A small victory against Palestinians’ continuing “mission” to wipe Israel off the map

The Guardian’s Roy Greenslade reported today on a UK Advertising Standards Authority ruling against the website of the Palestinian Diplomatic Mission to the UK which featured an interactive map under the heading “Discover Palestine”.

Per the ASA:

Complainants objected that the map misleadingly implied that the entire area represented by the map was Palestine and that the state of Israel did not exist.

The ASA upheld the complaint, ruling as follows:

The ASA noted that the website featured a map that included all of Israel, in addition to the West Bank and the Gaza Strip. We noted that the map was coloured red, green and black, the colours of the Palestinian flag. We noted that clicking on particular areas of the map linked to tourist information…We also noted that neither the information provided via these links nor the information surrounding the map itself referred to the State of Israel. We considered that the average consumer would infer from the map and the linked information that the total area represented by the map was the Occupied Palestinian Territories. Because this was not the case we concluded that the website was misleading.

ASA ruled that the ad must not appear again in its current form.

However, such a Pyrrhic victory over those who don’t seek a return to pre-’67 borders but, rather, to undue 1948, continues unabated.

Per Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), a PA Ambassador recently made clear that the PA and Fatah utterly reject that Israel has any right to exist within any borders.

The PA’s Ambassador to India, Adli Sadeqwrote the following in an article for the official PA daily:

“[Israelis] have a common…misconception by which they fool themselves, assuming that Fatah accepts them and recognizes the right of their state to exist, and that it is Hamas alone that loathes them and does not recognize the right of this state to exist. They ignore the fact that this state, based on a fabricated [Zionist] enterprise, never had any shred of a right to exist…”

And, this is no anomaly. PMW has repeatedly reported on the PA’s continuing efforts to deny Israel’s right to exist.

While the Guardian’s assault on Israel’s legitimacy is not typically quite as overt – typically consisting of merely demonizing the Jewish state and publishing commentators who call for a one-state solution – there was at least one exception to their typically euphemistic suggestions that Israel may have no right to live, in the pre CiF Watch days.

In his CiF essay, Bodi opined:

Israel has no right to exist. I know it’s a hugely unfashionable thing to say and one which, given the current parlous state of the peace process, some will also find irresponsible. But it’s a fact that I have always considered central to any genuine peace formula.

Though Bodi hasn’t written for CiF since 2003, perhaps he was on to something.

Maybe Israel’s disappearance from the map is indeed the missing ingredient which has eluded negotiators trying strenuously to reach a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians, a solution which has been right in front of our eyes all along.

If only those stubborn Jews clinging to their religion of existence would get with the program, there truly could be peace in our time.

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  1. Palestinians’ continuing “mission” to wipe Israel off the map

    What a ridiculous and deepy dishonest headline. Abbas is clearly in favour of a two-state solution.
    While the Likud charter specifically rules out an independent Palistian state.

    And don’t forget that Lieberman has suggested the nuking of Gaza.

    • Have you been asleep over the past year, pretzelberg, or are you as dangerously naive as you sound?

      Abu Bluff is on record as “agreeing” to a two state solution as a first step to wiping Israel from the map.

      He changes his mind every time the wind changes direction. How can anyone who “decries” terrorism in his own inimitable and fundamentally dishonest fashion and then publicly honours suicide murders and terrorists be trusted to keep to any agreement he may say he wants?

    • “Palestinians’ continuing “mission” to wipe Israel off the map

      What a ridiculous and deepy dishonest headline. Abbas is clearly in favour of a two-state solution.”

      So tell me my sanctimonious friend how do you know that there are not Palestinians who want to wipe Israel off the map?
      Where in the headline, that you rush in to condemn, is Abbas mentioned?

      If you cannot prove that there are NOT Palestinians who have a continuing mission to wipe Israel off the map, then the only thing ‘ridiculous and deeply dishonest’ is your post.
      Remember the headline does not mention Abbas you raised his name, as well as the red-herrings about Likud and Lieberman.

    • What a ridiculous and deeply dishonest response Pretzelberg. Most of Israel is clearly in favour of a two-state solution as evidenced by the voting patern.
      You quote one bigot to condemn all of Israel and one person to justify Palestine:, Abbas , who says he’s in favour of two state solution though, despite the fact tha6 the resolution is in his hands and his hands only, does nothing about it.

    • @Pretzelberg

      “What a ridiculous and deepy dishonest headline. Abbas is clearly in favour of a two-state solution”

      Yeh Clearly.

      Are you OK Pretzelberg? Did I really read this. Are you taking something?

    • Pretz, you genuinely believe:

      Abbas is a moderate who wants peace; Likud is blocking the PA’s attempts to achieve peace with the Jewish state; Lieberman wants to nuke Gaza.

      This is a Guardian style moral inversion of the worst order. Essentially what you’re saying is that you take Abbas’s occasional utterances to Western audiences at face value and dismiss what he, and his officials, continually say in Arabic, as translated by PMW, to the Palestinians.

      In Arabic, Abbas continually says that he’ll never accept a Jewish state; continually honors terrorists who have killed innocent Israeli civilians and nurtures a culture where such violent “resistance” is accepted as legitimate; says he’ll never give up the unlimited right of return; and foments a culture which is ripe with classic antisemitism.

      Do you deny any of this?

      So, are we to believe that Abbas is being more honest to the Western press than he is to his own people and the Arab world?

      The notion that the Palestinians (and the Arab world) is seeking peace with a stubborn, hostile Jewish state is a caricature that’s so absurd it staggering.

      You often make good points on these threads, but please spend 5 minutes at PMW and MEMRI and then tell me again that Abbas (and the Palestinian populace he rules) seeks peace, and a 2 state solution.

      Jew hatred is simply endemic in Palestinian and Arab society, and the most tragic thing is that genuine progressives – those naturally inclined to speak out against racism – will not say so unreservedly and without qualifications.

      It’s not being Islamophobic to state that the central address of antisemitism today is the Arab/Muslim world.

      That more folks don’t hold them accountable for such decidedly reactionary views is shameful and, more importantly, makes my life as an Israeli Jew more dangerous.

      • You’re being unfair, Adam. I am certainly not saying that Abbas is a saint – so you can take back your “moral inversion” nonsense. I simply found the headline excessive.

  2. Well, than heavens we have the British Foreign office maps to consult when we want to find out which bits of Israel are really ours! I don’t know which is worse – the Palestinians’ delusions or the ASA needing the authority of the BFO to state something so obvious.

    If the Danes or Italians decided that London was really theirs, would the ASA also consult the BFO to see if that is correct?

  3. Years ago my mother recalled a conversation she had with a taxi driver. He was decrying the state of the world to her and how everything was going in the wrong direction. His brilliant suggestion (and coincidentally it wasn’t fashionable thinking either) was that we should all have one BIG nuclear war, wipe out most of the planet and start all over again in a more peaceful way.

    I am reading Bodi . I wonder. I am joining the dots. Aha ! Didn’t these 2 nutcases go to the same school!?

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  5. Quoting the Arab colonist ambassador Adli Sadeq:

    “…this state, based on a fabricated [Zionist] enterprise,…”

    I love the smell of projection in the morning.

  6. I may be wrong but wasn’t the result of the 1920 San Remo conference to create a 2 state solution? Why do we need another one?

    • Here we have a poster who in the style of the headline could be described as being on a “mission to wipe Palestine off the map”.

      Does anybody on CiFW take issue with the post? No – it gets the thumbs up!