Labour Shadow Justice Minister praises Hamas concessions @ Palestine Solidarity Campaign event

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This map, without Israel, took pride of place behind all the speakers.


Last night the Palestine Solidarity Campaign revealed the horrors of what life would be like for British Jews under Labour. The Jew killing Hamas machine would become regulars to Downing Street.

But, first, a love letter.

At the PSC event about Gaza, held at Conway Hall (which is owned by the South Place Ethical Society), actorvist Leigh Outram read the following from Love Letters to Gaza (see clip 1 below). The boat mentioned is the Audacity of Hope:

What can a poem do?
Create awareness?
Light a fire?
A fire to fire the boat to sea.

There was no fire at Auschwitz
To stop the poison gas until
The fire part of the western world destroyed the evil of the Nazi state,
And Israel came into being because the will was there.

It is not now the Nazi state but Israel that blocks the seas.
It is not Auschwitz that stops the ship that carries hope and messages,
But those that might have died there.

So let this poem drive the Hope that heads for Gaza.
The victims are now the torturers.
Freedom must be for all not just the victors

Whose victory brings forgetfulness of what they suffered once now brought to others.

Maybe Ms Outram hasn’t visited Auschwitz and seen the gas chambers and the ovens or the pictures of naked Jewish women huddling together in front of a pit before being shot. Maybe she doesn’t know that one million Jewish children died in The Holocaust.

This is the true Holocaust industry, a term coined by Norman Finklestein, where the likes of Ms Outram get paid for minimalising the horrors of Auschwitz by comparing it to Gaza. But Outram set the theme for the evening.

The Love Letter read out by Tracy-Ann Woods (clip 2) described the Palestinians as “hated simply for being who they are” and that read out by Clare Quinn (clip 3) described Israel as “dying”. Ahmed Masoud, who has written for the BBC, compared Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto. Another activist (clip 4) said “no oppression or injustice has ever gone without falling. The apartheid regime ended, the collapse of Nazism…”

Meanwhile, Labour MPs Jeremy Corbyn and Andy Slaughter, the Shadow Justice Minister, sat on stage applauding and when it came to speak everyone stood in front of map of Palestine, where there was no Israel.

Of Hamas Slaughter said (clip 5):

“They recognise a Palestinian state on ’67 borders, which is to effectively recognise the state of Israel. Now I think if that is not enough for the Americans or Israelis then I think we are playing games because those concessions are considerable concessions and they are the right concessions to make.”

This from a potential Justice Minister. Except recognition of a Palestinian state is not recognition of Israel. A small swing from the Conservatives to Labour in 2015 and the Liberal Democrats could ditch the Tories. A Lib/Lab coalition would be the perfect storm for Israel and British Jews with Hamas becoming regular visitors to Number 10.

Slaughter has already met Hamas and the Labour Party offered no comment.

Corbyn (clip 6) finished off the evening calling for some potentially five million Palestinians to be allowed into Israel, effectively turning it into yet another Arab state while taking the benefits of the Israelis’ hard work builing up a successful country.

Michael Deas (clip 7), Palestinian BDS National Committee, attempted to paint Israel as being undemocratic, but he was soon followed by Kika Markham (clip 8), the widow of Corin Redgrave, who read an extract from a role she performed as Haaretz journalist Amira Hass in which Hass talks of Israel in the most despicable terms.

A country that allows Hass and Haaretz to attack it so regularly cannot be anything but democratic. There isn’t something even near the equivalent of Haaretz for the Palestinians and that speaks volumes.


Jon McKenna, Tracy-Ann Wood, Leigh Outram, Laura Freeman watching Clare Quinn spew poison about the Jewish state.

Clip 1 – Leigh Outram (compares Auschwitz to Gaza)


Clip 2 – Tracy-Ann Woods (“Palestinians hated for who they are”)


Clip 3 – Clare Quinn (“Israel is dying”)


Clip 4 – Activist (likens Israel to the Nazis)


Clip 5 – Andy Slaughter MP (“Hamas recognises Israel”)


Clip 6 – Jeremy Corbyn MP (“Palestinian refugees” will go to Israel)


Clip 7 – Michael Deas (“Israel is not democratic”)


Clip 8 – Kika Markham (acts as Haaretz’s Amira Hass)


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    • I found the reading by Tracy Ann-Woods about Palestinian children scared to go to school particularly obscene in the way it ignores the realty f childhood in Israel (the rest is the usual over the top ignorant rubbish – Gaza=Auschwitz, etc.).

      Jewish children are scared to go to school because they are specifically targeted by Hamas Kassam rockets fired at the time school begins in the hope of hitting and killing Jeiwsh children. There is also the case of the school bus deliberately targeted by an RPG that killed a youngster. They are scared to go to sleep in case a Grad or Kassam crashes through their roof. Every house near Gaza is being equipped with specially reinforced rooms to try to avoid fatalities from missile fire into peoples’ homes.

      These people are blind to reality and disgusting beyond words. How can a so-called Justice Minister stand there talking about Hamas recognizing the 1967 borders, which apparently Israel is supposed to thank them for doing, in front of a hand-crafted map that has erased Israel – an breathtaking example of double think by him, and the wonders of Palestinian culture the Guardian is constantly trying to promote?

  1. Excruciatingly bad poetry.

    But Hamas are not the only bad kids on the block … What about all the Fatahniks who want to kill Jews?

    Quote: Will the Palestinians’ highest religious authority, the Mufti, Muhammad Hussein, still be able to say, as he did in early January at a Fatah (not Hamas) event to celebrate the 47th anniversary of its founding, that the destiny of Muslims is to kill Jews [sic], and, quoting a Hadith [a saying attributed to the prophet Mohammad] that “The Hour [of Resurrection] will not come until you fight the Jews… come and kill [them]” – and then have Palestinian TV repeat it? end quote.


    • I just received this skit by the two Ronnies – “Insurance against being Jewish” and immediately thought of Freedland!!

  2. The last time Duvidl saw Kika Markham (featured in the last photo) was in a second rate TV drama in the 1970s when this obscure jobbing actress got her tits out for the lads.

    Now Kika appears to be an old harridan whose only claim to fame is having married into the loony left Jew-hating Redgrave family.After all this time Duvidl can’t remember much about her tits, but the rest of her should surely return to the obscurity whence she came.

  3. If Corbyn is calling for potentially 5 million Palestinians to be allowed in to Israel, then he can’t have much regard for their welfare.

    With the population of Israel standing at some 7.5 million now, Corbyn is calling for a population to increase by two-thirds, probably in a very short period of time. Which is rather like the UK being expected to absorb 40 million immigrants, probably hostile to its citizens and culture, in a matter of a few years.

    Even if we ignore the probable hostility of the in-coming immigrants, the social upheaval and the potential for – at the very least – civil unrest, how does Mr Corbyn expect Israel’s economy to cope? Given her tiny landmass, how and where would these people be housed? Where would they find employment? How would the schools, colleges, universities cope? What would be the impact on health care and the emergency services?

    How is this scenario remotely beneficial to the Palestinian people Corbyn claims to support?

    If Corbyn’s decision-making process here in the UK is as flawed as it appears, he hasn’t the intellect to be an MP.

  4. ‘everyone stood in front of map of Palestine, where there was no Israel’

    Maybe it was an old map, like this one:

  5. Why be surprised at the remarks of Slaughter?

    This is from his declaration of gifts etc.to Parliament

    6. Overseas visits

    Name of donor: 1) Friends of Al-Aqsa (flight)

    2) Middle East Monitor (accommodation)

    Address of donor: 1) PO Box 5127, Leicester LE2 OWU

    2) 419-421 Crown House, North Circular Rd, London NW10 7PN

    Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): 1) cost of flight; £392

    2) cost of accommodation; £535

    Destination of visit: Jerusalem

    Date of visit: 5-8 November 2010

    Purpose of visit: fact-finding mission

    (Registered 30 November 2010)

    Name of donor: Council for European Palestinian Relations

    Address of donor: 1 Olympic Way, London HA9 0P

    Amount of donation (or estimate of the probable value): Flights, transport within Cairo and Border Visa in Cairo, accommodation and food; total value £680

    Destination of visit: Cairo, Egypt

    Date of visit: 17-20 March 2011

    Purpose of visit: member of CEPR’s parliamentary delegation

    (Registered 11 April 2011)

      • Yes Ariadne.
        And when you add that Slaughter is also Secretary of the Britain-Palestine All-Party Parlaimentary Group and ‘Chair’ of Labour Friends of Palestine. It does show his agenda when he talks about the Middle East.

  6. Send this story from Ynetnews,to Harriet Sherwood “I never thought that I would meet the man that saved me”

    It’s about an an Israeli soldier that saved a palestinian woman’s life.

    Hey Harriet Sherwood pull the finger out,here is a story that you should pursue.