Guardian ignores story of 30,000 blacks ethnically cleansed from Libyan town

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The BBC recently reported the following:

“The 30,000 people living in a town in northern Libya have been driven out of their homes, in what appears to have been an act of revenge for their role in the three-month siege of the city of Misrata.

For three months between early March and the middle of May, the forces of Muammar Gaddafi laid siege to Misrata. These forces were partly based in Tawergha, and the people of the town are accused of being complicit in the attempt to put down the uprising in the city.

The fighters of Misrata eventually prevailed, breaking out of their battered city, and Misratan brigades made up part of the force that overran the capital Tripoli in August.

In the middle of August, between the end of the siege and the killing of Gaddafi, Misratan forces drove out everyone living in Tawergha, a town of 30,000 people. Human rights groups have described this as an act of revenge…collective punishment possibly amounting to [ethnic cleansing &] a crime against humanity.

Tawergha, Libya

The BBC report continued:

Tawerghans are mostly descendants of black slaves, generally poor, were patronised by the Gaddafi regime and were broadly supporters of his regime.

What happened in Misrata and Tawergha…can also be seen as an example of the victors in the war that overthrew Gaddafi imposing summary and brutal justice on some of the communities that sided with the former regime and were vanquished.

As you enter Tawergha from the main road, the name is erased from the road sign. It is now eerily silent but for the incongruously beautiful bird song. There were a few cats skulking about, and one skeletal, limping dog.

Building after building is burnt and ransacked. The possessions of the people who lived here are scattered about, suggesting desperate flight. 

Buildings show the scars of heavy bombardment, some are burnt out shells, some are just abandoned. The town is empty of humans, apart from a small number of Misratan militiamen preventing the return of the town’s residents.

Those that escaped the town are now scattered across the country. As many as 15,000 people are in Hun, in central Libya. Some are in Sabha and Benghazi, and more than 1,000 are in a refugee camp in Tripoli.

…it does not appear that anyone is being held to account for the events in Tawergha.

British journalist Andrew Gilligan visited Tawergha after the cleansing of its residents and found many slogans painted in and around the city (consistent with the accounts of anti-Gaddafi fighters and commanders whom he quoted) which made reference to the dark pigmentation of many Tawergha denizens.

One sign referred to the Misrata Brigade as “the brigade for purging slaves [and] black skin“…

Human rights groups have documented some of the many atrocities committed by Misratans against Tawerghans.

They include beating to death a mentally ill man, torturing prisoners into false confessions and abusing prisoners held in detention.

“Abuse included the use of electric shock and beatings, including beatings on the soles of the feet (falaga).”

One Tawerghan detainee described his ordeal, saying:

“They beat me on my feet every night for 15 minutes, and some people hit my backside and my back. For four days I couldn’t sit. They poured cold water on top of me, then took an electric stick and put it on my shoulders, back, and arms each night for ten minutes. It shook me. I can’t describe it… They used an engine belt, a plastic hose, a wooden stick, a horse whip…. I had blood in my urine for four or five days.”

Witnesses interviewed by Human Rights Watch described the following:

“[We] saw guards whip one dark-skinned Tawerghan detainee while forcing him to run around a courtyard and then telling him to climb a pole while shouting, ‘Monkey needs a banana.’”

I searched for a condemnation, of even a mention, of the ethnic cleansing of Tawergha at the site of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) and found nothing.

Upon searching the Guardian’s site, I found only one report which focused on what happened in Tawargha.  

The story all but ignored the crimes committed there despite the fact that other news media outlets, and human rights organizations, had been reporting about and documenting the forced expulsion and violence against the residents of Tawargha since mid August.

(Indeed, reports of racism, lynchings and explicit calls by Libyan rebel leaders to ethnically cleans Libyan blacks, such as the residents of Tawergha, were reported in July.)

The lone Guardian story (Tawargha: fires blaze and blood lingers in Libyan ghost town) by Chris Stephen on Sept. 13, suggested that the residents of Tawergha fled the town voluntarily!

Ugly racism and ethnic cleansing of a black minority by Arab Muslims:  a disturbing omen for the future of the Arab Spring’ the Guardian will certainly never report.

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  1. It’s NATO that helped these Libyans to overthrow that madman Gaddafi.Yet NATO has done nothing to stop these atrocities.These people deserve each other……………………

    NATO, these Islamist Libyans who are running around raping burning destroying and murdering with impunity deserve each other.

    For good measure throw in that rotten stinking racist Guardian……………….

    • You expect too much. Hattie the Hen is nothing if not one track minded. Give her an opposing argument to investigate, or something other than what she’s used to and she may blow a circuit.

  2. To lefty progressives some lives are more valuable than others. At the moment the ratio is 30,000:0 — something Deborah Orr can ponder over —

    • No, I think its called an “egregious, ideologically driven moral blind spot” when reporting on events in the Arab world. What possible justification do their reporters have for not covering it. (Btw, I think Libya was Sherwood’s assignment during the ethnic cleansing incident)

      • No doubt, Adam, you would like Israel to be more like the Arab world. As I said, whataboutery of the first order

        • gns, what precisely does this even mean?

          No, actually, I’d like the Arab world to be more like Israel in their treatment of racial, ethnic an religious minorities. Would be a huge improvement don’t you think?!

    • The point of what you dismiss as “whataboutery” is that the Guardian, the UN, and all extreme leftists who constantly call for the destruction of Israel– these all apply a racist antisemitic standard in their incessant denunciations of Israel’s past and present. Particularly so when they lie or thoughtlessly repeat lies. This is a process called demonization, in which the supposed flaws of one people are focussed on incessantly, while ignoring parallel or worse actions by one’s own people and other peoples.

  3. The Guardian now ignores Libya since it has inconveniently and totally expectedly become a showcase of every negative result of a revolution one could imagine – tribalism, revenge, racism, murder and mayhem.

    This after months of cheering on the “brave” Libyans tagging along behind NATO bombers and massacring all in their paths with endless gleeful reporting from the “front”, with maps showing virtual pins, lovely videos of ragtag “freedom fighters” firing weapons at nothing in particulate, delighted reports of “freeing” this or that little town whose inhabitants were immediately massacred if they did not flee.

    The Guardian is a disgusting organization with the morals of an alley rat.

  4. Thanks to Europe and Obama the Arab states in the ME are all turning into Islamist states that are demanding Sharia Law.

    Jemmy Carter gave us the mad mullahs.And Obama gave us radical Islamist Arab and Muslim states.

    And the Guardian were the cheer leaders enthusiastically cheering on while all this was going on.

  5. Meanwhile, Cif has just published a piece by Karen Armstrong on the forthcoming Hajj exhibition at the British Museum. It claims that ” respect for other faiths is central to Muslim tradition.”

    Happily, though she is getting a comprehensive kicking from the commenters, virtually all of whom vehemently disagree. What the Guardian thinks it is playing at, heaven only knows. It would seem the constant stream of whitewash pouring over Islam is beginning to piss off even their own readers.

    • Guardian/BBC are engaged in promoting islam.

      Their enthusiasm for the so called religion that discriminates, vilifies, punishes and decrees death to peoples of other faith for no other crime other than not to be one of them seems to know no bounds.

      9/11 was the best thing that happend to the Guardian/BBC, it gave them purpose and an aim.

      • The exhibition is sponsored by Saudi Arabia!

        Can yoy effing believe it?! One of the most intolerant, racist, totalitarian and repressive countries sponsoring an exhibition on islamic tolerance in London, not Riyadh, but London and who should step forward to shill for them…well none other than Karen Armstrong…and where does she go to publicise the rotten circus…the Guardian.

        Nice little coven of witches.

      • Isn’t it true? The Guardian regularly pours hate and scorn over sundry and all other religions and faiths and allows commenting readers to vilify them as much as they want (e.g. writing unrelated anti-Israeli diatribes beneath articles about Judaism or demonizing mainstream Christian denominations), but they get their nickers in a twist should people below the line dare to equally criticize ‘sainted’ Islam(ism). These will be moderated, post-haste, for being evil ‘Islamophobes’!
        Double standards anyone

    • Armstrong is possessed of the same capability to deny reality as the most trenchant exponents of Islamism.

      That being the case she is well-placed at CiF.

      I am glad that she is getting a comprehensive kicking.

      But I doubt that it’ll wake her up and she’d not be able to cope if it did.

  6. Nothing is done for nothing,is the Guardian getting paid for promoting radical Islam in general and the palestinians in particular.

    The Guardian have spread their cheeks to these racist radical Muslims,by siding with them and promoting them.A the Guardian does this is by writing daily anti-Israeli articles.

    • I have little doubt that it is, benorr, and that particular devil looks after its own, which is why the Guardian manages to keep its head above water. The difficulty is, of course, proving it