What the Guardian won’t report: Planned terrorist attack in Israel blocked by quick thinking at checkpoint

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Israeli Border Policeman

There’s a report coming from Jenin in the past [couple] hours that illustrates one of two possible narratives depending on how flexible you are on the subject of terrorism.

Four Palestinian Arabs were required to stop and be checked by yet another of those hideous and humiliating IDF security barriers earlier today (Sunday) where they were told to remove some of their clothing.

The insult to their autonomy and manhood must have been unbearable and will very likely turn them hostile and unco-operative in their future interactions with Israelis.

That’s one version. Here’s another.

Some hours ago, four Palestinian Arabs were stopped at the Salem Crossing near Jenin in the northern West Bank and required to undergo a security check.

Here, according to Yaakov Katz from the Jerusalem Post is what happened next. The four were in line to walk into the Samaria Military Court.

A member of the Israel Border Police (Mishmar Hagvul in Hebrew) watching them noticed there were wires protruding from under the jacket of one of the four. The soldiers promptly shut down the crossing, ordered the Palestinian to remove his clothing and found that he had three pipe bombs on his body. A further eight pipe bombs were found in his bag.

So too was a pistol, several bullets and a commando knife. He and his three companions are now being interrogated. The suspicion is they were there to carry out an attack on the Samaria Military Court. 

Israel National News says the four are from Balata, a village near Shechem (Nablus) in central Samaria.

A week ago, the IDF captured a number of weapons including an M-16 and an Uzi submachine gun in a residence in Kfar Salem, near Nablus, not very far from Jenin. The Shin Bet reported a significant increase in the number of terrorist attacks in the West Bank during December (we reported on this last week: “1-Jan-12: Terror attack statistics climbed sharply in December“).

Border Police at a security checkpoint

For single-minded, religiously-impassioned individuals who are willing to die so long as they inflict pain on a despised enemy, there’s an enormous amount of harm you can do to people’s bodies with 11 pipe bombs, a pistol and a commando knife. 

This time, an alert serviceman was quick enough and – with his security crossing colleagues – determined enough to prevent it.

But the thing about terrorism is you don’t ever eliminate it by watchfulness.

Yes, you can do your best to ensure that this attack or that plan is thwarted – put up barriers, install cameras, be vigilant etc.

But so long as the jihadist process that creates this kind of hatred continues, and so long as it infects more and more young people growing to adulthood in Palestinian Arab society, the danger is constant and ends only when the terrorists themselves are completely neutralized.

How well is this understood outside Israel? Here’s one way to tell. Watch to see how much interest the news media outside Israel take in this story. As of 3:30 pm, Israel time, no one other than Israeli channels is reporting it.

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  1. Dear Mr and Mrs Roth

    I see on Twitter that a Palestinian woman has been deprived of a knife large enough to impale a human being.

    I’ve been sickened this morning by trying to read a vile product from one of our universities.

    If you Google “Nicola Pratt” and “publications” I don’t think you will miss the publication I refer to.

  2. If true, this would merit as much attention as the daily abuse inflicted by the IOF on the occupied Palestinians. I for one would be more than happy to see both types of news widely reported.

  3. mostly brainless, The necessary daily abuse endured by the entire world at airports checkpoints worldwide, to screen passengers for weapons, to prevent another 9/11, Pan Am 103, sneaker bomber, underwear bomber, liquid bomber.

    You must take the bus a lot.

    Happy Nakba!

  4. It’s common knowledge that good news doesn’t sell too well.
    What’s good news in Israel is bad news to Arabs and their supporters.
    Why would the Western news media pick up on it?

    How could it be otherwise when most of the world has swallowed the big lie that the Jews just came in from outside and stole a country called Palestine in 1948 from its Arab inhabitants.

    Try telling the historical facts more often that Israel was legally set up in 1948 by the UN in line with the earlier League of Nations Resolution of 1920 to create a Jewish homeland in formerly Ottoman Palestine.

    Unless this is understood, it’s hardly surprising that the ignorant and the brainwashed public will always sympathize with Palestinians who resist the “occupation” because it is politically correct on the Guardian and elsewhere.

  5. It is the reality of the situation that the Guardian and its readers attempt to escape. They weave a nice tight politically correct tapestry full of moderating Hamas and beautiful pious and pitiful Gazans survivors, living uncomplainingly among the ruins. On the other side of the border they portray a people dressed either for battle or for Mea Shearim.

    They neither know nor care about the truth. They never present the reality of the most progressive economically successful country in the ME with an unemployment rate of 5.6% and a larger number of start-ups than all the EU together. They ignore the achievements in science and the arts.