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Gilad Atzmon takes aim at CiF Watch, accusing us of running “a Jewish supremacist site”!

As I’ve noted previously, merely characterizing Gilad Atzmon as antisemitic doesn’t do him justice.  Atzmon advances hateful, demonizing rhetoric about Jews which is on par with the most vile Judeophobic charges ever leveled, and which is often as crude and malevolent as what would be heard at a meeting of neo-Nazis or Islamist extremists.  

In brief, he repeatedly refers to Judaism as “supremacist“‘ faith, a term popularized by David Duke.  And, Duke, the former grand wizard of the KKK, has strongly praised Atzmon’s writings.

Atzmon also has questioned whether the Holocaust occurred, while simultaneously arguing that, if Hitler’s genocide did occur, it can partly be explained by Jews’ villainous behavior.  On this latter note, he claimed that Hitler’s views about Jews may one day be proven right

Atzmon also explicitly charges that Jews are indeed trying to take over the world, and has endorsed of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, arguing about the document that “it is impossible to ignore its prophetic qualities and its capacity to describe” later Jewish behavior.

The Guardian has a history with Atzmon which includes; a 2009 review of his music (Atzmon is an Israeli born Jazz artist now living in the UK), which barely touched on, as the Guardian’s John Lewis so carefully put it, Atzmon’s  “provocatively anti-Jewish rhetoric”. Additional reviews of Atzmon’s music in the Guardian, in pieces published in 2011, 2006, 2004, 2003 and 2001 virtually ignored his politics altogether.

Then following a CiF essay by Andy Newman last September which included Atzmon in his (rather mild) criticism of leftist antisemitism, the Guardian published a letter by Atzmon in response, defending the ideas in his book, The Wandering Who? – a work which the CST has characterized one of the most antisemitic book published in the UK in years.

Shortly after that incident, CiF Watch discovered and subsequently posted about the fact that the Guardian’s online bookstore was selling Atzmon’s book, which included this chilling synopsis:

“An explosive unique crucial book tackling the issues of Jewish identity Politics and ideology and their global influence.

Evidently embarrassed, and unable to defend their decision to carry and promote such hate, the book was removed form their site within 24 hours of our post.

The latest incident involving Atzmon involved an essay at CiF by Khaled Diab published last week which positively cited an Atzmon observation in the context of what Diab characterized as Israeli surprise over the alleged Saudi hacking of computers at El Al and the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange.

Here’s this passage:

Some commentators went even further. “The Jewish state is pretty devastated by the idea that a bunch of ‘indigenous Arabs’ are far more technologically advanced than its own chosen cyber pirates,” Israeli jazz musician Gilad Atzmon observed wryly on his blog.

After we objected to Guardian editors about both the positive reference to Atzmon, as well as his specific pejorative reference to Jews as “chosen” – which, per the Deborah Orr affair, they had acknowledged was antisemitic – the piece was amended and the passage removed, noting that the language was inconsistent with their standards.

Well, sometime after the piece was amended, Atzmon learned of the incident and wrote about it in his blog, beginning:

Two days ago, I discovered that CIF Watch, a Jewish supremacist site interested solely in cleansing British press of any criticism of Israel and Jewish power, was boasting that the Guardian surrendered to their pressure and removed an Atzmon passage [which included the “chosen” comment]. [emphasis added]

Interesting. While we now only typically check our blog’s rankings in Technorati’s world politics category (where we’ve been consistently ranked within the top 25), it looks like we’d now be wise to similarly check our listings in the evidently new category of “Jewish supremacist blogs” – a blog niche I must admit that I never previously considered!

Atzmon continues:

Shocking but typically, the Guardian surrendered immediately to the Zionist’s demands.

Yes, Guardian editors consistently, and cravenly, succumbing to Zionist demands!  What only appears to the untrained eye as a media group viscerally hostile to the Jewish state is, in fact, yet another institution bullied by Jews into Zionist subservience.

Turning to his book, Atzmon writes:

The book attempts to grasp the bizarre continuum between Israeli barbarism…the Palestinian Solidarity Campaign surrender to rabid Zionist bodies and the ‘Guardian’s regulation’. [emphasis added]

In conclusion, Atzmon writes:

I’m not one bit surprised by the surge of Jewish power. I wrote a book about it. But, being intimately familiar with Jewish history, I know exactly where it will lead. Jewish political arrogance has always proved to be, above all, devastatingly dangerous for Jews.

For the sake of peace, both Jews and gentiles must confront the prominence of Jewish identity politics. We should never be afraid to question ideologies and lobbies that impose a threat to peace, our value systems, freedom of thought, humanity and humanism. [emphasis added]

In that comically gratuitous passage lay the rhetorical thread which runs through much of the hardcore antisemitic bravado through the ages – their belief that they are not just criticizing Jews and Judaism, but speaking truth to power, and boldly defending civilization from a dangerous, yet furtive, Jewish onslaught.   

CiF Watch may appear to be merely a media watchdog blog, but Atzmon’s piercing intellect sees us for who we really are: a threat to freedom of thought, world peace and humanity itself.

On a shoestring budget, and a group of dedicated volunteers, we have managed to become larger than ourselves:

Grassroots pro-Israel activism no more.

The Protocols of the Elders of CiF Watch Zionists have arrived!

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  1. I am in awe of you CifWatch and will now approach these columns with reverence and a proper attitude of respect and admiration. You’re a force in the world

    “I’m not one bit surprised by the surge of Jewish power.”

  2. Not every mentally imbalanced individual is a hate monger, but every hate monger is mentally imbalanced. There isn’t a lot of logic in the anti-Semite’s world. Just uncorroborated theories, wishful memes, and conspiracy stories. And, yet, the Western press is more than happy to hang their hats on these thoughts and opinions, because, y’know, it’s freedom of expression.

    I am sure I am not the only when who considers this world incapable of ever achieving the peace the world tends to blame the Jews for destroying. It’s just so silly that it’s sad.

    • There are so many anti-semites in the world, that we can divide them into endless categories – by nationality, by religion, by education, by their other politics, etc. There are anti-semites in countries with large Jewish populations and small populations, in countries that used to have Jews and even in countries that never had Jews. There are anti-semites who claim they love Jews but hate Israel, anti-semites who hate both, anti-semites who claim they love the Jews and want to convert them, anti-semites who admit they hate the Jews and want to exterminate them. The one thing that they all share, whether otherwise overtly mentally ill or not, is that they hate Jews.

      The most monstrous, and in some ways the most interesting, is an Israeli-born Jew who is not merely self-hating, but who hates all Jews and all Israelis. He believes this so strongly that he has become internationally known for his rabid anti-semitism. He is so confident in his beliefs that he has written a book shunned by more mainstream anti-semites and Israel bashers, but embraced by the more hard core and extreme Jew haters. I’m talking, of course, about musician Gilad Atzmon, a man who has literally extended the boundaries of what it means to be an anti-semite.

      What could drive a man to become so hateful of his own nation, his own people, probably his own family? I believe a Ph.D., or perhaps even a Nobel Prize, is waiting for the person who can figure out what the problem is within this man’s brain that is responsible for this. Faulty wiring? Hormone imbalance? Rogue neurotransmitters? Bad felafel?

      CIF Watch readers, your thoughts?

  3. We should never be afraid to question ideologies and lobbies that impose a threat to peace, our value systems, freedom of thought, humanity and humanism.

    Indeed we shouldn’t. So why is Islam so protected?

  4. “I am a European who respects all other peoples”

    … says KKK man David Dick.

    “Jews lead almost every destructive element in the Western world, from immigration to sexual degeneracy, to drugs and alcohol abuse, to White slavery and organized crime … They will not be happy until they see every last European either dead or dissolved in the rising brown sea … can use this violence to demonize and brainwash our people into believing that the genocide of the European people is a good and moral thing”

    The man is clearly deranged.

    • But just labelling him “deranged” absolves him of his hateful speech. If he had no prominence in the music field then perhaps he would be viewed as a “nut” who lives in cardboard shelters and howls to the wind. Unfortunately, his views are given traction.

      • “But just labelling him ‘deranged’ absolves him of his hateful speech.”


        Deranged people aren’t responsible for their actions—that’s why they receive hospital treatment, and why Jewish Law absolves them of all the 613 commandments. Atzmon isn’t deranged, he’s absolutely conscious and mindful of what he’s saying and doing. To dismiss those who hold explosive ideas as deranged people is to miss the point totally.

        • Indeed. And nobody here is “dismissing” either Atzmon or Duke!
          My post was hardly meant as a medical or legal diagnosis.

  5. Atzmon’s attitude is typical of the paranoid reaction of the hater. He is capable of all sorts of paranoid mischief so he projects that onto others.

    CiF Watch should be delighted. Anything that gets such a one going proves that CiF Watch is succeeding

  6. Why does he still persist in identifying himself as a Jew?

    Can we add masochism to the diagnosis of malignant paranoia?

    • In a recent pair of tweets, he first described himself as Jewish, and then, a few minutes later, changed it to ‘of Jewish origin’.

      Being an authentic real Jew from Jewville is important to his schtick, (he knows the TROOF about us!!) but it’s also something he wants to make it clear he despises and distances himself from. This leads to occasional flip-floppery.

  7. In an interview with Jeffrey St. Clair for “Counterpunch” magazine on July 17 2003 Mr. Atzmon is quoted as saying this;

    ‘Last year Atzmon became a British citizen, which he tells me is “not something to be proud of in the age of Blair.” ‘

    Where next Mr. Atzmon?
    I’m sure there is somewhere on this planet that would suit a ‘fruitcake’ like you.

  8. The very fact that Atzmon felt the need to reply underscores the fact that CiFW is having an impact. The Gilad Atzmons and Harriet Sherwoods of the world are feeling some heat. Kudos!

  9. Some of the people, like Gilad Atzmon, suffering from Jew flu:

    open quote: current mob of anti-Zionist Jewish Jew-haters we are all familiar with, schismatics like George Soros, Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Amos Elon, Naomi Klein, Richard Falk, the late Tony Judt and, most recently, Gilad Atzmon asserting in The Wandering Who? his “contempt for the Jew in me.” end quote

  10. “…a Jewish supremacist site…”

    There’s that word again, “supremacism.” I do not think it means what Atzmon, or any other of his fellow travelers on the Progressive Left, think it means.

    Let’s lay aside the issue of the post-1967 territories for this discussion and talk only about Israel within its 1949–67 borders. Anti-Zionists accuse Israel of “supremacism” even within those borders. “Supremacism,” they say, is proved by any talk of a demographic threat, initiatives to “Judaize the Galilee” (yes, imagine that! The Galilee!), as well as the very setting up of a Jewish State or State of the Jews in the first place. Owing to the justly negative connotations of the word “supremacism,” this tactic has been instrumental in causing otherwise committed Jewish nationalists (Zionists) to squirm.

    But it is no more honest a tactic than the use of the Race Card to deflect criticism of a certain president’s fiscal policies.

    Suppose someone called me a tyrant. How would that charge be merited? It would be merited if I decided, for all the families of an entire town, what they might do in their own homes. I would then justly be called a tyrant, for it is tyranny for an individual to tell people how they could lead their lives in their own spaces.

    But what if someone called me a tyrant for deciding things in my own home, within the confines of my own family? What if someone called me a robber baron for refusing to host, in the manner of that Doktor Zhivago scene, other people as permanent residents? If my accuser isn’t deemed by all to be an impudent meddler—possibly a would-be tyrant and robber baron himself—then society as a whole is in deep trouble.

    A nation is a family, its state is its home; to deny a nation the right to decide how things are going to be within the confines of its state is just like criticizing an individual’s right to manage his life within his family’s home. To label national self-determination as “supremacism” is exactly like labeling one’s freedom in his own home as “tyranny.” The great crime of multiculturalism, that offshoot of cultural Marxism, consists in slapping the noxious appellation of “supremacism” upon national freedom within the nation-state, thus conflating it with ideologies of injustice and greed.

    A tyrant would be the one who decides for all people in their own homes. A supremacist is one who thinks his group is entitled to the possessions currently held by all other groups. Nationalism that sticks to its own land and does not wish to appropriate the lands of other [real] nations cannot rightly be called supremacism. Nazism was supremacism because the Nazis believed the German nation was entitled to all the world, not just to areas where Germans were present (that was precisely Chamberlain’s mistake that led him to sign the Munich Agreement). Islam’s mainstream doctrine of the obligation to install shariah law upon all of humanity is supremacism.

    The Jewish State is built upon just and righteous nationalism, the right of a nation to self-determination on the one and only piece of land in the world that belongs to it (notwithstanding its being coveted by Arab/Islamic supremacists). The charge of supremacism against Israel is not only libelous, but also bends back to poke an accusing finger at the very ones who make it.

  11. Duvidl loves to hear a bit of swinging saxophone; so he has composed this song for Atzmon to play along to:

    Atzmon’s Jew-hate Band
    (to the tune of “Macnamara’s Band”. Hat tip: Bing Crosby)

    His name is Gilad Atzmon; he’s the leader of a band
    Of rabid anti-semites now infesting Eng-ger-land.
    A great Jew-hate supremacist, he often likes to play
    Upon a tenor saxophone stuck up his tush each day.

    Chorus: Nya nya nya nya, nya nya nya nya na,
    Nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya nya.
    Nya nya nya nya, nya nya nya nya na.
    Nay nya nya nya nya nya nya nya;
    It’s Atzmon’s Jew-hate band.

    There’s loony Gerry Kaufman, the supreme Jew-hating Jew.
    While Benjy White, who writes quite trite Jew-hatred’s at it too.
    There’s crazy Khaled Diab banging on; he’s truly cracked
    His skull and that of Debsie Orr; time out while they’re all sacked.


    (Muted honks-and-squeaks sax solo)

    DS Al Coda

  12. Jewish supremacist site, Mr Atzmon? I’m Christian and I’m certainly not an advocate of Jewish supremacism. But I am astute enough to know an enemy when I see one; and you, Mr Atzmon are an enemy. Of Jews and of Christians. If I were you I’d seriously consider converting to Christianity before you are despatched to the pits of hell, because until you acknowledge Jesus Christ as your saviour (that great Jew) you will most certainly be going to the very opposite of where you stupidly believe you are heading. Your 72 virgins will be the pigs and monkeys that you vilely portray us, the socalled unbelievers to be. You are so wrong, it’s impossible to have a sane discussion with you. And your acolytes are beyond contempt.

  13. You can be sure that the despicable Atzmon will be reading this column and the comments with shaking hands, looking for signs of supremacy and conspiracy. I wish him uneasy nights and the constant knowledge that he’s lower than a worm. Imagine being him, considered at least a traitor by almost everyone you grew up with & served in the army with, hated & despised

  14. Oh good. You’ve rattled Atzmon’s cage.

    Even the Guardian won’t quote him any more! He must be getting really desperate. Still, lots of fun for the rest of us watching him drown in the stinking cesspit he’s made for himself.

  15. I don’t think that there exist a word or sentence that could actually describe this piece of garbage called Gilad Atzmon.He craves attention and will do anything to get it.

    It’s just as hard to ignore this low life as it is to ignore Ben White,both of the same mold…….

  16. He discovered that CiFWatch was a Jewish supremacist website,this stupid dick head just gave himself away.

    That statement was made by someone who sees shadows everywhere.

    Poor dumb bastard.

  17. I sometimes wonder whether CIF Watch people are aware that being quoted on their website is considered a badge of honor by foreign correspondents and politicians? Some have even held champagne cocktails to celebrate at King David hotel’s bar.

    • Doubtful but what keeps them in shekels is lying in furtherance of jihad and the extinction of the country that allows them their diseased verson of freedom.