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Jenny Tonge rants about the Holocaust and idolises Hamas leader, Ismail Haniyeh.

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Mads Gilbert and Jenny Tonge last night in Parliament.

Last night yet another hate-meeting took place in Parliament with the Palestine Return Centre holding an event “to commemorate the memory of Palestinian victims over the past six decades especially the last war in Gaza”. (Here is what the PRC is all about. It makes unpleasant reading for Jews).

Jenny Tonge was there ranting about how the Palestinians weren’t responsible for the Holocaust and asking “how can the Israelis treat the Palestinians the way they do after what happened in the Holocaust”.

She criticised the power of the “Israel lobby” and held up a magazine with Hamas’ Ismail Haniyeh on the front cover and proceeded to idolise him.

She told us about a Palestinian fishing-boat which was boarded by the Israeli navy off Gaza. She said the Palestinian fishermen had their hands bound behind their backs and were forced to swim to the Israeli boat.

And she spoke about why she thinks she comes in for such heavy criticism and put this down to the fact that she stands up for the Palestinians and criticises Israel. The latter, she thinks, is viewed as being anti-Semitic.

When challenged by Jonathan Hoffman to give an example of when criticism of Israel has been called anti-Semitic she said she could give “many examples”, but failed to come through with even one. Here’s the action:

We also heard from Dr. Mads Gilbert, a Norwegian anesthesiologist, who gave us the names of Palestinian children who had been killed or who had horrendous injuries. He spent most of last night trying to flog his book about it all called Eyes on Gaza. Available from all good retailers.

We heard from Manal Timraz. Manal lost 15 members of her family during Operation Cast Lead, 11 of which were aged between twelve and two, and has lost another four since. After asking us to stand for a minute’s silence she emotionally outlined how the only way forward is a one-state-solution.

She lives in England next to a Jewish woman who “didn’t steal my land and I didn’t steal her’s”.

Gilbert had called for an academic boycott of Israel and during the Q&A I asked him how he could propose such an obviously racist policy and whether he used any Israeli products himself.

He said that the accusation that he was “a racist” was “absolutely preposterous” (I didn’t call him “a racist”) and said that he used computers without Intel chips. He then accused me of “smiling and laughing arrogantly” while Manal was speaking. I was smiling, but only at Manal’s suggestion that Jonathan go to the West Bank with her to drink tea “like a Palestinian”.

Gilbert further rejected accusations of anti-Semitism, eventhough none were made, with:

“If you want to look for anti-Semitism don’t look among us because we are profoundly anti-racist”.

He’s even friends with a Canadian Jew!

But how can anyone seriously claim to be “profoundly anti-racist” while hero-worshipping a self-confessed Jew hater (see Hamas Charter) like Ismail Haniyeh?

Here is the Q&A footage. First you hear PRC’s Sameh Habeeb, then Manal Timraz, then Mads Gilbert (from 4 mins. 15 secs.) and, finally, Jenny Tonge again, who, sadly, wasn’t impressed with me or Jonathan:

Additional photo:

British Palestinian Manal Timraz speaking last night.

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  1. The most telling fact about people like Tonge and their ilk is that ostensibly they’re all about “human rights”, and that’s why they say they’re so “concerned” with the Palestinians–so why don’t they say ANYTHING about what really are among the world’s worst human rights violations, i.e. those that occur daily in the Islamic theocracies which dominate the Mideast, such as unequal rights for women, persecution of minorities and gays, execution of dissidents, etc., etc.
    And the ongoing murder of literally thousands of Syrians by their own government concerns these career Israel-bashers not at all!

    That glaring hypocrisy and obsessive criticism of the only country in the Mideast which indeed does respect human rights, Israel, tells us everything we need to know about the real motivation of these transparent bigots and racist antiSemites.

    • I have written to Jenny Tonge to ask her to condemn in parliament the Bedouin organ thefts as she had the alleged Israeli ones in Haiti. Deafening silence.

  2. Interesting the implication above that “Jewish” people steal land. More proof that “Israeli” and “Jewish” are inextricably linked in the antisemitic – oops, sorry, antiZionist mind.

    As for Jenny Forked Tonge she is beyond the pale of decency.

    And Mads Gilbert lives up to his name given his overly emotional/paranoid reaction to your question, Richard. I note the distinction – that you called the policy racist, and not him, but he was patently unable to distinguish; so well-defended was he that he could not listen properly to what you were saying.

    How exactly does one drink tea “like a Palestinian”??? Was it made clear?

    Evidence galore of emotional reasoning rather than measured debate, and of the worst aspects of the authoritarian personality which can brook no dissent and gets overly defensive when questioned.

    • Interesting the implication above that “Jewish” people steal land. More proof that “Israeli” and “Jewish” are inextricably linked in the antisemitic – oops, sorry, antiZionist mind.

      What implication??

        • No second reading required, ta very much. I think it’s you who misread the article. There is no such implication – well, not unless you really, really want to believe that. Which you clearly do.

  3. Richard, did Manal actually say without being questioned that she lived next door to a Jewish woman? Why on earth should that be relevant?

    • Yup. She certainly did. It was her way into discussing the “one state solution” where Jews and Palestinians would, in her fantasy, be liviing peacefully and equally. I have a recording.

  4. Some people would do anything to make them self fill important no matter what the cost to anybody, obviously no other media is interested in them so they have taken up this media, psychiatric care it’s more likely what they need not this gibberish.

  5. I’m not sure why folks who hate the existence of the State of Israel also hate being labeled as anti-Semites. If you’re going to make a life out of constant obsession regarding Jews, Zionists, and Israel’s existence, then it sounds like that person would ENJOY doing it. Ergo, if that person is bashing Jews, Zionists, and Israel obsessively, what is wrong with being labeled anti-Semitic? The Klan enjoys this. The Jihadis enjoy this. But Jenny doesn’t? Is she some sort of self-hating Jew hater? Weird world.

  6. All these people have one thing in common they are just as ugly inside as they are outside,I guess being this hateful does distort their horrible features.

    Nasty spiteful lying psychopaths.

  7. What a pack of lies Tonge recites.

    “What is going on in Gaza”!!!

    What is going on in Gaza is that they are doing quite nicely despite the fact that not an Arab country is willing to lift a finger to “help” them since they know perfectly well that they need no help, and represent a threat to the stability of every Arab regime – even the new MB leadership in Egypt!

  8. Anti-Semite of the Day #12:

    Baroness Jenny Tonge


    • In January 2004, while still a Member of Parliament, Tonge was asked to step down as children’s spokeswoman by Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy after saying of Palestinian suicide bombers: “If I had to live in that situation – and I say that advisedly – I might just consider becoming one myself.” Tonge refused to apologize.
    • Tonge said in 2006: “The pro-Israeli lobby has got its grips on the western world, its financial grips. I think they’ve probably got a grip on our party.” In response, Liberal Democrat leader Sir Menzies Campbell chastised Tonge, saying her remarks were “unacceptable” and had “clear anti-Semitic connotations.”
    • On 12 February 2010, she was sacked by Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg after lending credence to allegations of organ harvesting by Israeli Defense Force medical teams after the 2010 Haiti earthquake by suggesting an independent inquiry should be established. Nick Clegg said the comments were “wrong, distasteful and provocative” and dismissed her from her post. He said she had apologized “unreservedly” for any offence she had caused. The allegations were originally printed by the news website The Palestine Telegraph, of which Tonge is a patron.
    (n.b.: Baroness Jenny Tonge has since withdrawn her patronage of The Palestine Telegraph after the paper posted a video of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke claiming that Israel is a terrorist threat to America. See –


    • She trained to be a doctor at University College Hospital, gaining an MB and BS in 1964. She met her future husband, Dr Keith Tonge, while dissecting a corpse in 1959 and married him on 23 May 1964 in Wednesbury.

  9. Tonge:
    ” … why I get into so much trouble personally. It is because I have tried to question why nobody does a damn thing to help the Palestinians.”

    The UK govt. provides economic aid to the Palestinians – and has upped the pressure on Israel to e.g. stop settlement building. So that’s bollocks for a start.

    But the real reason why she – rightly – gets into trouble? It starts with inane comments like “how can the Israelis treat the Palestinians the way they do after what happened in the Holocaust” – but also extends to the more sinister “the pro-Israel lobby has a grip on the western world” and the organ-harvesting allegations in Haiti.

  10. And you are a-whining about this blog 100% of the time. So weird for someone that thinks that the blog is over.

    • I don´t care, sweetasshole. Do you know what “babaca” means? Or “filho-da-puta”? Vai tormar no seu cuzinho, ok?

  11. I don´t need to be moralized buy a despised Cleopatra like you. I stand up bravely for Israel, thank you, while you, knowing the language, is a coward traitor. Mull over it.

    • You are so brave being out of range there, SocalledJew. Is your armchair comfy? Need any more cushions? A nice cup of tea, perhaps?

      • I´m fine, sweeteasshole. What about you, whining about the universe as usual?

        PS: vai entubar uma brachola.

        • Oh, sweetasshole, you are so funny when upset. Why are you projecting your self-loathing on others? Most of all, why the heck you keep posting here if you declare this blog to be dead? Maybe you are desperate for some attention?

  12. More on “Mads Gilbert”

    Pro-Hamas Doctors Caught Faking A Civilian Death… After CNN Airs Footage

    “Mads Gilbert, the radical Marxist Norwegian doctor that was the focus of a Fox News report earlier today for being an anti-Israeli Hamas apologist, has been positively identified as one of two doctors caught faking CPR on a Palestinian boy that “died” in video featured today on CNN.”