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Twitter fight between CiF Watch and a far right BNP-style extremist: (With a shout out to Ben White)

Recently, we were followed on Twitter by a Mr. Lee Barnes.

Who is Lee Barnes?

He’s the former Legal Director of the racist, extreme right British National Party, and currently a member of the BNP inspired ‘British Freedom Party,

Lee Barnes

Per Harry’s Place:

Barnes  is…utterly obsessed with supposed Zionist conspiracies, which he exposes with the help of information taken from anti-Semitic hate sites, Holocaust denial outfits, and other extremist websites including Socialist Worker.

Titles of his blog posts include:

June 7th: ‘Israel and the 911 cover up’.

June 8th: ‘911 is exposed as an inside job’.


[In a] July 2nd [blog post]: Barnes cites a Press TV article and claims:

“Now we know what the take over of the Greek nation means, its surrender to the power of global capitalism and the Zionists.  The Greek nation is now a nation of debtors and Zionist whores abasing themselves before the US and Israel.”

It certainly didn’t take long for Barnes to attempt to get our attention.

We heard from him shortly after we Tweeted the following about Iranian PressTV:

Barnes, evidently seeing our anti-PressTV Tweet as a chance to pounce, immediately came to the defense of the brave, crusading Iranian broadsheet.

CiF Watch


CiF Watch


CiF Watch


CiF Watch


CiF Watch


Yes, I think the right wing extremist, Mr. Barnes, has ‘Comment is Free’ contributor Ben White just about right.

White certainly would never be accused of “abasing himself before the Zionists and their cabal of cronies, crooks and arse lickers”.

Lee Barnes, meet Ben White. Ben White, meet Lee Barnes. I’m sure the two of you have a lot to talk about!

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  1. I have a very strong suspicion Lee Barnes is the alter ego of Ben White (or Harriet Sherwood/Deborah Orr?), actually!

  2. so, er, it’s not really a cameo for ben white if you’re the one who inserts him in there. more of a smear than a cameo.

  3. ‘Brief cameo by Ben White!’

    No, there isn’t. He’s mentioned in passing +by someone else+.

    If you lay yourself open to own goals like that, for which he can impute to you his perjorative use of “hasbara”, you have only yourself to blame.

    Have you learned nothing from the JH, ZF, EDL experience?

    • What are you talking about? I had fund with the post and the reference to White was meant to poke fun at the ideological overlap between far right and far left when it comes to Zionism. White is raving anti-Israel activist and I frankly am not burdened by the concern that I (admittedly, gratuitously) gave him a shout out.

    • Nice to see that he changed the title of the blog post. Nevertheless, the ‘shout out’ is still a smear.

  4. He’s a conspiracy theorist who externalises guilt and blame for anything wrong that happens to him onto others or other entities. Right now it’s Israel and/or the Jews – in another era it might have been Catholics, or Protestants (depending on where he stood as regards loyalties) or witches or whatever.

    See my CiF Watch articles at–-part-2/

    Stand by for more lunacies from others of his ilk as the economic crisis worsens.

  5. LeeJohnBarnes, The following videos are for you and your british nazi party sacks of SHITler “mates”.

    Nazis Sign Historic Surrender; Mussolini Dead! 1945/5/14

    Winston Churchill Announces Nazi Surrender 1945

    VE-day 8th May 1945

    Lord Hawhaw (William Joyce) HANGED

  6. These people like this moron are so predictable,they lap up what others have thrown up….This LeeJohnBarness has a hyphenated name…..Very British,like Deborah Jane Orr……

    How does he manage to post with his head up his ass,but then he’s a Brit.

    Britain is a country that suffers from a relevance deprivation syndrome,in other words Britain is being flushed down the toilet.

  7. He calls himself a genius and wait for this “a sex symbol” ….The guy is mental…….The only thing that this idiot could attract are blowflies that are buzzing in his head,he needs to ease up on the marijuana that is pickling his brain………

    • Lee Barnes is a ranting idiot. Benorr, your obsessive silly comments about Britain are (unintentionally) hilarious. Keep them coming please.

      • Observant, Do you also consider the UK/scotlands release of the convicted bomber of Pan Am 103 (on “compassionate” grounds) silly too?

        How about george gallowsway declaration of “we are all hezbullah now” or his admiration of Saddam Hussein or or the Islamic Republic of Iran?

        How about when British journalist Alan Johnston was kidnapped in Gaza, the British Journalist Union NUJ censured ISRAEL, not hamass?
        “Yet he is a victim of the Western/Israeli boycott of the Hamas government, the consequences of which have been almost totally overlooked by the media.”

        What about Laruen Booths “expose” of how terrible life is in Gaza?