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His name is Yaakov: How the mainstream media dehumanize Israeli Jews

H/T Elder

When I first glanced at Elder of Ziyon’s post, “To Reuters, they aren’t just ‘Jewish settlers anymore“, the photo of a bloodied Israeli sickened me, but for reasons which went beyond the facts of the story – a Jew who was stoned by Arabs in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah.

I’ll explain. But first, the Elder post begins:

First there were “settlers.”

But that wasn’t inciting enough.

So we then had “Jewish settlers.”

But with overuse, it didn’t bring in the hate that journalists wanted to bring across.

So then came “Right-wing Jewish settlers.”

But even that didn’t capture the seething disgust that objective journalists wanted to convey towards them.

So now we have, from Daylife/Reuters:

Then, Elder posted the photo from Daylife/Reuters:

Elder then included the Reuters caption:

Extreme right wing Jewish settlers, one of them injured from a rock hurled by pro-Palestinian activists during a weekly protest, stand in front of their house in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of East Jerusalem December 30, 2011. Some 100 activists protested against the Jewish settlement in the predominantly Arab neighborhood and threw rocks towards a house occupied by the settlers leading them to confront the protesters, to minor clashes. [emphasis mine]

So, here is yet another example of the lazy political labeling of Israelis who reside in neighborhoods of Jerusalem where Jews lived for thousands of years – except for the period from 1949 to 1967, when Jordan cleansed Jews from the “East” section of the city.

But, the reason for my emotional reaction was that, unlike the “journalist” who wrote the caption, I personally know the victim of the Palestinian attack.

His name is Yaakov.

My wife and I have spent more than a few Shabbat dinners with Yaakov at the home of the Jerusalem Rabbi who presided over our wedding.

Yaakov is not an “extremist” in any sense of the word unless, of course, you consider an extremist to be any Jew who lives in neighborhoods across the arbitrary green line.

Yaakov is an observant, learned Jew who liberally and humbly imparts his wisdom and erudition on Torah (Hebrew Bible) and Halacha (Jewish law) to his family, friends and Shabbat guests.  But, Yaakov, like me, grew up in the U.S., and is also literate, witty and pithy in musing on the often farcical minutia of secular American pop culture.

Moreover, Yaakov is real, nuanced and certainly – as with everyone who inhabits this beautiful yet complicated nation – not an abstraction.

An extreme, right-wing Arab threw a rock at a man because he was a Jew – a Jew whose name is Yaakov.

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  1. Bravo, Adam, for exposing the pernicious and lazy journalistic clichés about ‘Jewish-occupied ‘ “Arab” Jerusalem, and their dehumanizing of ordinary Israeli Jews. Your writing gets better and better.

    More power to your elbow and belated New Year greetings to you and the team on CiFWatch!

  2. Horrible. cowardly, greedy Arab liars did this. I wish Israel would treat them as they deserve to be treated. Imagine this in one’s own country.

    • Yes, why not throw in “greedy Arab liars” while you’re at it?

      Imagine if Israelis were to attack an Arab – and then someone called the perpetrators “greedy Jewish liars”?

      But of course at CiFWatch, such bigotry is applauded.

        • Cut out the “church lady” crap, mate. It only looks you look childish – and potentially bigoted.

    • Interesting that this would grab your attention in order for you to make a comparison with right-wing racist scum, but chants of ‘Kill the Jews’ that accompanied the arrival of Hamas dignitaries elsewhere in the Arab world didn’t register on your moral outrage radar.

      Yet again, your trite,sanctimonious and dogmatic musings about Jews / Zionists shows exactly where you head is at – up the arse of any fascist Jew-baiting bigot who vindicates your self-serving obsession with the iniquities of the State of Israel.

      • More anal fascination from a probably latent homosexual. Probably a sock puppet for TGIAI, too and everyone knows who that shit is.

        • Latent homosexuality? You think I could care less about whether you think I’m gay or not? Says a lot more about the extent of your bigotry and childlike reflexes then it does about anything else. You have the sophistication of a cheap whore who is debased in the company of misogynists and homophobes, while consoling themselves that at least they are still better than the Jews – or TGIAI – whatever that is, but I know by your obsession, there must be Jews in it.

  3. My sympathies to Yaakov and his family. I hope the arab muslim protagonists eventually get what they deserve.

  4. Vicious fascist settler with vicious dog gets stones thrown at him. Can’t say I’m too bothered, whatever his name or ethnicity

    • mohammed, bye-bye,

      Looks like your Nakbas are increasing every day.

      Soon the Islamic Republic of Iran will be no more.

      The resistance within Persia is getting ready.

      The Strait of Hormuz will be kept open to all shipping despite what the Islamic Republic of Iran demands.

  5. What a silly Blacklisted Dictator you are, Anthony Posner, may all your days be like the 9th of Av and all your nights be encounters with the Sicarii of Beth Shemesh

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  9. Ah but like Kim, you are so ronery. You poor sod, Posner, what’s it like to be dealt such bad luck in life?

  10. This is obviously horrible – but why term it a “Palestinian attack”?

    When Jewish settlers physically attack Arabs, do you call that an “Israeli attack”?

    Sounds like propaganda to me.