An apology to CiF Watch readers

On Dec. 5 CiF Watch published a cross-post about a report detailing a wave of rapes in Norway – disproportionately committed by the nation’s (largely Muslim) immigrant population – which claimed that Norwegian ministers complained that the report would have the effect of benefiting “Israel and their policy of occupation.”

Th post, titled “Norwegian leaders complain that report on wave of Muslims raping non-Muslims serves Israel’s policy of occupation”, was based on a report by a source which, it turned out later, was not reliable.

Upon being notified by Norwegian journalists that the story wasn’t true, and unsuccessfully attempting to independently corroborate the source’s claim, I made the decision to remove the post.

While Norwegian anti-Zionism is certainly especially egregious by any standard, there is no evidence that this particular charge against Norwegian leaders is true and I therefore apologize unreservedly for publishing the post.

(If you wish to follow a site which reports on the state of antisemitism and anti-Zionism in Norway, I’d recommend the blog, Israel, Norway and the Jews.)

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  1. I hadn’t seen your original crosspost, but there certainly is so much dishonest scaremongering on the web about Muslims.

    Respect to you for clarifying!

  2. Oy Va Goy- the report of the number of rapes committed by Moslems in Norway is not the incorrect part its the part that an official said that it aided Israel or was Israel’s fault. The number of rapes committed is documented by the police in Norway. They made the announcement and there were investigations by Norwegian television. BTW I have not seen a retraction anywhere else about the Norwegian politician.

  3. Adam yes respect for removing and clarifying the situation.
    It is a pity that others, UK media and politicians, do not follow your example.

  4. But no apology for this disgusting concluding comment from the article?

    No wonder the Muslims have so much contempt for these people. They can be bullied by “human rights” speech to tacitly grant Muslims the right to rape Norwegian infidels as an act of multi-cultural understanding.

    Why only “an apology to CiF Watch readers”?
    How about a further apology?

    You have defamed the Norwegian people. Your “apology” has the same credibility as that of Deborah Orr.

  5. While the article was still up, a poster said that Norwegianis were “clinically insane”. Imagine if someone said that about the Israelis!
    The posters AKUS and MItnaged agreed with said post – which just confirmed that they can’t be taken seriously.

  6. Good call for removing the post.

    However, statements such as “so much dishonest scaremongering on the web about Muslims” do not bear scrutiny – the opposite appears to be the case where newspapers such as the Guardian do not cover stories which might reflect poorly on Muslims – for example the large number of rapes committed by Muslims in Norway.

  7. Hear hear. Thank you. Perhaps CiF and the Guardian will take a leaf from your book, but I shan’t be holding my breath.

  8. Nice apology Adam.

    There are plenty of looney sites ‘out there’ which pump out hate in one form or another. Sometimes without OTT language which would normally alert me as to the question-ability of anything written there.

    Pretz. Go and expel your righteous indignation somewhere else.

  9. I don’t think an apology was necessary. The facts about the rape statistics are correct,so what if some politician may not have used the exact words about Israel, by their actions they have demonstrated as much.