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What the Guardian won’t report: Moderate Kuwaiti cleric calls Jews “scum of mankind”, “apes & pigs”

H/T Elder of Ziyon

The degree and volume of Judeophobic commentary emanating from the Arab/Muslim world is, according to the most prolific scholar on antisemitism today, Professor Robert Wistrich, comparable to that of Nazi Germany at its worst.

Polls consistently demonstrates that antisemitism is morally normative in the Arab/Muslim world, and represents one of the most under-criticized racist phenomena of our day.  

If we lived in a world where anti-racists were true to their cause, the culture, nation, and region where such insidious narratives about Jews (seen below) escaped public opprobrium would be held accountable, named and shamed.

However, we clearly don’t live in such a world. 

As MEMRI noted:

When moderate Arabs in moderate Kuwait sat to relax and watch their moderate TV stations last Friday, they got to watch this moderate cleric.

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  1. Der Guardian is a deceptive, racist publication.

    BDS Der Guardian and all its advertisers which support “progressive” Islamism.

  2. Edit the Islamofascist preachers script substituting the word “Muslims” for “Jews” and lets see how UNESCO reacts.

    • There’s quite a few videos of IDF soldiers and settlers saying exactly the same thing about Arabs They don’t get reported by the Guardian either.

      • Well done for this stab at being even-handed, but define “quite a few.” How many and where do you get your information from? You see I am surprised that if such talk is as widespread in Israel as it is against Jews in the Arab world, the Guardian doesn’t report it. It must really be falling down on the job if what you say is true.

        Would you say that theirs is typical of the Israeli attitude, and if so give us details of where you get the statistics.

  3. Another clear case of Moslem projection. They have to hate us, because our existence in the world calls into question the validity of their “revelation.” If they were not continually trying to murder us we wouldn’t give them a second thought.

    Do you hate Moslems, because I don’t. I can’t think of anyone I know who does. Except for the fact that we must guard against them, they are nothing to me as a group, although I am sure that there are some very nice individuals among them, either way, I don’t care.

    But, because they hate us so much, it is impossible for them to believe that we don’t feel about them the way they feel about us. But it is their evil, not ours.

  4. Alex

    Thats a silly comment isnt it.

    This is a ‘cleric’ on their national TV station, not an individual talking to his mates.

    I agree that horrible racist conversations take place in private all around the world every day. But if you cannot see the difference here then you are either a bit dim or are just pretending to be so.

    Of course, when national Israeli TV broadcasts hate sermons then feel free to come back 😉

    At that point you may have a point. In the meantime you just look like a silly troll.


  5. Irit, I never gave Muslims a second thought – and my town has a large Muslim population – until 9/11 and 7/7 and my unpleasant encounter with the charmers in my town’s market place about which I wrote here.

    I certainly don’t hate Muslims, but am made very frustrated by the assumptions of their spokesmen that all of us must give way to what they want and that the supremacy of Islam should be accepted throughout the world, and their belligerence if you try to put your own point of view as to why you cannot accept this. I am also furious with the UK governments who cave in to their tantrums and by the devious means employed to spread their da’wah.

    My town has a rich mix of races and cultures, Sikhs, Hindus, Zoroastrians, Catholic, Protestant, Methodist, Italian, Polish and a very small Jewish community, all of whom rub along together very well. The only ones who keep themselves apart are the Muslim community.