CiF Watch @ ‘Big Tent for Israel’ conference in Manchester, Nov. 27th

The aim of The Big Tent for Israel conference, in Manchester on Nov. 27, is to mobilize more grass roots activists who are willing to take on the challenge of combating the assault on Israel’s legitimacy, and to ensure Israel’s image is honestly projected to those continually exposed to anti-Israel propaganda and media bias.

The event has the backing of Board of Deputies, the Jewish Leadership Council, the Zionist Federation, Manchester Zionist Central Council, UJIA, StandWithUs UK and the political Friends of Israel Groups, as well as many Christian groups who passionately stand up for Israel.

report by the Reut Institute identified London as the international “Hub of Hubs” of the campaign of Boycotts, Disinvestment and Sanctions (BDS) whose express purpose is to challenge and undermine the legitimacy and existence of the State of Israel. This report identifies the five areas of public life in the UK where this campaign is focused: politics, trade unions, churches, academia and the media.

I’ll proudly be representing CiF Watch at the event, and hope to provide insight, gathered in conjunction with my fellow CiF Watchers, into the Guardian’s disproportionate role in providing intellectual succor to those who assault Israel’s legitimacy.

Per the Big Tent Press Release:

The Big Tent is now really taking off, with registrations growing daily, and an impressive list of invited speakers including  Eran Shayshon of the Reut Institute, Itamar Marcus of Palestine Media Watch, Yakov Triptou’s, Histadrut Chairman, Chief of Staff, Lorna Fitzsimons, CEO of BICOM, Adam Levick of CIF Watch, and Andrew White of Beyond Images.

Israel’s new Ambassador, Daniel Taub, will be the main keynote speaker.

Also confirmed is Marcus Sheff of the Israel Project, top advocacy trainers, a strong representation of Christian supporters of Israel including well known activist Dr. Denis MacEoin, MPs, trade unionists, academics, student leaders  and media personalities.

I will be participating on two panel discussions:

  • Media Delegitimization: Fact or Paranoia?
  • Countering Delegitimization: Strategies and Tactics

As the organizes of the conference wrote: EVERYONE who believes in Israel is welcome inside “The Big Tent for Israel”.  

If you believe in Israel as the homeland of the Jewish people, and the absolute and unqualified right of all Israelis to live in peace with their neighbors, you will be most welcome.

Registration information is here.

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  1. Adam, looking forward to seeing you Sunday.
    Small correction to the previous press release – Hillel Neuer’s inclusion was an unfortunate error. Sadly, he will be in the US on a prior engagement.

  2. OT
    Vertically challenged Bruce levy of bds is bemoaning the fact he was rumbled and had his registration revoked . Certainly a long way to go for a free kosher lunch box . No doubt he will have another go maybe dressed up in his Tesco Jaffa orange outfit . What a nabach !

  3. Look forward to being on the same “Countering Delegitimisation” Panel (you mis-spelled it with a ‘z’, it should be ‘s’) …..


  4. @Harvey

    Was that the Bruce Levy who was banned from Monmouth Street and who said “They should dig up Gilad Shalit and then bury him again?”

  5. Fantastic, innovative initiative! Kol Hakavod!

    You have our total moral support – all the way from Africa.

    David Abel
    Vice Chairman LikudSA
    Co-Chairman, Support Association for Zionism (SAZ).

  6. Sorry, I won’t be there and the issue of Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria, claimed by delegitimisers as the main ’cause’ for their BDS will not be directly addressed. Hope everything el;se goes well.

  7. Adam I was at the two panel discussions you attended yesterday at the Big Tent in Manchester and was very impressed by your contribution. It was a privilege to be there. I have now added this website into my favourites as I am keen to find out more.