How many of your nation’s citizens live in fear of enemy rocket fire? Context the Guardian won’t provide

Would 1 million citizens out of a population of 7.8 million seem like a significant percentage to you?



Well, the figure of one million only includes the threat posed by Gaza terrorists in the south and not from Hezbollah in the north, who, Israeli authorities believe, are in possession of tens of thousands of rockets, many which can reach almost anywhere in Israel.

Not included in this graphic: The Iranian made Zelzal 2, Hezbollah is in possession of, which has a range of up to 400 Km

Since 2001, more than 10,000 rockets and mortars were fired from Gaza, resulting in 35 dead, more than 1,500 injured and thousands traumatized.

Hezbollah fired nearly 4,000 rockets into Israel during the Second Lebanon War alone, resulting in 43 killed and over 2000 injured.

Some facts to consider the next time Harriet Sherwood or other Guardian reporters callously dismiss such threats in future reports about terrorist rocket fire into Israel.

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  1. Complete waste of time. I have seen .. I have read with my own eyes, the comments in response to mention of this rocket fire, and they always, always answer, ‘harmless fireworks’.

    And then when you point out that Moshe Ami (z“l) was killed by one of these ‘harmless fireworks’, their response is (and I quote verbatim) ‘stoopid Jooboy shouldn’t play with fireworks, then, should he?’

    So. A waste of time. The only response is a 12″ blade thrust into the soft tissue under their chin with such force that it snaps off inside the skull.

    Destroy them. Destroy them wherever you find them. Follow them, hound the dogs to the end of the earth and annihilate them.

  2. yitz, your anger is understandable.

    Better by far is to invite these bar stewards to Sderot and other places where Hamas sends its nasty calling cards and invite them to sit in the streets and public squares rather than dashing for shelter when “tzeva adom” sounds. Then afterwards (if they’re not blasted to kingdom come) tell them to shower and change their pants and share with their mates back home their experiences of the “fireworks display.”