In devastating news for “liberal” anti-Zionist activists, Tel Aviv voted best gay city in the world!

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If you recall, an op-ed the New York Times published by Sarah Schulman, in Nov., actually accused Israel of attempting to demonstrate its liberal nature by highlighting the nation’s acceptance of gays.

Schulman employed the truly bizarre term, “Pinkwashing”, which she defined as “a deliberate strategy to conceal the continuing violations of Palestinians’ human rights behind an image of modernity signified by Israeli gay life.”

As David Harris, Executive Director of the American Jewish Committee, observed about Schulman, (who, he noted, advocates the academic boycott of Israel, and opposes the existence of the Jewish state within any borders):

 So, if Israel takes pride in being a country where gays don’t have to live in hiding or terror, it’s actually nothing more, [to Schulman], than an elaborate ruse to distract attention from the country’s true nature.

[Does] it also mean that if Israel heralds its tenth citizen to win a Nobel Prize or the latest advances in life-saving medical technology, this is again nothing more than a smokescreen to distract attention from the “real” issues?

Argued Harris:

Were I a gay activist today, would my one shot at reaching the Times‘ global readership be devoted to Israel’s alleged misdeeds, even as I could live freely there and celebrate my lifestyle without hindrance?

Or would it center on the pressing plight of gays in those parts of the world, including the Arab Middle East and Iran, where open behavior can result in arrest, torture, and even death?

It’s actually a sorry commentary on anti-Israel activists that their venom against Israel is so extreme that they’re even able to see something sinister in the nation’s decision to highlight its quite obvious progressive advantages in the region. 

So, it must have been simply devastating for such activists to learn today that Tel Aviv was voted the best gay city of 2011, according to an online poll on LGBT travel website gaycities.com.  “The gay capitol of the Middle East is exotic and welcoming with a Mediterranean c’est la vie attitude,” the website said.

As the Jerusalem Post reported:

Tel Aviv garnered 43 percent of the vote, far ahead of the next competitor, New York City, which raked in 14%.  Other cities on the list included Toronto, Sao Paulo, Madrid, London, New Orleans, and Mexico City. 

As Tel Aviv’s mayor Ron Huldai observed:

[Gays] are an integral part of the social and cultural fabric of the city,”Tel Aviv [is] a city that appreciates individual freedoms, allowing everyone to live by his principles and desires. This is a free city where any one can feel proud, and be proud of who they are”. 

As Scott Piro observed, in a CiF Watch guest post, about the oppressive environment for gays in the Arab world, including the Palestinian territories:

 Do you know where the Palestinian queer group alQaws for Sexual and Gender Diversity in Palestinian Society held their “Palestinian Queer Party” on October 21, 2011?

At a Tel Aviv club!

Any questions?!

IDF Soldier celebrating at 2009 (Jerusalem) Gay Pride Parade

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    • These men are projecting in classical fashion. They want, in effect, to “burn” what they see as the unclean homosexual urges in themselves. Freud would have a field day. Obsessed by sex and yet almost phobically avoidant even of natural sexual urges, and at the same time surrounded by women who don’t and won’t cover themselves, they must be in a constant state of sexual tension.

      Gays are fair game to them. Some of those men may have homosexual inclinations but fear hellfire so, in classic Islamic fashion, they blame homosexual men, or even the knowledge that homosexuality is allowed in the UK, for making them feel like that, just as their heterosexual brethren scantily clad girls and women (and any woman who uncovers more than her face is scantily clad by their standards) for “tempting” them and forcing them to groom and pimp even under age girls.

      They cannot trust their self-control and are made very uncomfortable by these urges so want to order everything around them in order to block them from sight and mind. Sharia law, they believe, is the answer.

      Heaven forbid!

      It’ll be interesting to see how the police and the courts will cope with the cognitive dissonance this trial will raise in them. Brainwashed into political correctness they may well find it difficult to admit that these animals are beyond the pale.

      I hope they are slung into jail.

  1. Schulman is quite notorious for her bizarre views.

    So even when Israelis do what she would normally enthusiastically approve, they are to be condemned – because they are Israelis.

    If anyone still doubts the reality of the “self-hating Jew”, the “as-a-Jew”, or the attempt to claim that anti-Zionism is not anti-Semitism, they need look no further than this …Professor of Humanities, so help us all!

    Imagine trying to pass one of her classes on humanities by actually voicing your own opinion on matters like these!

    • No, and they’re +anti+ Zionist.

      Tell me, mostly, how do you manage to be such a spectacular a–hole?

      Do you practise?

      Ah, of course you do! You come here, daily, to Jew-bait, in honour of your heroes, like George Galloway.

    • Still here?!?! Man, you really love this site, eh? You just can´t live without it and the opportunity to bash Israel, no matter what. What´s next? Will you complain of traffic accidents in Israel? About the food? The weather?

      I tell you something: you and your soul-mates sencrap and debutante/dilletante, go create your own blog so you can masturbate each other with your pre-pubescent hysterical morbid anti-Semitism.

        • Don´t take it personally. As for “impressive posts”, we all know you are an expert on that.

          So, what´s your next anti-Israel tantrum?

      • ‘so you can masturbate each other’

        Thanks SerJew for your enlightened views on masturbation. You are no doubt an expert. Anyway since when could you masturbate each other I thought it was purely a single handed activity.

        OK no more masturbate jokes from me, I don’t want this turning into a mass…although a lot of the people here are a bunch of wan….

        • OK last one, if you add the letters ‘anker’ to SerJew it does sound a bit like ‘such a wank….

          Only saying 😉

          • Are you a refugee from YouTube? What next – “your momma …”? You make SerJew look like the very model of eloquence and etiquette.

            • Oh come on pretzelberg, SerJewanker started it and I never stoop as low as many of the posters here. Every cloud has silver lining, at least SerJew might not so nasty to you anymore.

              • You just can´t post anything without a little whine about this blog, can you? You must be really masochistic to force yourself to keep posting in this dreadful blog, full or wankers and racists, eh? De gustibus non est disputandum. Go on with your “impressive” tantrums.

        • Again, besides displaying yet again your total lack of wit, you end up whining about this blog, which is the content of 99% of your “impressive” posts. It´s your masochistic thing, methinks.

    • Would you really expect this minute lunatic fringe Haredi minority to be happy about gays? Even though, statistically, there will be some gays among them, though they are probably too scared to even admit to such an eventuality.

      Your comment shows that denial isn’t a characteristic restricted to Haredim.

      • Of course they wouldn’t be happy Abtalyon, but it’s a racing certainty that regardless of the extent to which they might foam at the mouth, it’s very doubtful that they would incite the burning of gays like the charmerless apologies for humanity mentioned in the article quoted by Gerald above.

    • This exposes “mostly harmless” as a pure antisemite. These haredim lunatic fanatics being antizionist, the only possible reason to bring them up here is to discredit Jews as Jews.
      HA HA HA HA HA, exposed forever!

    • What has this to do with the topic of the article moistly?

      What do YOU think about Tel Aviv being declared the most gay-friendly city?

      That must really, really tick you off!

  2. I wonder if Jonathan Hoffman, the man who berated one of the anti-Zionists as “the Queen of Renegade Jews”, is happy about this accolade…

  3. And further he regards all vilification by Israel-Traducers as a Badge of Honour signifying their lack of any substantive arguments

  4. You mean, Hoffman, you were perfectly happy berating Bruce Levy as “the Queen of Renegade Jews” because of your attitude towards his sexuality.

    • Well, I don’t know how you chose your name, but you should start living up to it – preferably far away from here

  5. 43% of the vote? You must be joking! Obviously a dodgy poll.

    But who cares anyway. Tel Aviv does enjoy a sound reputation as a gay-friendly town. And that alone is something to be proud of.

    It’s actually a sorry commentary on anti-Israel activists that their venom against Israel is so extreme that they’re even able to see something sinister in the nation’s decision to highlight its quite obvious progressive advantages in the region.
    Indeed. You also see the nay-sayers automatically dismissing any Israeli humanitarian efforts for countries struck by disasters as “PR.”

    I wonder who was behind the surge in votes for Tel Aviv, though?

    • Good point pretzelberg, 43% does seem a bit on the high side, seems like the Pinkwashing Hasbaraniks got a bit over enthusiastic.

      Maybe the offer from NUIS in partnership with the Jewish Agency was too successful? http://www.oranim.ac.il/sites/heb/SiteCollectionImages/aguda/documents/antishemiut.pdf

      My Hebrew is not great so our frineds at EI kindly translated for us

      • So the pro-Israel side has activists on the web. So what? So does the destroy Israel side. What do you think Electronic Intifada is? The only difference is, the destroy Israel side is filled with antisemites, such as “mostly harmless” who revealed his out and out antisemitism today, when posting the clip of lunatic fanatic Jews as a way to undermine the idea that Israel is a tolerant society, when those fanatics are antiziionists.
        HA HA HA HA! Exposed as an antisemite forever!

          • I doubt that you have the sensitivity moistly to realise that the overall context of your remarks and the tenor of them show you to be an antisemite. You make no secret that you antipathetic to Jews as well as Zionists. If you were not then you would not have posted the video you did, about circumstances we know about and all right-minded people condemn, to try to show your contempt for us.

            Bottom line – your attitude to Jews is part of your enduring nature and is as much a part of you as your hair and eye colour. Much as you don’t notice them, you are unaware of your gross offensiveness to decent people here. This makes you the worst sort of Jew-hater – one who is not amenable to change in the light of reason.

            Oh yes – I held my nose and went to your link. That confirmed my assessment of you above.

            Editors, this scum should be banned.

            • Thanks for confirming that according to the only universally accepted definition of anti-semitism, my comments here are not anti-semitic. Good try attempt at using wishy washy definition ‘overall context’ & ‘tenor’.

              • I knew you wouldn’t understand. I apologise for not using language appropriate for a cognitive age of six.

                But it would have been a waste of time anyway, since as I said above you lack even the basic sensitivity to know when you are being offensive, much less to be able to reflect on your behaviour as a whole to realise how it might affect others. There is abhorrent, hate-filled behaviour and intent which is beyond the scope of definition. If you cannot understand that then you really are beyond hope. Evidence of your lack of emotional or other intelligence is here for all of us to see.

                As I said, I assumed too much. You are totally devoid of humanity, a racist hater who associates with haters and should not be allowed among decent society.

                Editors, please ban this person.

                • Actually, Serendipity, have you considered the possibility that Mostly Harmless knows full well how his behaviour affects us? That being the case he is doing this deliberately.

                  This is a very sick ticket indeed. Is CiF Watch a charitable organisation? If not, why should we give space to such a one?

              • Well moistly, I wonder what your friends at Electronic Intifarter would say to your agreement that the EUMC definition of antisemitism is actually universally accepted?

                Most Israel/Jew-haters have been trying to undermine it.

                What’s that? You didn’t realise? Oh dear…. shot yourself in the other foot didn’t you?

                Oh joy!

                  • But you admitted that it was universally accepted, moistly. It may not be absolutely perfect but most civilised people and nations accept it. Don’t you realise what you did?

                    Your friends at Intifarter will want nothing else to do with you once we call you out every time you infringe the EUMC definition which you admit is universally accepted.

                    You infringed the following simply by posting the video above and you should note the wording carefully, particularly about making stereotypical allegations about Jews, and note also the “such as” which is not limited to the examples it gives:

                    “..Making mendacious, dehumanizing, demonizing, or stereotypical allegations about Jews as such or the power of Jews as collective — such as, especially but not exclusively, the myth about a world Jewish conspiracy or of Jews controlling the media, economy, government or other societal institutions..”

            • You make no secret that you antipathetic to Jews as well as Zionists. If you were not then you would not have posted the video you did

              That is just complete bollocks.

              Editors, this scum should be banned.

              I disagree with most of mostly harmless’ posts – but there are many other posters here far more worthy of banning. Why is it you don’t call for their removal?

      • It’s not that your Hebrew isn’t so great, it’s that your intelligence level is lower than a Cheese Puff.

        MostlyHarmless will spend the rest of his life as a Jew bashing loser wondering where, oh where, have all the Jew killers gone? Where, oh where, can they be?

        Well, they all shot themselves in the mouth, and, not so coincidentally, after shooting themselves in the foot.

        I, for one, enjoy coming on to this site and reading the latest, lamest attempts by mh at gaining forms of recognition. Congraulations, you’re a troll. A stupid troll. With little readability. And an incredible amount of ignorance. Should you ever have children, I am sure your children will reject you. Because even your child will see how much of a losing ingrate you happen to be.

        Mazel tov. That’s Hebrew for, Way to go.

      • seems like the Pinkwashing Hasbaraniks got a bit over enthusiastic.

        Even if they did, who cares? It’s not exactly turned into global headlines and a PR coup for Israel, has it?

    • Sure, mh. Electronic Intifada doesn’t get money from the Saudis. Whereas CIFWatch is on the Mossad payroll along with the radio controlled vultures and sharks.

      You really are a loser. Belligerent, confused, stupid, hatefilled, with zero influence that matches your zero intelligence.

      Typical EI fool. Too useless to be a tool.

    • Really mostly? Are you being paid!? Your paymasters certainly don’t read your posts – they would demand their money back. Or maybe not, they must be accustomed to your level of intelligence.

    • ‘The difference Dan, is one gets paid the other doesn’t.’

      You racist, antisemitic a-hole.

      I’m astonished CIFWatch has tolerated you so long: it’s a testimony to their long suffering. They give you a place where you can warm yourself to the fire of your own creepy obsession and hatred.

      I wouldn’t tolerate you a second. I’d chuck you out the nearest window.

    • I didn’t know that ElectronicIntifada paid* its tossers to dish out anti-Israel propaganda and hatred. Since when Moistly? Don’t be a tease and tell us!

      *Probably from laundered donations from various islamist organisations. Can’t be by the Guardian which is circling the drain.

        • Oooooooh! That got near the knuckle didn’t it? Proof positive that what I suspect is true….

          I say again, I think you’re paid by some sort of antisemtic organisation and post here under the false flag of antiZionism. Nothing you’ve written contradicts that and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if you refused to do it for free.

          Untrue? I doubt it.

          • Another antisemite who can’t bear it that Jews are allowed to defend themselves against lies and he quotes Electronic Intifada yet!

            I agree with you Snigger that, regardless of whether or not students are paid to represent their state’s point of view against filth like them, Moistly would probably not spend time here if he were not being paid.

            I can’t imagine even a slug like him being so carried away by hatred that he’d do it for free and out of the goodness of the swinging brick that passes for his heart.

            • ‘quotes Electronic Intifada yet’

              The quote was from the NUIS it was translated by EI, if you wish to challenge the translation please go ahead.

        • Moist boy, you live in fantasy world of Jewish conspiracies, yet demand evidence form others to authenticate their claims. Such chutzpah! – If it’s not already in your list of Hebrew words, it means sanctimonious hypocrite.

  6. If there’s one thing about Israel that the liberals and the left can’t stomach, it’s that it is a tolerant, multi-racial nation with human rights at the core of its soul.

    They simply cannot conceive how any nation can have achieved so much, when they have manifestly failed to create just and vibrant societies in their own countries. And so they feel compelled to drag Israel down to their own level.

    • Exactly. And they can´t stand to watch successful Jews able to thrive and defend themselves, without fear of pogroms, kinglets, priests, crusaders, comissars, sheiks, caliphs, inquisitors, etc.

        • What nonsense? BTW, I see that you changed your pathetic “shame-on-you” to the new “Good god”. Once a church-lady always a church-lady, eh?

          • “church lady” … you’re such a bore … Although in fact that label would be far better applied to plenty of other posters on this site – yourself included. Tee hee.

            • You just can´t help including for the up-tenth time your whining about this blog´s posters, calling them “racists”, “bores”, “mental midgets” and other inanities. Still, you continue here, day after day, with you very same sanctimonious church-lady condescending moralism. Talk about bore…

    • To the Marxist mind, Israel is nothing but a continuing affront.

      First, in being set up at all. Marxism considers nationalities to be one of the “opiates” distracting people from the Class Struggle, and like the other distractions, something that Fate has ordained humanity to evolve beyond. But here the Jewish nation not only failed to dissolve, but reversed the tide by renewing its political sovereignty on its ancestral land. For such an affront, the 2nd International in 1920 condemned Zionism. (Yep, the hostility goes back more than 90 years.)

      Second, Israel was originally set up to be a socialist state, and for years was actually one of communism’s few success stories, in the form of the kibbutz. After time, as with all such experiments, human nature took its toll and the system failed. But Israel did not implode in a death-dance of famine and bloodshed—it transitioned gradually away from socialism, and largely with success. So, in Marxist eyes, not only did the Zionists abandon the Communist vision, they didn’t even pay for abandoning it!

      What with Zionism being a nationalism, and Israel having transitioned quietly from communism to capitalism with little ill-effect, Marxist outrage over the whole affair is white-hot. And no wonder, for Israel proves their core assumptions wrong!

      • ‘Scuse me ziontruth but do you include moistly among said Marxists?

        If so, then you are mistaken. He’s more of a Groucho type Marx but much less intelligent.

        • Snigger is right. Like many less than gifted people old moistly handless isn’t aware of to what extent his comments reveal his lack of intelligence.

          • Snigger, germolene,

            No, it was just a tangent off of Andy Gill’s comment, about the envy-driven hatred the Marxist Left has for Israel.

            As for our friend Mostly Hamas, far be it from me to suggest he has expended much thought in any of his remarks; but there is a good supply of anti-Zionist talking points available from Marxist sources which he—along with white supremacists, black supremacists, Islamic imperialists and other volk who are making our times so interesting—dips from to regurgitate. Crude, 1930s-style Jew-hatred can be had from any of the aforementioned groups, but when they wish to finesse it for polite society, they all go to one and the same source: The anti-Zionist rhetoric perfected by the Marxists as a foil for Jew-hatred ever since 1920.

      • I don’t understand how “progressives” anti-nationalists can OPPOSE nationalism while SUPPORTING the creation of a “palestine”.

        But socialists/progressively reactionary hypocrites have always had multiple standards and a “white mans burden” tolerance for third world racism.

        • They didn´t complain about the recent creation of South Sudan. Nor they ever complained of the fake arab states created by British Imperialism, nor the African Marxist Monstrosities that came out of decolonization. They are master of hypocrisy and disjunctive thinking, just as our sencrap and debutante (mostly headless can´t even think, so he´s not included).