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Guardian reader comment of the day: On the prospect of a few million dead Israelis

I posted yesterday on an essay by the Guardian’s Brian Whitaker which cast doubt on the “question” of whether Iran is seeking nuclear weapons, and cited, as his sole source for what he believes may be Iran’s peaceful intent, a marginal, far left conspiracy blog called “Alabama Moon”.

While I’m still amused at Whitaker’s evidently serious suggestion, per the blog he linked to, that what appears to be an Iranian nuclear weapons program may actually be the Islamic Republic’s benign efforts to manufacture nanodiamonds, there were some reader comments beneath the line which are anything but humorous.

Following a commenter who asked folks on the thread who were defending Iran to consider the fact that an Iranian nuclear attack could wipe out millions of Jews – a comment which, inexplicably, was deleted by CiF moderators – a Guardian reader using the moniker “rodent”, asked the following:

And, no, if you follow the comment thread you’ll clearly see that this reader was not being in the least sarcastic.

And, yes, his/her skepticism that Iran has actually ever threatened Israel with annihilation, and seeming indifference at the prospect of millions of dead Israelis, garnered 30 recommends, and has not been deleted.

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  1. Adam, what else can you expect from such people?

    The hate-filled rot in the Guardian starts above the line and percolates down to the “contributors” of this sort.

    The Venerable Al Babler Whitaker sets the scene after all, conspiracy theories and all

  2. Note that Adam has yet to produce a single unequivocal threat of military action directed from Iran to the state of Israel.

    All he has managed to produce are calls for an end to the “Zionist regime”, regime change etc.