Palestinian terrorists bombard southern Israel with rocket fire: One killed, several injured by shrapnel.

Per Ynet:

[Several Israelis] were hurt [and one killed] by shrapnel after rockets hit Ashkelon and Ashdod on Saturday evening as part of a relentless attack from Gaza. 

In total, some 20 rockets and mortar shells were fired on Israel’s south [this evening].

Per Jpost:

A man seriously injured from a rocket attack in Ashkelon succumbed to his woundsSaturday night and died at Brazilai Hospital in the city. 

The man was injured when a home was directly struck causing shrapnel to fly.

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  1. Good for Israel.

    Even better for Israel would be to send a warning that launching rockets at Israeli civilians nullifies whatever agreements were signed for the release of Gilad Shalit.

    For every rocket launched, a name is chosen at random and that person stays in jail in Israel forever.

    • SarahLeah the Hamasniks are saying that they are worried about exactly that. Despite the fact that they initiated the whole thing with a Grad rocket on Ashdod last week in response to nothing, they are now saying
      ” that the deaths of five of its men in Rafah, the southern Gaza Strip, on Saturday was an Israeli attempt to avoid fulfilling the second phase of the prisoner exchange agreement that saw the release of IDF soldier Gilad Schalit.”

      They are well aware that Israel will always retaliate for attacks on her citizens but are playing the innocents as they often do and succeeding in their goals. I read that some/all(?) UK media are disregarding the first attack and talking of 5 killed in Gaza followed by two wounded in Israel, perpetuating the myths of Israeli aggression

      • Yes, even on the midnight news the BBC couldn’t report that an Israeli had been killed. They’re all Hamas, Islamic Jihad etc and I doubt that their “Gaza reporter” Jon Donnison is resident in Gaza.

      • This is proof positive, if ever it were needed of their paranoid projection, craziness and routine cognitive distortion.

  2. SarahLeah,

    Good idea, although an even better one would be to take that terrorist out and put him/her in front of a firing squad.

    Now that an Israeli has been murdered, according to Deborah Orr we should eliminate 1000 of them, or would that be disproportionate?