CiF commenter suggests Tony Blair should be killed: 68 ‘Recommends’ & NOT deleted by CiF Moderators

One of CiF Watch’s signature posts is “Why was this deleted” and, alternately, “Why wasn’t this deleted”?

We spend quite a bit of time monitoring comments beneath the line at ‘Comment is Free’ observing what precisely runs afoul of their “community standards”, and have documented scores of examples of pro-Israel comments being deleted, while some of the most hateful anti-Zionist vitriol remains.

Beyond the narrow issue of deleted comments, however, there are some commenters whose apostasy has rendered them in a state of pre-moderation – where CiF Moderators review, and then release, on a case by case basis, only those comments deemed acceptable.

The last strike for unruly CiF commenters is to have their user privileges permanently suspended due to an especially egregious violation, or pattern of violations, of their norms.

We recently documented two cases in which such a ban was employed – one commenter for merely questioning whether an essay by Sunny Hundal was consistent with Guardian editorial guidelines, and another for simply asking CiF Moderators why his/her comments, noting the Islamist (pro-Muslim Brotherhood) sympathies of CiF contributor, Wajahat Ali, were being deleted.

While the latter example seemingly demonstrates that the Guardian is not about to have their consistent licensing of pro-Islamist voices – who espouse views they evidently deem consistent with “liberal” thought – questioned, the former suggests an institution which is, at the very least, remarkably thin-skinned.

In light of this propensity by CiF Moderators to ban users for content they deem offensive, the following comment, beneath the line of s CiF essay on Dec. 22, “Iraq must divide to survive“, which  has not been deleted, nor resulted in the commenter being banned, is especially curious.

Is there any question this commenter is referring to Tony Blair?  And, further, is there any doubt that the commenter using the moniker “ChanceyGardener” is suggesting that Blair be killed?

Here are a few CiF standards, from their ‘Community standards and guidelinespage, which would seem relevant when assessing comments calling for murder:

We understand that people often feel strongly about issues debated on the site, but we will consider removing any content that others might find extremely offensive or threatening.

We welcome debate and dissent, but personal attacks (on authors, other users or any individual), persistent trolling and mindless abuse will not be tolerated. 

…we do ask users to find ways of sharing their views that do not feel divisive, threatening or toxic to others.

So, the suggestion that a former British Prime Minister should be executed: “divisive”, “threatening”, or “toxic”?

You think?! 

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  1. Actually Yohoho it’s not actual incitement. This delightful specimen of humanity is saying the equivalent of perpetrating violence against Tony Blair is a good idea. If the post is still there it’s yet more evidence of the very sick minds below the line on CiF.

    • Their defence would be that since this individual says “try him” first (the OBVIOUS result of which would be guilt & the death penalty!?) all the innocent-unti-proven-guilty “thinker” is saying is how he’d like to see Blair treated AFTER his (inevitable?!) execution.

      Thus, by abusing and using our lax and flexible laws re “burden of proof”, the liberal-left get away with (incitement) to murder. Because imho, that is what it is. Put an idea out there often enough and it is accepted as correct and unquestionably “moral”.

      And then get cheered on by like “minds” at the Guardian.

      Why do you think Mr Blair is guarded 24/7? Because he WANTS to be?

      It is the Guardian (and others) WOT DUN IT.

  2. What do I think? I think it is worse than “divisive”, “threatening”, or “toxic”!

    It is above all clearly ILLEGAL.

    The Guardian is guilty of incitement to violence. There are laws against this. I have thought this for years and have saved hundreds, perhaps thousands of such threats against the person, the person in this instannce being Tony Blair.

    This week I also tweeted some similar comments from The Telegraph. Few people seemed to care or even notice. Presumably because it is ‘only’ Tony Blair being singled-out for death and medieval dragging through streets afterwards: an elected former prime minister, with whom we may or may not agree, who we may or may not know or like personally, whose policies may or may not have been to our liking.

    So? KILL him?!!! And the bloody rest?


    There is no greater signal as to how our values and decency in this country have slipped than these sorts of comments.

    If a Guardian commenter had said the same about Joe Bloggs or about the commenter Chancey Gardener himself, you can be sure the dual-standarded Guardian would have deleted it. Perhaps I’ll try a comment.

    Oh, hang on – I can’t. The Guardian monitors (in other words doesn’t publish) MY comments. Presumably because I do not call for Tony Blair’s body to be dragged around Baghdad.

    I must up my game.

    The Guardian is an utter disgrace. As are much of or mainstream press, tbh.

    The sooner we realise this the better.

  3. I particularly liked this comment:

    22 December 2011 01:04PM
    Response to usini, 22 December 2011 12:59PM
    Why shouldn’t the Kurds have the right to establish their own homeland? One of the great problems of the Middle East is the absence of secure homelands for regional minorities. South Sudan, for example. Possibly a state for Copts…”

    Great idea – how about a state for the Jews? What, you say there already is one, Guardian reader, but it should be destroyed? Jews not a regional minority you say? So the Copts deserve a state even though they never asked for one – they only want to be treated equally in their own country, which they are fleeing by the thousands due to persecution by the Muslim majority.

    But not the Jews, who have lived in the land of Israel for over 3000 years? So let me get this straight, the Jews are just a religious group, not a nation, but the Copts are a nation and deserve their own national homeland. But, wait a minute Guardian reader, I thought Coptic Christians were just Egyptians who were part of a Christian sect? Hey, come back Guardian reader! And what about South Sudan, their President just visited Israel:

    I’m glad they have a secure homeland, but don’t they know the Jews don’t deserve one? I guess not, Guardian reader, why, they’ve even threatened to set up their new embassy in Jerusalem! Hey, Guardian reader come back, I’m not finished! Where are you going Guardian reader!?

  4. This sort of comment is typical of your Guardian leftie.

    These sad dribbling idiots claim to be compassionate, caring and non-violent, but somehow they can’t help spewing out the most venomous hate-filled rants. That seething inner rage seems to cripple their mental processes; they think of themselves as Ghandi-like princes of peace and love, bent with sorrow at the plight of the oppressed.

    Kumbaya anyone?

  5. There has always been a section of the ‘left’ in Britain that prefers the purity of opposition to being in Government.
    When you’re in Government you have to stop sitting in comfy coffee houses and wine bars in Islington discussing the latest Guardian editiorial and get off your backside and do something. When they’re in opposition they can sit around drinking to absent friends, i.e. the voters, who aren’t capable of understanding or supporting their wonderful utopian principles that don’t work in the real world.
    Tony Blair’s biggest crime was that he was the most successful Labour leader ever, winning three General Elections. He dared to shake them out of their comfort zone, he will never be forgiven by Guardian Groupies and the faux ‘left’.

  6. Of course it begs the question how long Would the following been allowed to remain in play .
    ‘ to help solve these problems you could try the Hamas prime minister . Dragging his body round Gaza City chained to the back of a 4×4 can only help . ‘
    Not very long , I would imagine .

  7. There is something to be said for trying Tony Blair as a war criminal. However the reference to violence is clearly a joke – albeit possibly in poor taste.

      • sencar is very stupid. In this country if someone is harassing or stalking you the one thing short of physical attack that the police will take action on is a death threat.

        • Re Ariadne – “the one thing short of physical attack that the police will take action on is a death threat.”

          I don’t accept that the Police do any more. Not pc so to do.

          They didn’t when I was told I’d be killed on sight by a tweep as would Bush & Blair. There are other tweeps presently taking police action against another such threatener.

          Happy to keep you informed when/if action is taken in this latest case of multiple death threats..

    • Is it a joke? Clearly? I don’t think it is clear at all. Ref Harvey’s comment, someone should try submitting this to #guardian #cif –

      “to help solve these problems you could try the Hamas prime minister . Dragging his body round Gaza City chained to the back of a 4×4 can only help”

      And let’s see how long it remains up. I’d submit it myself only I am not violent enough for the @Guardian . They refuse to publish my non-violence.

    • If so, then alongside him could be all the Islamist leaders, do you not think sencar?

      Additional charges against Hamas, too, for child-abuse and using their people as human shields, abuse by taking advantage of those with learning difficulties or who are depressed because of bereavement, illness or other loss? Perhaps not indictable offences in a criminal court but certainly beyond the pale as regards human behaviour

    • “There is something to be said for trying Tony Blair as a war criminal.”
      Really, and what is that precisely?

      “However the reference to violence is clearly a joke – albeit possibly in poor taste.”
      Possibly? So you think ‘jokes’ about dragging people behind 4x4s can be in good taste.

      • Snigger, Thank God I’m An Infidel & Gerald put it so well to sencar I hardly need add to it. Except to say this:

        Show me the undeniable PROOF that Tony Blair committed “war crimes” before swallowing & regurgitating the #guardian’s self-serving opinion.

  8. Each time that you think the Guardian can’t sink any lower,they oblige by reaching the depths of depravity.That they would allow a sick post by a sick poster and refuse to delete it despite numerous protests speaks volumes for this nasty rag…….

    This Bella Mackie is a block head……Dopey……

  9. These Guardian readers from the left hate everyone who is successful,in fact they hate everyone and everything themselves included….A sour miserable whining and whinging mob………

  10. They were forced in the end to delete that sick post,something that should have been done instantly……

    We are watching you CiF,we are watching every single wrong move that you make and will expose you as the sanctimonious P%$#&S that you are…….

    • The whole article has been deleted? That’s what I call a result!!!

      Well done CifWatchers.

      Having said that, The Guardian of the Truth/Lies (delete where appropriate) has sidestepped the issue: that comments by such as The Main Chancer should NEVER be allowed to remain visible to anyone.

      By deleting the entire post the Guardian has avoided succumbing to what is clear to anyone with moral values – no-one should be permitted to advocate dragging anyone’s body, dead or alive through ANY streets.

      What they wouldn’t wish on a Palestinian or Gazan they should not wish on a former British Prime Minister.

  11. Dragging people behind 4 wheel drives is a spectator sport in Gaza and the PA.
    Throwing the opposition off roof tops or blowing their brains out in the middle of the street is another………

    In Gaza and the PA they love blood sports……….