Sarah Irving’s “Palestine” tourism story in the Guardian omits one tiny border country


See Israelinurse’s take down of the Guardian’s latest contributing travel writer, and anti-Israel activist, Sarah Irving, for a complete picture of “10 highlights of Palestine“, Nov. 18th, but the following passage from Irving’s travel log deserves a bit more infamy.

Granted, tourism to Palestine still faces many challenges, not least the Israeli border authorities who control all routes into the West Bank and Gaza.

All routes? Really?

Ooops!  It seems like our former International Solidarity Activist volunteer forgot one quite large country.

Interestingly, a few days after her Guardian piece Irving retweeted the following:

#BREAKING: Rafa borders Egypt!

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  1. to “yet anuvver,” not even the Egyptian govt controls what goes into Gaza through Rafiah. With lower ranks in the Egyptian police and army willing to take bribes, especially for what they may consider a good cause [i.e., Hamas], the Egyptian central govt cannot be sure of what is going on on the borders. Further, Egypt does not take orders from Israel [I only wish], not now and not in Mubarak’s time. On the other hand, Egypt’s govt had an interest in keeping any heavy weapons out of the Gaza, out of Hamas’ hands, since Hamas was and is an ally of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood which was an enemy of Mubarak’s govt –and an enemy human rights, especially those of the the native Egyptian Christians, the Copts.

  2. Another thing: including the Arabic name for the Dome of the Rock (“Qubbat as-Sakhra”) is fair enough – but why not also include the Hebrew transliteration “Kipat Hasela”?

    Her guide reminds me of a pre-1989 East German map I still have of Berlin and environs. West Berlin is simply shaded grey, with no streets at all.

    • And again the brainless idiots vote down a comment that is actually supporting the article – with none of the cowardly masses able to actually express themselves in word.


      • A bunch of freaking idiots indeed. It’s called cutting off your nose to spite your face: G-d forbid they ever became a majority in Israel.

        • What proportion of people on the left do you think actually want anything resembling the scenario painted in that link?

          And how on earth is that silly map an “elaboration” of what I said?

            • Good point (assuming you mean “equitable”)!

              But I still don’t get what that map has to do with my point above – and “The Left”.

              • No. Equable people get along happily with others,

                What AnonMoos envisioned was “no Israel”. Your cartographer pictured a grey desert, AnonMoos knows who would cause Israel not to be there.

                Whatever number or proportion of people on the Left approve of and support Israel’s enemies is too many or too much.

                • But AnonMoos’ map is something different.

                  And they’re a complete idiot if they think that’s “the left’s” vision. Actually they probably don’t think that. They just use it to bash left-wingers (the overwhelming majority of whom, of course, have nothing against the existence of Israel).

                  You disappoint me.

                  • AnonMoos is far from any kind of idiot. His visual work on the ME is stored on CrethiPlethi’s site these days. He can read ancient Arabic scripts.

                    Where do the anti-Israel and antisemitic hordes – and I use that word more pejoratively than numerically – in The Guardian come from? Not moderate Conservatism, surely.

        • You can’t even type the names of a few organisations?

          And instead link to a propaganda website? Oh dear.

          I can only assume you are unable to back up your “anti-Israel” jibe. Sadly typical for this website.

          • pretzels, How’s this for an “anti-Israel” jibe?

            Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: “Death to Israel”

            Please note the tens of thousands of adoring fans of the little fascist President of the Islamic Republic.

            Oh, My response is

            DEATH to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

            Long Live Persia!

            pretzels, in case you are too dense to appreciate the difference,

            1) I am not the President of any Nation
            2) I do not have nuclear weapons or a program to manufacture them
            3) I do not give money or know how to terrorists who fabricate IEDs
            4) I do not execute gays from construction cranes
            5) I have never spoken to an audience at Columbia University and proclaimed that there are no homosexuals in the country I am President of
            6) I have not hosted an international conference of neo-nazis to challenge whether the Holocaust of WW2 happened
            7) I am not trying to trick the “12th Imam” in returning ASAP

            But the one who has done the above and more is someone near and dear in ideology to you.

            Happy Nakba pretzels!

          • I made one error through haste and then another.

            I respect learning and appreciate research and do not categorise the products of these as propaganda.

            And I am very happy to let those who’ve done the work speak for me.