#Conspiracy: What to do when media doesn’t cover Palestinian protest? Blame the Jews!

What was being called a “car protest” was staged today by Palestinian activists in the West Bank to protest security restrictions on some roads enacted to protect Israeli citizens residing in nearby from terrorist attacks.

However, the protest (which Joseph Dana declared over about 25 minutes ago) didn’t generate much if any interest in the media (even, at the time of this post, at the Guardian!), which prompted one  frustrated Twitter #carprotest activist to Tweet the following.

Sorry, I’ve seen a lot of complaints that Israel/Jews control the media, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen it suggested that even the Islamic Republic of PAKISTAN is under the Zionist grip!

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  1. I suspect the source for this new revelation was the recent interview by Musharraf proposing improving Israel-Pakistani ties.

    After all, both countries are dealing with the problem of Islamic terrorism … and there is no anger to match that of a lover (the Palestinians) spurned ( by a former leader of Pakistan) …

    In his first interview with an Israeli newspaper on January 7, 2012, former president Pervez Musharraf favoured recognising Israel and stated that Pakistan, like Israel, was an ideological state, adding the foundation of the creation of both the countries were the very same.

    Religiously, historically and politically, his stance is factual as both states are established based on their ideological declarations; the ‘Two-Nation Theory’ in case of Pakistan and the ‘Homeland for the Jewish people’ in case of Israel.

    Initially, Pakistan and Israel had no direct conflicts with each other. So in an attempt to establish diplomatic relationship with Pakistan, Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion sent a telegram to Governor General Muhammad Ali Jinnah to recognise Israel. But Jinnah was hesitant and gave no particular response only because of Arabs and Palestinians


    • I would be VERY WARY of Pakistan.

      – refuge for osama bin laden
      – enemy of India – (Pakistan may be trying gain some leverage over India in this ploy)
      – Musharraf seems like a sane guy, but I believe he is in the minority of a minority of sane Pakistanis

        • This is the old Betar Youth Movement song – “There are two banks to the Jordan River and both are ours” and ends with the old Likud name, the “cherut (Freedom) party. The picture at the end is of Jabotinsky, Betars ideological source.

          The orator at the beginning was a young Menachem Begin.

          • The East Bank of the Jordan
            by Ze’ev Jabotinsky

            As a bridge is held up by a pillar
            As a man is kept erect by his spine
            So the Jordan, the holy Jordan
            Is the backbone of my Israel.

            Two Banks has the Jordan –
            This is ours and, that is as well.

            Though my country may be poor and small
            It is mine from head to foot.
            Stretching from the sea to the desert
            And the Jordan, the Jordan in the middle.

            Two Banks has the Jordan –
            This is ours and, that is as well.
            From the wealth of our land there shall prosper
            The Arab, the Christian, and the Jew,
            For our flag is a pure and just one
            It will illuminate both sides of my Jordan.

            Two Banks has the Jordan –
            This is ours and, that is as well.

            My two hands I have dedicated to the homeland,
            My two hands to sword and shield.
            Let my right hand whither
            If I forget the East Bank of the Jordan.

            Two Banks has the Jordan –
            This is ours and, that is as well.


            I didn’t recognise Begin. When he was PM he was interviewed quite frequently by the BBC, And Netanyahu was quite a star in his first premiership.

            Changed days.