Guardian contributor Gail Simmons Tweets about the Nazism of Zionism

This was going to be a post about yet another unserious charge by a Guardian columnist of ethnic cleansing against Israel.

What caught my eye initially in today’s Guardian report, “Letter from the West Bank: sweet tea and coffee soothe a bitter landscape“, by Gail Simmons, about a Bedouin Sheikh named Ishmael Ali al-Rashayda, was this passage:

“[al-Rashayda’s] tribal lands, which once stretched as far as the Dead Sea, have shrunk during the occupation to a few scattered outposts. The Bedouin, who have lived here for centuries, have been largely expelled.”

My intent was to focus this post on the fact that, contrary to the implicit charge leveled by Simmons, even the most conservative estimates of the Bedouin population in Israel show that their numbers have increased by 16 fold (10,000 to roughly 160,000) since the state of Israel was established in 1948.

However, a brief search into the background of the author of this latest Guardian piece turned up evidence which puts the report in better perspective.

Gail Simmons is a travel writer who often provides commentary on her sojourns to a country called Palestine.  

On her website, she observes:

“I enjoy writing about independent and ethical travel, and in recent years have specialised in the Middle East region where I’ve travelled widely. I’ve been described as “that rare beast – a travel writer with a conscience who sees beyond the 5-star to the country behind.” I certainly hope to be so.”

Just how ethical a traveler is Simmons?  

Well, a recent Twitter post provides a clue.  

Of course, if we lived in a just world – a place where such ferocious and cruel characterizations of the modest proposition that Jews are entitled to dictate their own destiny through self-determination were met with widespread opprobrium – the suggestion that Zionism is morally aligned with Nazism would render the author of such a hateful polemic toxic to the progressive community. 

But, we don’t live in such a place.

Rather, the political realm we inhabit – a mere 66 years since the end of the Holocaust – allows for such odious moral invectives in the name of liberal thought.

Leon Wieseltier, commenting recently for The New Republic about those who oppose the mere notion of a Jewish state, wrote:

“A whole country and a whole people have been expelled from the realm of imaginative sympathy…there is a poison in the air.”

The ideological toxins which inform the views of Gail Simmons represent the norm, and not the exception, at a place known as the Guardian Left.

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  1. Yeah – Zionism = Hitler. The stupid stupid woman. And try as she might, she still won’t get invited to Rusbridger’s dinner parties.

  2. She doesn’t seem to appreciate that the Bedouin were nomads until recently…(does she know what a nomad is?)…according to her they were all indigenous to the area that is now Israel.
    Of course, for the Guardian everyone is indigenous to Israel except the Jews.

    Adam, for your next entry may I suggest that you write a short entry on the current modus operandi of the Bedouin today in Israel.
    I suggest you bring to your readers’ attention the violence that is perpetrated by many of them….the well documented accounts of their extortion rackets when smuggling desperate Darfurian refugees across the border from Egypt to Israel, and how, once they get their money, they often beat and torture these unfortunates to extort more.
    Or how about their deliberate theft of Israeli state land in the Negev by settling illegally and building permanent structures?
    And you might like to remind people that they also run extortion rackets, so that businesses like the telecoms in Beer Sheeba are forced to pay them protection money in order that they don’t sabotage installations.
    You could also recall your excellent entry on the organisation called Hashomer Hachadash….the new guardians… formed to protect Israeli farmers from the violence of the Bedouin who demand that they give up their lands to them, and harrass and torment them until they often do,often killing livestock deliberately.
    So much to write on this subject….perhaps we should prepare an entry for CiF….what’s the odds against them putting it up?
    I’d say a million to one.

  3. The ideological toxins which inform the views of Gail Simmons represent the norm, and not the exception, at a place known as the Guardian Left.

    Yes. I feel that would be a more appropriate term to describe the denizens connected with that appalling group of unrepentant Stalinists..

    I makes me uncomfortable using ‘Left’ to describe anyone or anything associated with The Guardian propaganda rag.

  4. She claims to be a rare beast,I agree with the BEAST part,she isn’t rare,the Guardian is full of common racists beasts,,,,

  5. If this person, whoever she is, is considered to be normal in her society then there’s something wrong with the whole of her environment

  6. Is there a single Guardian reporter who has one single ounce of decency in them……These people must have been weaned on nasty racist hatred….

    They are nauseating,ugly miserable sour losers,they get away with it because we let them……….

    Take Harriet Sherwood,you would think that the Israeli government would have put a missile up her butt and sent her packing,but no, she is traipsing all over Israel with her palestinian minders and advisers…………..

  7. The sheer ignorance, nonchalance and perverted logic would normally suggest the tweet had been posted by a 14-year old. Alas.

  8. Most worrisome to me is the complete inversion of perception on the part of such people, together with the sort of closed mindedness and refusal to examine whole contexts (or should I say “inability” to do so) because of the discomfort it would cause them, and their fear that they would have to abandon all their wrongheaded ideas about Zionism and Israel if they are proven wrong. The Guardian provides the poisonous the petri dish in which this sort of lunacy grows.

    This woman gives a whole new meaning to the term self-serving bias.

  9. Ben, I should imagine that cluelessness, talentlessness, hatred of Israel and ignorance are “must have” person specifications for anyone who works for the Guardian.

    Add to those complete inability to think critically or analyse or contextualise, or recognise complete bollocks when you see and hear it (and instead the requirement to repeat it in print,) and I give you the school of “journalism” which spawns the likes of Sherwood and Simmons.

    Perhaps there is a factory which churns them out, and these two were damaged on the production line so the Guardian gets them at discount. They’d be snapped them up, too, given the Groan’s dire financial straits

  10. One might have expected a bona-fide travel correspondent to report that she was in the Judean desert, east of Jerusalem extending downhill to the Dead Sea and not in the “Jerusalem desert.” But then again, the name, accurate in both geographical and biblical terms, doesn’t fit in with the “Palestine” connotation, so beloved of the Guardian.

    The tweet shows the same sloppy ignorance.

    • She probably “did a Harriet” and didn’t even go there and pulled it together off the top of her empty head.

      Talking of which, Snigger, you left out terminal laziness and inability to do research worthy of the name from your person spec for a Guardian “journalist”

  11. Jesus Fucking Christ!

    How can a twittering antisemite like Gail Simmons be allowed to write for a national newspaper? In any decent society she would be prosecuted for hate speech.

    • Does anyone have Baroness Jenny (Forked) Tonge’s email address? That link should be sent to her with a request for comment.

  12. Congratulations on the find, Simmons has tweeted a real stinker that shows what loathsome crap lurks within the Guardian`s sewer.
    If the wretched woman has an ounce of “ethical” feeling she should apologise for her inaccuracy and incitement against Jews, for that is what she has done in that tweet.

  13. “Of course, for the Guardian everyone is indigenous to Israel except the Jews.”

    Why, of course. The Jooooooos are rootless cosmopolitan blood-sucking money-lending hook-nosed leeches.

    Al Guardian is not ‘left’: it’s blackshirt fascist right.

  14. Excellent E! I also contacted the Guardian Readers’ Editor requesting comment. I’ll keep you posted.

  15. Suppose for a minute that Hitler WAS a supporter of Zionism (I don’t know if that’s true…). So what? If Hitler supported vegetarianism (which he had) – does that make it into something negative? If Hitler liked Mozart – does that mean that Mozart’s music is satanic? What a silly woman!