommends)

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  1. Have any of the Grauniad’s commentators noted the irony in the fact that 2 of the women released didn’t want to be sent to Gaza as they feared their treatment by their political opponents there!

    So these poor, innocent, downtrodden souls would rather have stayed in evil, corrupt, wicked, justice-free Israel than face the peace-loving, freedom-fighting, oppressed, brave heros in Gaza.

  2. It’s not only the Guardian readers either. Some of the commenters at the Daily Telegraph shocked me with their antisemitic words and vile innuendos against Israel. Read them in action on the article by Israel’s ambassador to the UK and in this liveblog.

    I sometimes wonder where all these antisemites were hiding in pre-internet days. How did they get their kicks when there was nowhere for them to vent their prejudices?

  3. The Times (£) isn’t doing too well either. In fact the BBC may be more reasonable than usual today. A Kevin Connelly broadcasting from Jerusalem spoke to an Arab who said the release of prisoners wouldn’t make them recognise Israel.

    I have also heard Arnold Roth twice.

  4. The addled burblings of all the knuckledraggers below the line at CiF is shown to be nonsensical by the statement on the Beeb of one of those released towards the end of his sentence for the murder of Israeli soldiers, that it was his right to continue to do it.

    I have a horrid feeling that Bibi’s actions will come back to bite him.

  5. “treated well”

    Look @ the kid he looks like he had no real food for months.
    Compared to the chickpea pita fed fatsos in Hamas, this guy looks anemic.

    McGreal is a known liar, misogynist and antisemite.
    He blamed Jews for natives in California losing money in casinos… the guy is bad news…

  6. All these posts exhibit the embittered and pernicious envy of the moral conduct of the Jewish state, and of Jewish people in themselves. These idiots cannot bear it that Israel has demonstrated its commitment to caring about every single Israeli, when, by contrast, Palestinians are shown to be disposable by their leadership. Why else educate or brainwash them into preferring death over life, unless they see death as an inevitability and they are trying to make a virtue out of the meaningless sacrifice of Palestinian lives?

    And Krusty is such a snob!

    And no hate-fest would be complete without its tinfoil hat conspiracy theorists like petapenny.

    • Very true. And that Mrdaydream person was also pretty vile. There are way too many people (the vast majority, actually) on CiF-Middle-East-articles that really really get my goat with their utter ignorance.

  7. Of course it’s Hamas that set the price. It’s Hamas that thinks the life of one Israeli is worth a thousand Palestinians. These people are idiots… wait that’s not true, they are just full of hate and hate makes people stupid.

  8. Guardian readers view release of Shalit for 1027 terrorists as evidence of Israeli racism!

    That’s a nonsense headline. Some idiots made that claim. Other idiots (as seen above) accused the Guardian itself of racism. And some posters thought they were both full of shit.

    The vast majority of actual Guardian readers were, of course, not even present on the thread.

  9. Pretz, there’s nothing even remotely misleading about my headline. I didn’t specify how many Guardian readers held this view, but took screen captures of several which made this claim. My error I guess is omitting the word “some”? I mean, come on, Pretz. This isn’t a serious refutation of my post or headline.

    • Melanie forgets that this is not the first time nor will it be the last.

      “In 1989, Yassin was arrested by the Israelis and sentenced to life imprisonment. In 1997 Yassin was released from Israeli prison as part of an arrangement with Jordan following the failed assassination attempt of Khaled Mashal, which had been conducted by the Israeli Mossad in Jordan. Yassin was released by Israel in exchange for two Mossad agents who had been arrested by Jordanian authorities,[13] on the condition that he refrain from continuing to call for suicide bombings against Israel…”

      How many people were murdered as a result of Yassin’s release?

      Not sure but more than 2.

      In fact after his assasination in 2004 and Rantissi’s one on the same year 15 Israelis were murdered in Beer Sheva and 80 injured in a terror attack supposadly to avenge their death.

      Perhapd the West needs to listen to what Yassin and other Hamas leaders preach more often rather than excuse them and the Palestinian mentra:

      “Yassin opposed the peace process between the Palestinians and the Israelis. He supported armed resistance against Israel, and was very outspoken in his views. He asserted that Palestine is an Islamic land “consecrated for future Muslim generations until Judgment Day” and that no Arab leader had the right to give up any part of this territory.[13] Yassin’s rhetoric did not distinguish between Israelis and Jews, at one point stating that “Reconciliation with the Jews is a crime.”[22] Yassin’s inflammatory rhetoric was often scrutinized in the news media.[23] On one occasion, he opined that Israel “must disappear from the map”.[23] Yassin’s declaration that “We chose this road, and will end with martyrdom or victory” later became an oft repeated mantra among Palestinians.”

  10. The underlying theme of most of the Hard Left’s reaction to this entire kidnapping/forced ransom situation is depressingly straightforward. As a group, they agree that killing or helping to kill Israelis is either not a crime or is a very minor crime, along the lines of jaywalking. They also concur with the notion that nothing any Palestinian does, including first-degree multiple homicides, matches up to a standard for incarceration at a prison that doesn’t have a PA-style revolving door. And, of course, the list of acceptable steps Israel can take boils down to A) releasing all Palestinian inmates including mass murders, B) not arresting any future terrorists, C) not KILLING any future terrorists, D) trusting Hamas, E) agreeing to turn over 100% of the West Bank and East Jerusalem to a combination of the PA and Hamas and F) THEN submitting to the one-state/Right of Return demands. I’m not trying to be apocalyptic here. I just feel that the link between Gilad Shalit’s captivity and Hamas on the one hand, and the views of the HL apologists in this and almost every Israeli-related manner on the other hand, leads from D into E and F. Love to be wrong, but certain I’m right.

  11. Of course we don’t know who the ‘Guardian readers’ might be. The presumption is that they are named Nigel and Cecily when, in fact, they are probably Muhammed and Omar. I’m not a great enthusiast of Israeli government policies but am confident that the world is generally impressed by Israel’s willingness to gamble for the life of one kidnapped conscript. Israel, not Hamas, comes off looking good here.

  12. I heard a rumour that Israel has “turned” several of those released into informers. I’ve no idea whether that’s actually true or just one of those paranoid things that the Palestinians and their supporters like to believe–but I’d certainly LIKE to believe it. (“Son of Hamas” certainly lends credence to the rumour.) If it IS true, then Israel is about to get a whole pile of really good intelligence on Hamas, Fatah, and the rest of them.

    If we start to see more terrorist big-wigs dying of lead poisoning, then I think it’s reasonable to assume it’s true.