The Top Ten Libels against Israel, the World’s Favourite Whipping-boy

A guest post by Geary

Whipping-boy: A boy educated together with a young prince or royal personage, and flogged in his stead when he committed a fault (OED). A scapegoat (Webster’s).

1. Israelis are the new Nazis. (Intellectually, historically and morally unserious, supremely cynical and cruel, and antisemitic per the EU’s working definition)

That would be the Nazis who:

…banned political parties and elections, invaded the whole of Europe, exported war around the world, set up concentration camps and massacred millions of Jews, gays and Roma.

Whilst the Israelis:

…who has been invaded several times in its brief history by its neighbours, have political parties represented in their democratic Knesset like the Vatican has Saints (one for each day of the year), a free press, an independent judiciary, a healthy and quite free civil society (including up to 80 human rights organizations), exports life saving medical technology around the world, set up kibbutzim and gave a home to millions of Jews, many Middle East gays and the Bedu. 

Apart from that, two peas in a pod.

2. Israel “harvests” Palestinian organs. (See history of antisemitic blood libels against Jews, which such charges evoke, or are inspired by, and which are still propagated in Arab societies)

Swedish antisemites and Jenny “loose” Tonge, GlibDem baroness, spreading this one. Israel no more “harvests” organs than any other country heavily engaged in medical research.

But what Israel does do is provide the world’s one and only bone marrow registry for Arabs, so that Arab people who need a transplant … go to Israel for the best hope of survival and cure.

Now who does harvest and traffic in organs are Arab Bedu who prey on poor African migrants, desperately seeking a new life in … Israel.

3. Israel is carrying out the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

But they are making a real hash of it.

The number of Arab in Israel proper has risen from around 200,000 in 1948 to 1.5 million today (this incidentally is around 60% more than the number living there before the Arabs started the war to expel the Jews in 1947).

The number of Palestinians in the West bank and Gaza has risen from around 1.4 million in 1948 to somewhere between 3 and 4 million today (the Palestinian Authority is not very good at keeping demographics; then again they are rather busy salting away the aid funding they embezzle). Half of Jordan’s 6 million inhabitants have Palestinian descent.

All in all, the least successful genocide in history. But those dimwitted Israelis will keep on treating hundreds of thousands of Palestinians in their hospitals. That’s no way to organise a genocide now, is it?

4. Gaza is an open-air prison.

We have Dave the Toff to thank for this one, sycophant at the court of Sultan Erdogan.

Well if by “prison” you mean a place with modern shopping malls, luxury hotels and beach resorts, if I ever get nicked and have to do porridge, it’s the kind of prison I’d like to be sent to.

Though I’d probably be less than delighted with the prison screws. The guys with the beards and Kalashnikovs.

But one thing that bothers me with the analogy. When was the last time anyone launched a rocket out of Wormwood Scrubs?

5. The IDF targeted innocent civilians in the Gaza War.

Well, even Judge Goldstone has retracted that one.

What other army phones you up and tells you to clear off before they arrive?

Wouldn’t it be nice if the UN, next time they launch an inquest into a war actually appointed someone who knew the blindest bit about military matters? Someone like, say, Colonel Richard Kemp, who told the UN how “During its operation in Gaza, the Israeli Defense Forces did more to safeguard the rights of civilians in a combat zone than any other army in the history of warfare.” Goldstone, of course, refused to hear Colonel Kemp’s evidence, preferring to rely on Honest Hamas.

But even over at the New Statesman somebody has woken up to the porkies they were told

6. Israel’s judicial system condones death by torture.

“The MEP [Sir Robert Atkins] visited Gaza last month with UNWRA. In his report, he alleged that death by torture was acceptable in Israeli courts, and described Hamas MPs as much more far-sighted than Fatah”

Could we have something as banal as, say, a shred of evidence for this libel, Sir Robert?

And Hamas “far-sighted”? “Gun-sighted” or “rocket-sighted” I could’ve understood. Or do you mean they can throw the Fatah people further off the roof than vice-versa?

7. Israel “steals Palestinian water”.

Well, actually, Israel supplies the Palestinians with water. (Also, see here)

Along with electricity, food, you name it. Probably the first time in the history of warfare that a nation gives aid to a country whose government is dedicated to wiping it out.

After 40 years of UN “refugee” status, living off donations, of refusing to make peace and of being kept in limbo by their Arab “brothers”, the Palestinian economy has become aid-dependent. Most of that aid is either provided by or channelled through Israel.

8. Israel is an Apartheid State, just like South Africa. Worse, perhaps.

Yes, Desmond, you’re the one spreading this fib. Do tell, how do you account for those Arab Knesset members, Arab High Court judges, Arabs keen to serve in the IDF and getting promoted? Not to mention that Arab and Jewish Israelis shop together, go bathing together, play sport together. And VOTE together.

Oh, and what about all those sub-Saharan blacks, many of them Muslims, who risk their very lives to seek refuge in “apartheid” Israel?

But if apartheid is your cup of tea, then just look around the region and you’ll find plenty of cases to interest you. Just ask the Kurds in Turkey or Syria, or the Copts in Egypt, or any non-Muslim in the Oil States. Or indeed, the Palestinians in Lebanon.

9. The United States is run by a shadowy Israel / Jewish / Zionist lobby. (Consistent with classic antisemitic tropes involving the injurious effects of Jewish power, and codified as antisemitic by the EU Working Definition)

Actually, the United States is currently run by a tall, African-American with rapidly greying hair. The clue is in the name they give him: “President”.

Of course there is an Israel lobby. In fact more than one. And there’s absolutely nothing secretive about them. They are funded domestically by American citizens, submit yearly financial reports to the federal government, have websites, hold dinners, give interviews and press releases. J Street even raises money for worthy Palestinian causes.

And what do they lobby for? Peace in the Middle East and security for Israel. And that is precisely why they are so hated by the Zionophobes, whose last wish on earth is to see real peace in the Middle East.

Lobbying, as Denis MacShane MP recently pointed out, is both an everyday and an essential component of democracy. Washington has Green lobbies, an oil lobby, a nuclear lobby, a gun lobby, an anti-gun lobby, a tobacco lobby, an anti-tobacco lobby, you name it someone is lobbying for or against it. There’s an Italian lobby, an Irish lobby and, yes, a foreign funded Arab Lobby. I wonder what’s so special about The Jewish, sorry, Israel Lobby? What could it be that makes it different?

10. Mossad is responsible for:

deadly shark attacks at Sharm-al-Sheikh

training vultures to spy on Saudi Arabia

dumping aphrodisiac gum on Gaza (to corrupt the young)

the Norway massacres

and just to show the Arab world has no monopoly on conspiracy nut jobs…

police crackdowns on the “Occupy” protesters in the U.S.

and of course

9/11 (I don’t need to link to this. Just type “Israel responsible for” into your SE)

It isn’t difficult to see why Israel has become the Arab world’s whipping-boy. It’s much easier to castigate someone else than recognise your own responsibilities for under-achievement

As for the western Zionophobes, well, some are just plain old-fashioned antisemites, the kind who’ve blamed the Jews for everything down the centuries. Others, in particular the Zionophobic PC groupthinkers, are ideologically obliged to find a “western” whipping-boy for the ills of the Middle East and Israel is their convenient candidate.

One can’t help wondering, though, whether the Arab uprisings have taught them that there was much amiss in the Arab world that Israel had nothing to do with (how for instance do you pin Sunni-Shia hatred, the real Middle East conflict, on the Jews)? 

Has it finally dawned that there’s plenty in the Middle East outside of Israel that needs whipping into shape?

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  1. Excellent Geary. Concise, well-written and plainly true.

  2. Fret not. In the west, at least, it’s only a tiny minority of tiny-minded idiots who believe such rubbish.

    Although the Mossad-remote-controlled sharks story isa truth that cannot be denied.

    • I take it you mean:

      apart from Cameron, Tutu, the UN Human Rights Council, the Durban Conferences, and the Guardian newspaper (remember McGreal & Israeli apartheid?)

      only a tiny minority believe such rubbish?

      • Cameron and Tutu have accused Israel of organ harvesting, being the new Nazis and being responsible for the Norway massacres?? Come off it!

      • Of course. That’s why I call it “rubbish”!

        Some people here don’t half come out with some utterly stupid comments.

  3. Top 1 libel against Israel and the fount of them all:

    1. Israel is a settler-colonial state.

    Libel, turnspeak and Goebbelsian Big Lie.

    • I don’t think Israel is “a settler-colonial state” – but calling all those who do “Goebbelsian” is just silly.

      • “…but calling all those who do ‘Goebbelsian’ is just silly.”

        It’s not those who believe, it’s the narrative itself that is Goebbelsian.

        Goebbels said the bigger the lie the more chances it would be believed. The lie that Israel is a settler-colonial state is itself based on the Big Lie that the Arabs local to Palestine are a separate nation whose members can all claim millennia of unbroken presence on the land. The construct is Goebbelsian in that it turns on its head what was just a century ago an indisputable reality: That the only nation really tied to this land of all lands is the Jewish nation, and that the Arab nation or Islamic collective can only be the aggressor when objecting to the Jews’ renewed material fulfillment of their unique connection.

        As one commenter on PJMedia said, the Jewish State has been subjected to a judo maneuver in which the truth of Arab or Islamic imperialist aggression against it has been inverted to become the lie of Jewish aggression against a faux-Palestinian “nation.” Goebbels wouldn’t be just proud—he’d be envious.

  4. Excellent as usual, Geary.

    I am interested in your definition of whipping boy and it has led me to think why Israel is the whipping boy of the world when other nations are more deserving of the role.

    In the past it was an honour to be educated with royalty and the boy’s receiving a whipping was meant to inculcate the royal personage with a sense of conscience. We can forget about that as regards Israel’s Arab neighbours and the rest of the world.

    But why dared not a tutor lay a hand on a prince? Because the prince was too powerful? Beating the whipping boy would not bring the sort of punishment he would get if he beat a prince or heir to the throne.

    The analogy, for me, is that countries and governments kick Israel rather than her barbaric neighbours because it’s safe for them to do and no punishment is incurred for them.

    It’s high time Israel redressed the balance. What might have happened if the whipping boy had punched the tutor’s lights out? There’d be a sense of triumph, but in the whipping boy’s case it would be short-lived. Not so, however, in Israel’s case.

    • Serendipity,

      “The analogy, for me, is that countries and governments kick Israel rather than her barbaric neighbours because it’s safe for them to do and no punishment is incurred for them.”

      Or it might be likened to a bunch of chickens pecking at each other while being cooked in the same pot. Despite all the politically correct pandering, people all over the world, and in Europe especially, know full well their countries are being cooked in the same pot of Islamic imperialism as the Jewish state is, but opt to peck at Israel irrationally, for want of the strength of will to confront the perpetrators.

      (In Israel this finds its analog in pecking at the “West Bank settlers.” However, it’s on the wane, and only the Israeli MSM accentuates it.)

  5. This is from Guardian’s guide to Israel, a required list for all the budding columnists who want to write for Guardian. Learn them by hear, trot them out in the interview and you’ve got a job.

  6. Serendipity,
    re: “I am interested in your definition of whipping boy and it has led me to think why Israel is the whipping boy of the world when other nations are more deserving of the role.”
    Read your Bible & note well the ways of God in His dealings with Israel, not just using others in chastising judgments against Israel, but that the specific judgments are not random. Then ask yourself, has there been a blood libel perpetrated by Israel that the various blood libels might be a chastening judgment for. It’s pretty obvious.

    • The reference to “blood libel” is a dead give-away, isn’t it, that ER is a hater who believes that Israel deserves punishment.

      I probably know my bible much better than you ER. Let me repeat to you what has often been found to be the case:

      “And I shall bless those who bless you, and curse him who curses you. And in you all the clans of the earth shall be blessed.” (Genesis 12.2-3)

      Now it seems to me that you are among those who curse Jews and wish them ill – see your reference to blood libel above, which you evidently believe to have some basis in fact.

      That being the case, if you really do believe the lunacies you spout above, and are as devout as your post suggests you are, then you may be in for a very unpleasant surprise for cursing Jews.

  7. Excellent article Geary. I shall bookmark it for future use against the haters.

    ask yourself, has there been a blood libel perpetrated by Israel that the various blood libels might be a chastening judgment for. It’s pretty obvious.

    It’s as clear as mud. Why don’t you enlighten us Oh Unlightened One? Your insinuation is sickening.

  8. Ok, here’s the deal America is controlled by the Mossad Shark and the Mossad Vulture.
    Seriously, if this dont show how backwards these Arabs are, nothing will.
    But my favorite Arab conspiracy is this one.
    ‘Mossad plotted to harm Egyptian fertility’
    Egypt’s Al-Ahram daily claims Israeli Ofir Harrari accused of spying for Israel, devised to sell Egypt hair products endangering reproductive abilities

    • Ed, have you read Daniel Pipes’ “The Hidden Hand”? If not, you should. It sets out some real corkers and gives interesting insights into the sort of mindset which can believe such things.

    • Mosad Shark and Vulture pale beside my favourite two conspiracies: the IDF gives “palestinian” girls aphrodisiac chewing gum to facilitate the girls’ “corruption”, and puts chemicals in Israel’s drinking water to sterilise Arab men. I’m also fond of Israel’s “ongoing genocide” of the Arab peoples.

  9. Serendipity, I was just trying to help. (“Faithful are the wounds of a friend, but deceitful are the kisses of an enemy.” Pr 27:6). Best wishes.

    • I have real reservations that you were, otherwise you would not have referred specifically to blood libel as punishment. It shows great lack of sensitivity at least.

      And your quotation above is also indicative of somewhat bizarre thought processes too. Why choose that out of so many in Proverbs and elsewhere?

      • I agree with you Serendipity. It’s the preoccupation with punishment, wounds and such like that makes my flesh creep.

  10. ‘The Top Ten Libels against Israel’

    Sorry missed the biggest lie of all, I am no legal expert but I don’t think you can libel a country. Unless you changed the law – know that’s an idea start the lobbying, it worked with UJ.

    • Oh mostly, mostly, mostly.

      Yes, you are right. Under most legal systems, libel is the publication of false or defamatory matter about a person, rather than a company or a country, but surely you can tell that the word “libel” used in this title is to illicit an understanding that the article is about the false information being purveyed, its defamatory and damaging nature, rather than the nature of the target of this bile.

      I don’t believe Geary is proposing issuing a law suit against those who spread these lies and founding it on the law of libel, he has just written a comment piece on a blog!

      Really, if the only way you can attack it is by picking on a perceived legal nicety, and labelling it “the biggest lie of all”, you really don’t have much of an argument, do you?

      • It’s a little difficult communicating with someone like MH when they don’t even understand what a simple metaphor is.

        Sigh. Me, I just feel sorry for him.

    • mostly hamas (thanks to TGIAI for this excellent modification!),

      “…but I don’t think you can libel a country.”

      Ah, taking cover under the letter of the law, an old tactic among anti-Zionists.

      It’s like when you tell American anti-Zionists who complain of “Israelis living on stolen land” that they ought to walk their talk and go back to Europe. You know what they say then? They say America unlike Israel was founded when there was still no system of international law that forbade stealing land, so they’re clean. Disgusting hypocrites.

      (Of course, this is all for the sake of argument. I’m most vehement against the charge that the Jews could even theoretically be “stealing land” in what is their one and only indigenous territory; it is the Arabs who are colonial land-grabbers in Palestine.)

    • One need only to look at the Mandated Territories received by the UK and France (and, as well, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and Belgium). Of all involved, Arabs got away with the lion’s share.

  11. I’ll weigh in just because it’s a fun post.

    1. Israelis are the new Nazis.

    I agree that to describe Israelis as the new Nazis would class as anti-Semitism. But, it’s worth noting that both the National Socialist regime which ruled Germany and the Zionist regime which rules Israel are both ultra-nationalist, expansionist regimes.

    As such, there will be some similarities, and many, MANY differences. It is not anti-Semitic to compare and contrast the two regimes.

    2. Israel “harvests” Palestinian organs.

    Agreed. I’ve never seen any evidence for this. Good example of anti-Semitism.

    3. Israel is carrying out the ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

    Of course it is. But the article conflates ethnic cleansing with genocide. I’m not sure why. If you feel that the systematic demolitions and evictions are designed for any other reason, you are practising self-deception.

    4. Gaza is an open-air prison.

    I don’t like the term open air prison. It is a silly, clumsy sound bite. And like all sound bites, it obscures the facts. Facts like:

    – We know from the UN’s March update that a majority of Gazans are food insecure and rely on aid.

    – We know that Gaza’s fishermen are limited to fishing within 3 miles of the shore, in a stretch of water heavily contaminated with raw sewage. (Incidentally this raw sewage also contaminates Gazas “nice beach”)

    – We know that 35% of agricultural land is off limits to farmers, unless they wish to find death at the hands of the IDF, and this doesn’t take into account agricultural land rendered inoperable as a result of the Gaza Massacre.

    – We know that 90% of drinking water extracted from the aquifer is brackish and fail’s to meet the WHO’s standard for drinking water.

    5. The IDF targeted innocent civilians in the Gaza War.

    Of course they did. And actually, Goldstone didn’t retract the claim. After a campaign of hate against him, he dishonestly claimed that the McGowan-Davis report had exonerated Israel. A claim which those of you who have read the report will know is false.

    6. Israel’s judicial system condones death by torture.

    Israel’s use of torture is well documented and well understood. But is not sanctioned by the Israeli courts, which are pretty decent by any standard.

    7. Israel “steals Palestinian water”.

    Of course it does.


    8. Israel is an Apartheid State, just like South Africa. Worse, perhaps.

    It’s not like South Africa. In Israel proper, the discrimination and separation is more subtle, but in Palestine, the apartheid is near complete.

    9. The United States is run by a shadowy Israel / Jewish / Zionist lobby.

    The Israel lobby is very powerful, and affects US policy. This is beyond doubt. There are, however, far more powerful and sinister lobbies at work in the US.

    10. Mossad is responsible for:

    I’m with the conspiracy theorists on the vulture. It’s just too cool not to be true.

    • dubitante bleated:

      “10. Mossad is responsible for:

      I’m with the conspiracy theorists on the vulture. It’s just too cool not to be true.”

      I wonder what other sort of conspiracy theories little dubi signs on to.

    • “10. Mossad is responsible for:

      I’m with the conspiracy theorists on the vulture. It’s just too cool not to be true.”

      Yes, I just read the article again and you know I still can’t find the bit where they deny Israeli agents killing people whilst holding fake British, Irish, French, German and Australian passports.

      This after Israel had given an undertaking to Mrs Thatcher that such behaviour would not be repeated.


      Truth is a defence against libel.

    • Of all the comments here, dubitante wins for the most puerile and nonsensical. He/she/it could have shortened the response by simply posting: “I believe with perfect faith, and without any evidence, in lies 1 – 10, and do NOT try to compromise my faith with facts.”

      Which makes his/her response even more amusing, as it confirms the observation that such people refuse to rely on facts.

  12. dubitante “..- We know from the UN’s March update that a majority of Gazans are food insecure and rely on aid…”

    Er… prove it other than from a UN source. Give us at least two links from different disinterested sources. I am aware how easily you believe what you are told without evidence when it’s anti-Israel, and make up things.

    Even you should realise that in most countries there is quite a gap between rich and poor. In Gaza city there are 5 star hotels, shopping malls etc. and yet people are also living in poverty at the expense of people like me.

    You should be asking yourself instead why, when Hamas is obviously raking in a premium from everything that comes across the border, there are still people that it keeps in poverty. (We know the answer, but humour me and admit that it’s to tug at what passes for the heartstrings of useful idiots like you).

  13. People I have just looked up @dubitante on Twitter:

    It says she’s a “propaganda analyst” but I think she’s been so infected by what she’s analysing that she no longer knows the difference between truth and fiction. That’s a common enough condition among useful idiots.

    Her blurb also says that she is an advocate for a peaceful settlement of the question of Palestine. That’s hilarious don’t you think, given the nastiness she writes here?

    But at least she admits, and in writing that there is a “question of Palestine.”