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Zionist pencils infiltrate Saudi Arabia!

First, it was a Mossad Vulture which somehow managed to avoid Saudi air defenses and land in the Kingdom’s territory, and now, in what can only be described as a shocking ideological security breach, Israeli manufactured pencils have somehow infiltrated the Saudi market!

Per YNet:

Saudi authorities are investigating how Israeli pencils reached one of the kingdom’s biggest retail chains. The Kravitz chain, which markets the pencils in Israel. 

The Kravitz chain, which markets the pencils in Israel, was surprised to hear about the affair stirring up the Gulf kingdom.

It turns out that Abu Rialin, a Saudi chain which offers all of its items for two riyals, is selling one of Kravitz’s most popular products – a set of 12 pencils with an eraser.

The pencils are sold with the Kravitz logo in Hebrew and without any attempt to conceal the fact that they are made in Israel.

Kravitz learned about the incident following a report published by Saudi website Jaza.

Interestingly, on the same day this Zionist Import Scandal was revealed in YNet, the paper also reported that, despite promises to clean up violent and antisemitic content, recent editions of school textbooks in Saudi Arabia continue teach school children to kill Jews.

The news network, which was able to obtain translated copies of the recently printed books from the Institute for Gulf Affairs in Washington, DC, said that the books teaches ninth graders that the annihilation of Jews is imperative.  

And, to think.  Unsuspecting Saudi educators may one day shockingly discover that various scribbling, doodles, and lesson notes written on the very pages of school textbooks urging Saudi children to kill Jews, may have actually been written by the students’ Zionist pencils!

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  1. This Saudi ban is the best advertising in the world for Israel’s favourite pencil, the Kravitz. Duvidl now kraves a Kravitz.

      • stevie; you are obviously unfamiliar with my theme song, composed by the late great Mickey Katz and sung below on Youtube by his granddaughter, Jennifer Grey, who starred in the Hollywood movie Dirty Dancing:

  2. What I cannot understand is how Israel doesn’t take Saudi Arabia to task for this. Saudi Arabia sought admission to the World Trade Organization and was granted membership on the condition that they drop the anti-Israeli boycott. They acquiesced and then said, “we won’t enforce it,” but still do. The Israeli government just sits on its hands.

  3. So why did the Saudis have to import pencils from Israel? Don’t they have the capacity to even make pencils? I guess not.

  4. Just think of all the Jewish hands that touched the Kravitz pencils during their manufacture. Their Jewish DNA is all over the pencils, and that means one thing that the Saudis dread- Jew Cooties. How many Saudis will be exposed, and will shame and disgrace follow them? Stay tuned…

    Both countries are basically united in their desire to maintain the retrogressive regional status quo. While Saudi is vocal about its theocratic based politics, Israel tries to conceal its growing embrace of this affront to modernity. Both oppress minorities. Both are bellicose. Both call war against Iran. Both have been threatened by the Arab Spring. And both are the source of global shame.

    • There’s an old joke that goes:
      – What’s green, two miles long, and has an IQ of forty?
      – St. Patrick Day’s march.

      I thought the joke was a racist generalization about the IQ average among the Irish. It seems though that these days the green flag in Dublin reflects the Hamass-licking tendency among the useful idiots there. This might explain the above comment.
      See flag in the picture:

    • Kew thank you for bringing to my attention your blog. Even in the thick clouds of ignorance and stupidity of the so-called “pro-Palestinian” but mostly Jew hating blogosphere your opus is a brightning star among the text-book examples of Israel bashing crapola.
      Let me quote only one sentence of yours:

      Like all religious states, Israel’s true anti-cosmopolitan nature has rarely been debated. Ironically, it’s the secular, democratic desires of the Arab Spring’s protests that have thrown an unforgiving spotlight on both the Jewish State’s backwardness and its fears of change to the region’s retrogressive status quo

      Fantastic! The secular and democratic desires of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, of the new Libyan leadership and of Mr Gannouchi in Tunisia…
      And the anticosmopolitan nature of the religious Israeli state what rarely has been disputed! (Reading this I’m sure that you spent a lot of time in Israel knowing it’s anticosmopolitan nature so well)
      Congratulations! I ‘ll recommend your site for every reader interested to learn something about the real nature of the “Israel-critics”.