Are UK Archbishops leading their Christians into the Coliseum?

A guest post by AKUS

Christmas in Nigeria was met with a horrendous attack by Islamic extremists on a church where a congregation of Christians was celebrating their holiday.

The United States’ National Public Radio (NPR) had no problem citing an Associated Press report that gave the religious identity of the perpetrators and brief summary of their activities.

Explosion Rips Through Church In Nigeria

An explosion ripped through a Catholic church during Christmas Mass near Nigeria’s capital Sunday, killing at least 25 people, officials said. A radical Muslim sect claimed responsibility for the attack and another bombing near a church in the restive city of Jos, as explosions also struck the nation’s northeast.

The Christmas Day attacks show the growing national ambition of the sect known as Boko Haram, which is responsible for at least 491 killings this year alone, according to an Associated Press count. The assaults come a year after a series of Christmas Eve bombings in Jos claimed by the militants left at least 32 dead and 74 wounded.

On the other hand, as Robin Shepherd’s “Commentator” pointed out:

The BBC was practically performing somersaults to avoid using the ‘I’ word. But on their website even they had to acknowledge, though still somewhat obliquely, that the perpetrators were almost certainly going to be Islamists:

“Security has been high after violence between Islamist gunmen and soldiers in northern Nigeria,” as Britain’s impeccably politically correct state broadcaster put it.

Meanwhile, the BBC did not hesitate to report that at Christmas mass in Westminster Cathedral the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, Vincent Nichols, was worrying about Israel and the Palestinians:

During his Christmas Mass sermon at Westminster Cathedral, Archbishop Nichols focused on 50 Palestinian families in the West Bank who he said faced losing their land to Israel.

He said: “At this moment the people of the parish of Beit Jala in Bethlehem prepare for their legal battle to protect their homes and their land from further expropriation from Israel… we pray for them tonight.”

As we typically see in the rabidly anti-Israeli Guardian, the Archbishop used Christmas and Bethlehem to direct an attack on Israel. Do we even know if there are 50 families, or do they exist only on the anti-Israeli websites? Do they need the Archbishop’s prayers when appealing to one of the world’s most respected judiciaries which has repeatedly ruled in favor of Palestinians on land issues?

After all, anyone with any real knowledge of the issues on the West Bank knows how complicated they can be, and how simplistic reports by interested parties can hide the complexity of what really happens there. For example, this report from Agence France-Press in August 2010 – “In gesture of peace progress, Israel demolishes massive concrete barrier” – tells a very different story and includes some context that explains why the security barrier was needed near Beit Jala:

Israeli troops on Sunday began demolishing a huge concrete wall erected nine years ago to prevent shooting attacks towards Gilo, a Jewish neighbourhood in occupied east Jerusalem.

Or, these reports from Wikipedia’s section on Beit_Jala:

During the Second Intifada, Tanzim militants used Beit Jala as a base for launching launch sniper and mortar attacks[14] on the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo.[15] Gilo is located on a hilltop across from Beit Jala, partially on the lands of Beit Safafa and Sharafat.[16] The Israeli government built a concrete barrier and installed bulletproof windows in homes and schools facing Beit Jala.[17] The gunmen positioned themselves in or near Christian homes and churches in the knowledge that a slight deviation in Israeli return fire would harm Christian buildings.[18]

There have been incidents of tension between Christians and Muslims in Beit Jala since the Palestinian Authority took over in 1995. Many Muslim families from Hebron and other parts of the West Bank moved to Beit Jala and illegally seized privately owned lands. Christian residents who tried to prevent Tanzim gunmen in Beit Jala from firing at the Israeli settlement of Gilo were beaten by the gunmen who were also accused of raping and murdering two sisters. There have been reports by Christian women in Beit Jala of being harassed by Muslim men from the village of Beit Awwa in the Hebron area.[24] Muslim and Christian political leaders say that the violence is mostly the result of “personally motivated” disputes and deny the existence of an organized anti-Christian campaign.[24]

But more startling in this context, if he wishes to turn his attention to world affairs, was Nichols’ avoidance of any mention of the repeated attacks carried out against Christians almost throughout the Islamic world.

As Robin Shepherd commented more generally:

Every atrocity perpetrated against Christians in the name of Islam, by contrast, seems all too quickly to be brushed under the carpet.

While lamenting the pending “legal battle”, Nichols is oblivious to the way Christians have been forced out of Gaza and Bethlehem by Islamists, without any “legal battle”.

If the “50 families” do exist, is the prospect of waging a “legal battle” which they will win if their claim is justified in any way a greater matter than Christians being blown up in Nigeria, Pakistan and Iraq, beaten and burnt to death in Egypt, thrown out of Gaza, or having their lands stolen by Moslems in the West Bank?

When the Islamists force the Christians out, it is with stones, guns, and bombs, not “legal battles”, but Nichols cannot bring himself, as Shepherd says of the BBC, to say the “I word”.

In the last week we have seen approximately 150 people killed by Islamic bombers in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and now in Nigeria.  Yet Dr. Rowan Williams, Archbishop of Canterbury, is on record as saying that the adoption of certain aspects of Sharia law in the UK “seems unavoidable”.  He has given up the fight against Islamic extremism. Now he is joined by the head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales who is oblivious to the real threat to his Church.

The Archbishops of two major English Churches are leading their flocks to the acceptance of a world of sharia and Islamism.

Only a blind man could not see a future bloody demise for Christians in the modern day Coliseum of radical Islamic fundamentalism.

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  1. Edward Stourton could not resist hauling in someone this morning to bash Israel again in the Christmas edition of Sunday on BBC’s Radion 4. What a surprise.

  2. Hello Akus – I hope all is well with you.

    Not sure where your info came from but the BBC has not hesitated to name the Islamist group who admitted to having planted the bomb in the church.

    This is from their website

    Martin Plaut
    BBC Africa editor
    Boko Haram – which has admitted carrying out these attacks – has been locked in an increasingly bloody struggle with the Nigerian authorities since it was founded in 2002.

    There were indications these attacks were being planned. In the past week, bombs that were being prepared exploded prematurely in Yobe and Kaduna states.

    Then the police raided a suspected Boko Haram hideout in Yobe. Some 60 people were killed in the ensuing gun battle.

    Sunday’s bomb attacks appear part of a planned offensive by the militants, who are calling for a strict Islamic state. ”

    As to the ABC’s comment about Sharia Law he was really just noting that the exist – under the same law which recognises both Jewish and RC Christian Courts – they all come under Arbitration Tribunals and none of them can override Civil Law – neither can they try criminal cases.

    I have no quarrel with any of them as long as all the parties concerned have freely chosen to accept the decisions the tribunal reaches and no coercion is involved. There are people who do not want them and would like to close them down but as the legislation stands you cannot close one without closing the others .


    A secular society allows for the freedom of worship. I would like to see the CofE disestablished and completely separated from the state. This is unlikely to happen – too many vested interests and too much Church owned property at stake.

    Hope all is well with you and yours. Leni

    • Leni. Even the BBC can be embarrassed by Robin Shepherd’s “Commentator” revelations.

      The point is that their first reports ignored the obvious in favor of PC.

      A sickness of the BBC which it is healthy to point out.

      • You beat me to it. Lei – sometimes thing s change in the time between writing an article and having ti appear here. But the point is that the initial report studiously avoided mentioning Islam, just as so many reports on local crime (not only in the UK or by the BBC) avoid mentioning the ethnicity of the criminal, even when the name is obviously Islamic.

        With regard to sharia law – unfortunately those practicing sharia law in Western countries haven’t always got the message they they are only allowed to use the bits that accords with the overall zeitgeist of their country. So we see honor killings, rapes “due to women behaving provocatively”, enforced clothing of women in black beekeeper suits, etc. That the ABC (I like that term … but I think he is on his way to becoming the …XYZ) chooses to ignore the atrocious legitimizing of uncivilized actions that sharia permits and even encourages is shocking.

    • Leni – Boko Haram has announced that there will never be peace until its demands are met and full sharia implemented.

      How long till the UK equivalent makes its demands?

  3. Obama will demand that the Christians show restraint and that “both sides’ renounce violence.

    Seumas will demonstrate that the Christians asked for this because their trees and santas at Christmas are products of colonialist imperialism

  4. No chance, Duvidl supposes, of the Archbish treating congregants to his Christmas pulpit views on the tens of thousands of Dutch children abused by Catholic priests over 40 years.


    British Catholics might also want to hear his Christmas message on last August’s news of priestly child abuse in Donegal. The list of Catholic child abuse goes on and on an on worldwide. Not that Duvidl needs to bash the bishop, but he suggests the Archbish’s views on the Israeli Law of Real Property should be the least of his congregants’ Christmas concerns.

  5. And attacks on non-muslims continue in Indonesian, Pakistan – the very near and dear friend and ally of Uncle Sam, virtually unreported.

    The discussion shouldn’t be about the attacks themselves, intolerable though they are, but Islam itself which allows, nay dictates, violence, discrimination and subjugation of and towards non-Muslims.

    Islam should be put on trial, not those that carry out these murdering attacks. “They are only following orders”.

  6. Having heard the RC Archbishop on BBC News I contacted him by email and respectfully requested the source of his claim regarding the “over 50 families”, whilst gently reminding him of the plight of Christian communities throughout the Middle East, a situation in which Israel stands out in terms of freedom to worship and indeed of population growth.
    If and when a reply is forthcoming from the Archbishop I will make a suitable posting.

  7. As a Catholic I somtimes despair of our religious leaders their appeasment of Islamic extrmism somtimes beggars belief whilst Christians worldwide and other minorities are persicuted on a daily basis by Islamic extremists they whinge about the plight of the ‘Palestinians’ .

    The head of the Catholic Church in England and Wales, Vincent Nichols needs to start speaking out on behalf the truly persicuted namely Christians,Jews and Coptic Christians worldwide who are suffering because of the worlds obssesion with Israel a country that is as persicuted more than any by Islam worldwide.

    Denying Israels history and pretending Israel is ‘Palestine’ and that Jerusalem is not the capital of Israel is just plain historical revisionism of the variety we often see from Church liberals.

    Islam needs challenging as for the ‘Palestinians’ and their imaginary state and grievances us clear minded Catholics have had enough.

    We know who and what is the problem and its not the Jews or christians in the Holy Land its the religion of Islams obssesion with the view it is superior and needs do dominate others.

    On this issue the catholic Church does not speak for or represent me and millions of others worldwide.

    This year I for one will be challenging the hypocracy of My own Church leaders by asking them to visit their own town centres in Glasgow,Liverpool,Manchester and throughout the country to view the anti-Semitism their naieve comments cause.

    Nor should any sane person accept sharia Law in any way shape or for Sharia is the law of rhe criminally insane it is not law in any sense of the word nor is it compatible with decency,justice,freedom or Christian values and should be opposed by all who have a real concience and not as selective concience as the Pro-Palestinian brigade appear to have.

    No wonder our youth are leaving our churches in droves.

    Mr Nichols I and millions like me do not wish for a mirror of Iran to be created alongside Israel nor do we wish to be recorded in history as being enablers of the next holocaust as the people of Germany where after the first one.

  8. A brilliant post. You have a brilliant and funny orthodox Jewish namesake in Ian Schier but I think I will leave people to find out what he does if they wish.

    And if he finds this and complains I will ask for the post to be removed. Apart from the “brilliant” part.