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  1. It’s a great idea, and for the most part well executed. But I think it’s vital in these kinds of videos to be strictly accurate, and George Kara isn’t (yet!) a member of the Supreme Court. He’s the President of the District Court that convicted Moshe Katsav. I think it’s a shame, because it weakens the whole effect when there are inaccuracies.

      • The picture is pretty accurate on the whole. I know that when my mother was going regularly to Meir Hospital, many of the other patients were Palestinians (I don’t mean Israeli Arabs – although a lot of the patients (and a lot of the staff) were Israeli Arabs – I mean Palestinians from the areas under the control of the Palestinian Authority). Israel treats Palestinians better than their fellow Arabs do, and treats its Arab citizens WAY better.

      • We don’t worry moist boy. We are happy to leave the obsessive salivating over every perceived Jewish / Zionist misdemeanor in your clammy hands. An unhealthy pastime, Jew-baiting, but your filthy mind obviously can’t get enough of it. Don’t let that put you off though, you have a curious entertainment value, continually debasing yourself in public with anti-Semitic tropes and libels, and yet at the same time so completely in denial of your own malicious bigotry.

      • mostly hamas,

        Your type would jump up on one single, tiny, petty spelling mistake in a pro-Israel article and say it invalidates the entire premise. Finding fault is your only trade. “Israel can do no right” is your sincerely expressed watchword.

      • Well you should know, moistly, being a regular reader of/contributer to and probably paid dinner money by Electronic Intifada.

    • No, much better to seek to perfect the one Jewish state out of existence altogether, for alleged apartheid qualities all her neighbours, including the Palestinians, have with regard to Jews.

      That’s much better for the Jews concerned, much fairer, much more just.

      You really are a fascinating creature, mostly: every day we are visited by a specimen of a non-Jew that simply gets his rocks off by baiting Jews, all in the cause, he says/you say, of doing the Jews concerned a favour.

      Anti-racist antisemitism: it’s the latest thing!

      • I’m beginning to learn moistly. He’s very quick to accuse Jews/Israelis of what he is doing or supporting or capable of.

    • Oh, so classical.

      You are a racist-of-low-expectations, as you imply that those despotic ME regimes are a natural outcome for those backwards people anyway; so much so that, instead of focusing all your “humanistic fervor” in criticizing and bashing those regimes you waste your precious time whining exclusively and obsessively about Israel, whose human rights record, while not perfect, is INCOMPARABLY better (all the while being a vibrant advanced democracy in spite of all the existencial threats). Of course, it also means you hold Israel to absurd standards of perfection, that no other democracy in this planet could ever reach, so that you can bash, pontificate, whine, hector and lecture when she inevitably fails; which means you are yet another run-of-the-mill Jew-hater.


  2. Israel is as good as ANY other country in the world (including any country in Western Europe or Scandinavia), under far more difficult circumstances, and a damned sight better than MOST countries.

    • Jesus, are you really that sad that you feel it necessary to come to this site to make pronouncements about your latest revelation? Nobody gives a shit. Really.

    • And I can reveal that you are far too fixated on Jonathan Hoffman than is healthy.

      My prescription for action is to consult a psychiatrist.