Happy New Year, from Israel’s “Thin Green Line”

The “thin blue line”, in American discourse, typically refers to the police who stand between an ordered society and potential violence and chaos. 

For citizens of Israel, it’s simply impossible not to be thankful for the thousands of brave men and women, in what is truly a citizens’ army, who bravely and selflessly protect the nation from harm.

There is rarely a day which goes when I don’t fully appreciate how precious it is to be a citizen of the first sovereign Jewish state in over 2000 years.

Here’s a New Year greeting from those who make the precious gift of Jewish self-determination a continuing reality.

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    • That should be, “…unless you’re an indigenous Palestinian (=Jew) at the end of an Arab settler-colonist land-thief’s suicide explosive vest,” anti-Zionist scum.

      To quote TGIAI: Happy Nakba!

    • MH – you didn’t by any chance go under the moniker ‘Scrooge’ once, did you?

      BTW – I for one find your use of the distortion ‘IOF’ highly offensive, but at the same time highly indicative of your mindset.

        • Hmmm, I seem to remember first encountering this caricature of the Israeli Hebrew pronunciation of “Hamas” on Mound o’ Scheiss. Nice to know where you frequent.

          Par for the course. Like the Graun—no problem for their writers to ridicule Ariel Sharon for having pronounced terror as “te-RAWR,” but dare to voice the slightest misgivings about the Arabs or Muslims and the charges of “RAAAAACISM!” start flying like crazy.

    • What have you got against Palestinians moistly?

      Israel feeds and clothes Gazans, provides among the best medical treatment in the world and yet here you are bitching about wishing them a happy new year. Most Israelis don’t hate Palestinians, they are more than averse to the murderous regimes which govern them.

      Twisted and shrivelled soul that you are

  1. Happy New Year folks. Wishing Israel peace, strength, and prosperity in the year to come. Thanks for all the work you do on this site – it’s appreciated.

  2. Happy New Year to CiFWatch and Israel! And what a lovely girl to look at in comparison to the harpies often depicted here.

    Please read Yaakov Lozowick linked in a Tweet in the sidebar here.

  3. Happy New Year, Ariadne, Ralph. Happy New Year to all non-Jews who in standing with us are doing over and above their due, and to all Jews who do their duty of standing with the one and only Jewish state in the world.


    “Thanks for all the work you do on this site – it’s appreciated.”

    Ditto that. From time to time I give suggestions, but most of them are beyond what CiFWatch can do, and I admit it. Kudos therefore to CiFWatch for doing the utmost it can.

  4. ziontruth, when I was a child (a long time ago!) I was told a story about Rabbi Akiva and what he said about unwillingness to learn – that wisdom will drip into even the most rigid mind like drops of water on a stone and wear away the stubbornness .

    I see CiF Watch acting in this way against the lies and deceit put out by the Guardian and from elsewhere. It may be a slow process but it is working and eventually the cracks will appear in the arguments of those who hate us.

    • SarahLeah,

      Rabbi Akiva’s case was the most extreme one, because he had to learn to read and write at the age of 40. He said it as an example to everybody. “If I managed it then anyone can,” as it were.

      “It may be a slow process but it is working and eventually the cracks will appear in the arguments of those who hate us.”

      The problem is CiFWatch (and all other pro-Israel blogs) don’t have enough coverage. The situation is fairly good on the Internet, but the non-Internet media is largely in the hands of Israel’s enemies (mainly the Far Left). The pro-Israel message is thus effectively under a blockade. Unfortunately I see no legal solution to this except the Jewish State forcing the hostile media outlets’ hands. That’s why I said CiFWatch is doing the utmost it can, and more than that is beyond its capacity.