Jewish supremacism revisited: And, Deborah Orr’s faulty memory

As I noted in “On the explicit antisemitism of the Guardian’s Deborah Orr“, Orr, commenting on the Shalit prisoner swap for the Guardian, advanced a simply inexplicable moral calculus – one just brimming with animosity towards Jews.

Regarding the former, Orr somehow interpreted Israel’s willingness to release over a thousand Palestinian terrorists, for one Israeli who had never committed a crime, as evidence of Israeli racism.

She wrote:

“It’s quite something, the prisoner swap between Hamas and the Israeli government that returns Gilad Shalit to his family, and more than 1,000 Palestinian prisoners to theirs…[which is] an indication of how inured the world has become to the obscene idea that Israeli lives are more important than Palestinian lives.”

Of course, such bizarre logic shows how debased the commentary over Israel has become, especially when you consider the real moral implications of the deal with Hamas: that the value of the hundreds of Israeli lives extinguished by the Palestinian terrorists released in the deal were apparently of no particular concern to Hamas, Orr or other European critics of Israel.  

Regarding Orr’s broader animosity towards Jews as such,  it seems that our crusading anti-Zionist friend forgot what she has written – or so it would seem by a Twitter exchange she had recently with a critic of her Guardian diatribe.

Here’s the Tweet which challenged Orr to fess up to her peculiar logic:

Then, Orr:

OK, I’ll jog her memory. She wrote, in her Guardian piece:

“…so many Zionists believe – that the lives of the chosen are of hugely greater consequence than those of their unfortunate neighbors.”

As I sense that Ms. Orr isn’t the brightest bulb in the lot, let me spell is out to her.

Despite having no recollection of arguing that “Jews think they’re better” than others, a mere few days ago she opined her disgust with the notion “that the lives of the chosen” – JEWS – “are of hugely greater consequence than those of their unfortunate neighbors”.  

And, of course, by “unfortunate neighbors”, it is, to be honest, less than clear which bastions of peace, brotherhood, universal love, and religious tolerance she’s referring to: Is it Hamas, Hezbollah, Syria, Saudi Arabia or Iran? She doesn’t say.  

Yes, those pesky Jews – so crippled by selfishness that they fail to even consider submitting to the Islamist universal-ism which their neighbors so selflessly wish upon them.  

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  1. It also appears that Deborah Orr, mental midget columnist for the Guardian with a mental age centered in her early teen years, actually thinks her anti-Semitic rubbish is funny. She apparently believes that she provides profound insights with what she regards as satire.

    BTW:- here are examples of her knowledge of Judaism, a subject on which she amazingly regards herself as an authority. There’s a lot more on her twitter page if you can stomach it – its a bit like reading the musings of Goebbels or Streicher about Jews:!/DeborahJaneOrr

    Deborah Orr
    @DeborahJaneOrr Deborah Orr
    @roeberg A question. My mother-in-law was Jewish. Are my sons quarter-Zionist? Racially quarter Jewish? Or what? They think the latter.

    @DeborahJaneOrr Deborah Orr
    @roeberg So would the right usage be orthodox-Zionist-Israel-supporting Jewish people? Or are there no Jews who believe in special destiny?

    @DeborahJaneOrr Deborah Orr
    @yidtech Of course, my step-son and my nephew are, racially quarter Jewish, like my sons. Are they quarter Zionist too?

  2. So, Deborah Orr believes we should love our neighbour as ourself, and also love the stranger, the ‘other’?

    Nice sentiments, Deborah. You will find they originated in a book called The Torah.

    But of course she doesn’t believe in these principles at all. Watch her on Twitter: she has absolute contempt for any Jewish person who dares to question her mistaken view of Judaism and the state of Israel.

    Sorry, but she actually is pathetic.

  3. Is there just one single person that writes for the Guardian that isn’t absolute crap…….

    One is worse than the other over there.They are spiteful,hateful,duplicitous,
    nasty racist pigs…

  4. In one of this idiots tweets she mentions…..

    “getting caught out as a profligate and intemperate idiot who fucked up royally.”

    That just about describes this profligate and intemperate idiot who fucked up royally……………..

    • What do you say do those Jews who do indeed misread the biblical “chosen” to mean “superior”? Or indeed those (including Christian Zionists) who claim that the land was “God given” to Jews?