Labour MP & anti-Israel activist accuse British Ambassador of greater loyalty to Israel than the UK

Regular CiF Watch readers will no doubt remember the rather hilarious video of one Pippa Bartolotti  – a British participant in last summer’s ‘flytilla’ – bashing the doors at Ben Gurion airport with her suitcase.

Of course Ms. Bartolotti also has a less amusing side as indicated by her meetings with Hamas representatives in Gaza and her eagerness to pose with the flag of the fascist Syrian Socialist National Party whilst on a trip with ‘Viva Palestina’.  

Well now Ms. Bartolotti is in the news again, having apparently been the inspiration for Labour MP Paul Flynn’s accusations of ‘divided loyalty’ towards the British Ambassador in Israel.

According to Mr. Flynn:

“doubts had been raised about Mr Gould’s loyalty by two of his constituents, Pippa Bartolotti and Joyce Giblin, who had been held in prison in Israel after taking part in the “flytilla” demonstration against the Gaza blockade in July.

“When they were briefly imprisoned in Israel, they met the ambassador, and they strongly believe… that he was serving the interest of the Israeli government, and not the interests of two British citizens,”

The EUMC working definition of anti-Semitism states that one of the manifestations of such racism is:

“Accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.”

Thank you Ms Bartolotti and Ms Giblin for providing this classic example of what has been clear to many of us for a long time: the very blurred line between anti-Zionism and antisemitism. 

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  1. Flynn’s comment was antisemitic and utterly repugnant. He said “In the past there hasn’t been a Jewish ambassador to Israel and I think that is a good decision”

    in other words, he genuinely thinks that it has been Foreign Office policy to exclude anyone Jewish from consideration for the popst of UK Ambassador to Israel.

    His Party Leader Ed Miliband has steadfastly refused to condemn the comment.


    If it had been said about a Muslim he would have been hitting the airwaves like there’s no tomorrow

    The message for Jewish voters in the UK is that Labour can no longer be trusted

    • You are an idiot. Ed Miliband was guest speaker at Labour Friends of Israel last week. Labour;s shadow foreign secretary Doug Alexander has condemned Flynn.

      Flynn is not representative of UK Labour. He is an outsider who was never given a Ministerial post in 13 years of government.

      Check your facts fool.

      • And you check out your mouth, Dunn Show some respect.

        Ed Miliband comdemning Flynn would send out a message that antisemitism is not acceptable and I don’t care how many times he schmoozes Labour Friends of Israel, he’s still a political whore for not issuing that condemnation.

        Are you suggesting that Flynn was resorting to true antisemitic type by scapegoating Jews because he had been slighted by his party? If that is the case, then he’s a sorry piece of work isn’t he? It’s difficult to imagine how such a one could make any sort of beneficial contribution to politics.

    • Can any UK political party be trusted to speak out for UK Jews as readily as they defend Muslim extremists, Jonathan? Apart from the codswallop talked about the influence of the Jewish lobby, more MPs are whoring themselves and what pass for their “principles” for the Muslim vote in the UK than ever before.

      And I am very surprised that you should expect Ed Miliband (pause to spit) to behave differently.

  2. Pippa Bartolotti reminds me of Lauren Booth – sad individuals devoid of friends who thus resort to “activism”.

    “that he was serving the interest of the Israeli government, and not the interests of two British citizens”

    And this Flynn takes her word for it??

    If said British citizens are behaving like idiots, then of course the ambassador to what is a friendly country is unlikely to sympathise with them.

    There was a recent BTL comment (since deleted) at CiF from a certain mickstephenson that went as follows:

    “The conservative government has tacitly acknowledged in choosing Gould, that Zionism and it’s promotion is British Foreign Policy.”

    (plus the apostrophe and the capitalisation)

  3. I’m very comfortable with Mr. Gould serving the interests of the Israeli government,at least he is one Brit that has a few brain cells.

    And if that Labor MP and that loony dipshit bartolotti are not happy about it,then they both can go and get effed.

  4. I’m very comfortable with Mr. Gould serving the interests of the Israeli government

    Gould is “serving the interests of the Israeli government”?

    • pretzelberg, benorr correctly suggests that it would be justifiable for Gould to have served the common interests of both British and Israeli governments, by taking a stern, objective, and unsympathetic attitutde towards those like Bartolotti who break both British and Israeli law — and expect to do so with impunity.

  5. She’s a disgusting and ridiculous antiSemitic piece of shit–and should be “outed” for her colluding with terrorist murderers. Think it very appropriate after seeing photos of her posing with the terrorists as well as the Syrian National party, to ask where HER loyalty lies!

    Think the issue of her “divided loyalty” should be brought forward and made very public–skewer her on her own petard, as it were.

    • bikingdoc, if that were to happen, then lots of people in politics deserve to be outed too, notably Kaufmann, (Forked) Tonge, and others so far down the food chain that their names escape me.

  6. There seems to be a certain type of British women rejects like Lauren Booth,Yvon Ridley who seem to be attracted to these terrorists,these women must been reading too much Mills and Boon…….

  7. That woman pippa bartolotti got away cheaply with her antics at BG airport,she should have been cuffed and thrown in jail,fined heavily and kicked out of Israel never to return…

    Her contorted face looked like an aroused baboon’s vagina……………..

    • Humph. My daughter is a primatologist and has worked with baboons in South Africa. Please do not insult baboons.

      Please compare her to a cameltoe instead. It is much funnier on a number of levels.

  8. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse this is the latest entry on Flynn’s blog;

    “I would recommend for anyone who is interested in how Great Britain has been pushed into a war before, read David Irving’s highly acclaimed “Churchill’s War”. Here he discusses his book.

    The similarities between then and now are incredible.

    Posted by: Peter Gebert | December 03, 2011 at 03:21 AM”

    Would that be David Irving the convicted criminal and Holocaust denier ?

  9. I found this via Daphne Anson’a blog.


    It’s something of a wave towards an understanding that antisemitism is harmful. But please don’t expect it to be pure gold. It isn’t but this is the New Statesman

    And a comment by a loonie:


    Is there not also something distinctly anti semitic about the Jewish state of Israel which posits that the only place Jews can feel safe is in the state of Israel

    Their ability to make something bad out of nothing is astonishing.


    [The Bartolotti said:]

    “The British Consul said that Israel was a Sovereign State, and as such could remove any people from its land at any time. Yet Israel has no fixed borders, so how can it be a sovereign state? …

    Why does my country accept Israel as a sovereign state when it has no borders?”

    Another loon.

  10. What Paul Flynn said is correct and not at all anti semitic. Fact is that some people use the words anti semitic as a cover all for any criticism of Israel. This is not going to work for you,people are just not as stupid as you lot. It is clear that a self proclaimed zionist British ambassador to Israel has a conflict of interests and should be removed.

  11. Flynn questioned his suitability because he was Jewish. The Ambassador’s personal allegiances are irrelevant as he has to promote UK government policy. By suggesting the Ambassador was unsuitable to the posting because he is Jewish was racist and has very unpleasant echoes of other times.