Journalism blog names Guardian as one of ‘Top Five Journalism Villains of 2011’

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This may not be quite in the same category as HonestReporting’s Dishonest Reporting Award, which the Guardian won in a landslide, but it’s certainly worth noting that the journalism blog FleetStreetBlues” published their list of top 5 journalism villains of 2011, and, lo and behold…

3 – The Guardian

Inevitably a controversial one this, but the Guardian actually scooped more nominations than anyone else for their over-enthusiastic prosecution of the phone hacking story. Had things gone a bit differently, the paper could have topped our heroes list instead – but after the initial jaw-dropping moment when Nick Davies revealed that Milly Dowler’s voicemail had been hacked, and the feeding frenzy which ensued, things started to unravel.

For neutral journalists it didn’t help that the story always seemed to be more about Rupert Murdoch than phone hacking itself, with the Guardianconcentrating its investigation of a relatively widespread practice almost exclusively on News International. Gloating at the demise of the News of the Worldcompounded the error, with repeated references to the ‘unlamented’ paper when 200 journalists had lost their jobs causing particular offence. The icing on the cake, though, was the furious reverse-ferret executed by Davies, Rusbridger et al when it emerged that poor Milly Dowler’s family had not in fact been given false hope by theNews of the World deleting voicemails – the killer allegation which initially broke open the story. 

The Guardian has since, grudgingly and only after widespread complaints, expressed ‘regret; the word they’re still looking for is ‘sorry’.

By the way, one last note. Despite the fact that the Guardian is continuing to hemorrhage money – which, its been reported, will likely result in another 120 layoffs – they’re evidently still hiring, and trying to fill the position of “Live Blogger for Guardian America“.  

Anyone out there interested in infiltrating the crusading broadsheet (aka, CiF Watch-style Zionist Subterfuge), can apply here


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    • Pretz, naming and shaming the Guardian Group’s shoddy journalism is quite relevant to the broader goals of combating antisemitism at the institution. We’ve continually argued that their coverage of Israel, and Jewish issues more broadly, reflect both ideological bias AND a failure to uphold basic journalistic standards

  1. Ho ho ho!

    I take it that the author of this doesn’t follow CiF regularly.

    Or he/she may well have read the late unlamented Georgina Henry’s explanation (it can’t be called an apology) for Michael Lerner’s execrable “choir of ethical cretins” article there. Henry’s risible excuse follows:

    “21 Oct 2009, 12:34PM

    “Thanks to those of you who have raised the issue of Michael Lerner’s use of the phrase “choir of ethical cretins”. The intention was clearly not to offend in that he was using it in its colloquial sense, and in a general way. But I have asked the editor of the Guardian’s style guide (where the word is currently not mentioned) whether guidance should be included on its use. (emphasis added) ….”

    Of course, it never did occur to Henry that there mightn’t actually be any circumstances under which a CiF journalist should call anyone an “ethical cretin” or refer to a group of people whose views didn’t tie in with the Guardian world view, an actual choir of them…

    Henry’s blooper might’ve been what got the Guardian to third place.

  2. Laying off 120 people (as at Sept 2011) is just a start. Soon the virulently “anti-Israeli” Guardian will have no option but to charge for accessing its web content – this is when its Cif will kick the bucket followed by the Observer and then the head of the serpent itself will be chopped off.