General Antisemitism

Hamas’s immutable malice towards Jews that the Guardian won’t report

Trying to convince Zionists’ critics that Israel’s conflict with her neighbors is not about land, borders, refugees or the status of Jerusalem, but, rather about the immutable malice, and annihilationist antisemitism, of Islamist terrorist groups’ which seek the Jewish state’s destruction is often a fool’s errand.

Many in the West are convinced that such a suggestion – that the malice of a group, people or nation can be endemic and not dictated by the action of the target of such enmity – denotes a form of racism on behalf of those making the accusations.

Such folks are therefore not going to be convinced by even the most irrefutable evidence that there are some in the world who don’t share their liberal assumptions and good will.

This dynamic – what Richard Landes refers to as Liberal Cognitive Egocentricsm – is certainly the most serious intellectual challenge Israel faces in seeking Western support to fight back hard against movements such as Hamas.

As such, I was wondering how Israel’s Western presumably liberal critics (yet alone their not so liberal critics) would respond to Hamas’s recent boasting about the effectiveness of their attacks against “Zionists” over the years, in the context of a celebration in Gaza marking their 24th anniversary.

From the Hamas website:

Al Qassam website- Gaza- Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades (E.Q.B), the armed wing of the Islamic resistance movement Hamas released on Wednesday morning a new military stats on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of Hamas founding.

The brigades (E.Q.B) said in an official stat released by its Information Office that it has mourned 1848 martyrs from its militants during the past 24 years, since Hamas foundation.

E.Q.B said in its military statement that it has targeted the Zionist occupation entity with 11093 homemade projectiles and mortars, while it has managed to kill 1365 Zionist soldiers and injuring 6411 others since the foundation of the Hamas movement.

The brigades added that total number of the Jihadist operations conducted by its militants since the establishment  of the movement reached to 1117, 87 were martyrdom operations, however, the number of the Zionist soldiers who were killed and injured by the hands of the Qassam Brigades mentioned  in the stat as (7776).

Relating the abduction operations, the brigades announced that it has implemented 24 abduction attempts against Zionist occupation soldiers since the inception of the movement in 1987.

The brigades said that it has succeeded in releasing 1050 male and female prisoners from Zionist jails in an honorable exchange deal with the Zionist occupation forces, most were from long term and life sentences . 

Here’s the graphic which accompanied their story.


I blog every day about the Guardian’s breathtaking moral indifference in the face of such egregious examples of modern antisemitism, such blind hatred towards “Zionists”, and I’m certainly not the most eloquent writer who ever put pen to paper.

But, just perhaps, my one asset as a pro-Israel commentator is that I’m still not morally numb to such a profound injustice, and am still outraged at such an excruciating and piercing lack of empathy towards my people and my nation.

While the Guardian often rhetorically distinguishes between Jewish victims of terrorist attacks who live outside or within pre-June 1967 borders (“Settlers vs. Israelis), our enemies, as the Hamas headline above indicates, are not burdened by such moral categories.   

We’re all just “Zionists”, and, they want us dead.

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  1. I agree with Richard Landes about the west’s liberal cognitive egocentrism which refuses to allow even allegedly intelligent people to countenance that most of the Arabs’ difficulties with Israel are exacerbated by Arabs’ own intransigence, but in my opinion he doesn’t address sufficiently enough why this is the case. It’s simply not enough to declare that it exists!

    We all view the world through the lens of our own value systems. If we are mature cognitively we recognise that others’ views may differ from ours but that this does not make them wholly wrong, nor us wholly right. We also try to get comfortable with that difference if we are mature cognitively. Most mature adults also have enough of a sense of danger to recognise views and attitudes which represent a clear and present danger to their society. Many of us do but our leaders seem wilfully oblivious.

    Why then cannot the western governments apprehend the dangers of Islamism? Why do they feel the insane compulsion to feed it and help it grow? There is daily proof, in Islamists’ own words, that they despise the western countries they live in and yet nothing effective is said or done to bring home to such people that if that is the case then they should leave in short order for Islamist societies where they would feel more at ease. Can western governments really be so ignorant of the agenda of Islam, which is to subdue everything to it?

    Why are western governments so blind to the dangers of Islamism that, for example in the case of the UK, they allow sharia enclaves in their cities and, worse, refuse to condemn Islamist excesses even on their own doorsteps? Why do successive UK governments invite extremist Muslims as guests in parliament? It makes absolutely no sense – it is madness – to afford such rights to people whose open aim is to fatally undermine your democracy and enslave you to them!

    At one and the same time as western governments are ignoring the dangers from Islam, they are very quick to criticise the one democracy in the Middle East. Israel’s existence is a running sore in the side of its Arab neighbours. With every scientific and other advance it highlights the baseness and vileness of the Jew-hatred of Islam which, rather than compromise with it and share in its advances and bring themselves squarely into the 21st century, persists and weakens Muslim countries and feeds into their pernicious envy.

    Islam in the west has succeeded in messing with our leaders’ reality because it has placed them in an invalidating environment in which that reality is denied. People who post regularly here do so because it has not succeeded in messing with theirs.

    We need to grow our numbers and not be afraid to speak out.

  2. “in the face of such egregious examples of modern antisemitism, such blind hatred towards “Zionists”

    I followed up your link to the Hamas site expecting to see some vicious statements about Jews, only to find an armed resistance group celebrating their successes against the Israeli army. This is NOT anti-semitism, even of the ‘modern’ type, whatever that is.
    Hamas sees itself as a resistance group combating Israeli occupation. Its members don’t hate Zionists because they are Jews but because they have occupied Palestine. The red indians didn’t fight European colonists because they were white or Christian but because they were defending their land.
    Of course you don’t accept Hamas’ position but you might at least try to understand it. Khalid Mishal, the Hamas leader, summed up their views well in an interview he gave to ‘Third Way Magazine’ in 2008.
    “Interviewer: Can you foresee a day when Muslims, Jews and Christians will live together in harmony between the Jordan and the sea? What will have to happen to make it possible?
    KM: That was the case in the past, and it can be so again in the future. What matters is that occupation and aggression come to an end, and the Zionist ambitions on which the Zionist movement was based. If a Muslim comes to attack me and oppress me and take away my home and my rights, I will fight him, and the same applies to Christians and Jews. We do not resist Israelis because they are Jewish, we fight them because they are occupiers.”
    You can find the full interview here:

      • For the sake of those who haven’t read Israelinurse’s link it is an account of a speech made by Mahmoud Zahar in the course of which he said “They have legitimised the murder of their own children by killing the children of Palestine,….They have legitimised the killing of their people all over the world by killing our people.” Obviously I don’t agree with this sentiment but would make three points:
        1) Mahmoud Zahar is acknowledged to be one of Hamas’ more extreme leaders. The real power,however, is with Khalid Mishal.
        2) Zahar was speaking at the height of Cast Lead. He might be forgiven for an emotional call for revenge given the carnage inflicted on his people in the days before.
        3) Needless to say there have been no Hamas attacks on “(Jewish) people all over the world” since Zahar’s speech.

        For years Arafat was presented as a second Hitler so that Israel could avoid dealing with him pragmatically. Hamas has also demonstrated a willingness to be pragmatic but it suits Israel to demonise them to the same end of avoiding negotiations.

        • kahlid mishal, the “real power”, who lives in SYRIA, NOT with his people in gaza/hamasstan. Why is that???

          zahar got his islamofascist ass kicked by Joooz. The thought that Joooz kicked his ass must have brought real dishonor to his clan. How does his clan deal with clan members who bring dishonor to the clan???

          Looks like the anti-islamofascist wall works. Curses! /sarc

    • sencar, how come that Hamas/Muslims can never quite succeed in separating out Jew from Zionist, particularly when they are in rant mode or impressing the gormless at Friday prayers?

      You may be easily fooled and believe what you write, but until you can post here a statement from a disinterested source which shows me and the nice ladies and gentlemen here that there are indeed Muslims who wouldn’t want to kill me because I am a Jew just as much as they would want me dead because I am a Zionist, then you are wasting your time here aren’t you? Israelinurse’s post which follows this one makes a nonsense of your argument doesn’t it, and yet you keep coming back like a dog returning to its vomit.

  3. Sencar,

    I don’t know why bother responding to someone who truly argues that Hamas only wants to murder Zionists and not Jews as such – as if this former goal would somehow be any less morally odious, but here is but one example out of hundreds of links I could use to prove how absurd your claim is:

    “Sanabel, what do you want to do to help the Al-Aqsa Mosque?” Farfur asks on the children’s program of Hamas’s Al-Aqsa television station. “We want to fight.” “And what else?” “Wipe out the Jews.”,1518,553724,00.html

    Here are more links:

    The links above took a whopping 2 minutes on Google to find. Why don’t you spend 2 minutes of your own looking into Hamas and then get back to us.

    • Yes, Adam, it’s not difficult to find examples of Hamas members saying nasty things about Jews. Equally you wouldn’t have to go further than this board (or the Israeli cabinet) to find Zionists saying very nasty things about Muslims/Palestinians/Arabs. The serious questions are about Hamas’ pragmatic negotiating positions and what they might concede in direct negotiations. As I noted in my reply to Israelinurse, Israel doesn’t want negotiations (with Abbas, never mind Hamas); all the preconditions and demonising are simple ploys to kick talks into the long grass while going for an ever-greater Israel on Palestinian soil.

  4. Adam, sencar surely knows all this. He’s supposed to be some sort of social scientist but he’s much too lazy to research. He merely thinks we don’t or haven’t the brains to argue with him and win. He doesn’t realise that whenever he goes on in that vein he opens the door for us to correct him with bona fide evidence, something he can rarely provide for his own thoughts-as- specious facts.

    So, whenever he regurgitates his iffy arguments, he gives us the chance to refute them just as often.

    You would think he’d realise that he shouldn’t put himself up there as an Aunt Sally but some people never learn.

  5. Al Qassam: “it has managed to kill 1365 Zionist soldiers”

    What do they mean when they say “Zionist soldiers”?

  6. “We do not resist Israelis because they are Jewish, we fight them because they are occupiers.”

    We fight them because they are occupiers. They are occupiers of land that can never be theirs because, as Jews, they have no rights to the land of the Muslims. It is an offence against the will of God and deeply shaming for those of us that depend for our mental well being on a delusional conviction of His absolute power over the minutiae of our lives. They may have the consolation of submitting to the status we prefer, as supplicants in our world of fury and indignation, where we might offer them crumbs from time to time, and slaughter if the moment presents itself. We are offended by their presence amongst us, and appeal to the world through the easily lead to support us in what in any other circumstances would be seen as foul racist prejudice. Our appeal is always heeded.

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