What the Guardian won’t report: Egyptian soccer fans call for a new Holocaust against Jews

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Here’s a thought experiment: Just imagine for a second if London soccer fans chanted for a return to black slavery.  

What would the reaction from liberal intelligentsia be to such abominable racism?

How would the Guardian cover such a story?

Well, can someone please explain why the following call, by masses of Egyptian soccer fans (at an April 6th match) for another Holocaust against the Jews, hasn’t been universally condemned, or even reported, by the Guardian or anyone else in the mainstream media?

Here’s a sign at the same soccer match, posted on the “Fuck Israel” Facebook page:

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  1. Despite being its biggest supporters I have no doubt the “West” (Europe) will come to rue the “Arab Spring”. We are constantly told that the Palestinians voted for Hamas because of Israeli “oppression” – well what about the Egyptians? Two-thirds vote for extremist Islamic parties and overwhelmingly reject secular liberal parties. Embassy’s including the British embassy get trashed while the police stand and watch. That banner at the football ground is in English for a reason – it is saying “Fuck Israel” but it is also saying “Fuck Europe” and “Fuck the USA”.

    Be careful what you wish for.

  2. It’s chilling. And of course the Guardian remains silent. Silent, because it gleefully watches on the sidelines fanning the flames of hatred. I wonder why other papers don’t report it the raw details either?

  3. The banner on the upper deck says:

    “brotherhood in blood – white knights”

    I did a Google on the above phrase and there is a facebook presence as uwk – “brotherhood in blood uwk” – the facebook page wants javascript, but I disallow it.

    “white knights” sounds like white supremecists. They must be feeding their shit to Egyptian islamists.

    And the “bug” on the lower right says “” – zanalek sporting club.

    That clip of a torchlit rally looks familiar. hmmm.

    Berlin – 1935 Nazi Torch-Parade

    I’m glad Israel has, excuse me, MAY have nukes.

    • I read that this famous torch parade involved only around 15.000 SA, that went round and round and round for hours. And the senile Hindenburg thought they were victorious WWI troops bringing back prisiones

  4. Zamalek SC – Zamalek Sporting Club

    “Fans and Ultras Group

    Zamalek is considered one of the most popular teams in Egypt and Arabian World. An Ultras group was formed in 2007 for zamalek fans and was called “Ultras White Knights” or simply “UWK”. The White Knights showed great performance. They are one of the first “Ultras” groups in Egypt and are also the first to use choreography in support of their team.”

    Why White Knights???

  5. And it’s brought to mind something that’s never heard now. Too innocent, maybe.

    Though, on topic, Infidel is most likely correct.

    The Pratt’s view from the parallel universe:

    Meanwhile, the threats to the “axis of resistance” (Iran, Syria, Hizbollah and Hamas) from below may provide new opportunities for renewed attempts by the “axis of evil” (that is, US, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Israel) to deepen its penetration of the region and enhance the neoliberal order, at the expense of the rights of most ordinary people, including the Palestinians.

  6. Forgive me but I am not surprised, appalled and disgusted, yes, but not surprised.

    The pit for Jewish hate in islam is bottomless, it predates the founding of the modern Jewish state (and therefore has nothing whatsoever to do with it) and goes back to the pronouncements my Mohammad.

    This is Obama’s vision of peace. I mention Obama because he is the high priest of the progressives, their Grand Wizard and therefore his ownership.
    Guardian, Guardian News Channel (BBC), Ben White, Shameless Milne – are all having a wonderful Springtime with Islam.

    This reminds me of the Nuremburg Rally. I’m just wanting for the Grand Wizard Himself – Obama, to take the salute in the open top people’s saloon.

    • ‘Egyptian’ is the term for all constructs that can be subjected to deconstruction – except for the pyramind, that most Egyptian of edifices, which stands in its place, unshakeable for all time, because its form is the undeconstructible remainder of a construction that is built to look as it would after its own collapse.

      A very interesting concept in the latter half of that sentence. And new to me.

    • That seems to be your answer to everything– it must be a Hasbara stunt. The ultimate antisemitic act– imputing all evil to the Jews, including the evil of antisemites.

      • Dan, you are right. The more I hear from the Moist boy, the clearer it becomes that he is obsessed with Jewish / Zionist conspiracies that are the life-blood for his deluded sense of moral and intellectual superiority.

    • So what are you saying, mostly? That any source that shows any sign of support for Israel and is “well put together” cannot therefore be trusted, as it is clearly some “stunt”?

      OK – let’s assume you are right, and this is an organised attempt to spread the good news about Israel and to highlight the anti-semitism that is deeply rooted in most Arab countries. So what?

      Are you saying it’s OK for the Palestinians, “liberals”, Islamists and pretty much anyone else to organise and spread (mis)information, but not for Israel and her supporters? That any source that disagrees with your faux-concerned view of the ME can’t be trusted to tell the truth?

      How wonderful it must be to have such certainty!

    • ‘Hasn’t MEMRI been discredited?’

      Yes. Accurately recording and publishing by no means unrepresentative Arabic or Islamic antisemitism, as well as hatred of Jews or Israel is innately discreditable.

      Idiot. And by no means harmless. Your mischievous idiocy does constitute a kind of threat to Jews and Israel generally: you help to spread the poison.

    • You are confused moistly. Brian Whitaker has been discredited for trying to discredit MEMRI and failing utterly.

  7. Again, no sign of that “passionate outrage” from our pet-humanitarian paragon and full-time human rights and justice, mr/ms debutante/dilletante.

    As he said, he´s got no time for his activism, except to bash Israel and whine about poor victimized palestinians. What a grotesque hypocritical Judeophobe.