CiF Watch Gossip of the Day: Harriet Sherwood “Head Spinning” Edition

Via a highly reliable source, there was a truly quality moment at the 2012 Herzliya Conference todayat the Interdisciplinary Center (IDC) – as the Guardian’s Harriet Sherwood evidently unwittingly sat next to Simon Plosker of HonestReporting in the IDC cafeteria 

If you recall, the Guardian was the winner (in a landslide!) of HonestReporting’s 2011 Dishonest Reporter Award – an award attributed to, among other factors: Sherwood’s bizarre and unprofessional diatribe directed towards the Jewish Chronicle’s Stephen Pollard in response to a JC essay she disagreed with, her false claim that the Knesset was built on the ancestral farmland of the abandoned Palestinian village, as well as the journalist’s activist’s fishing expedition on board a Palestinian vessel (more than 3 nautical miles) off the coast of Gaza.

While I’m not sure if Sherwood knew she was seated next to one of her many Zionist nemeses while at the IDC, my guess is that this photo, from a couple of years ago, would accurately represent her possible reaction if so informed.

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  1. Sorry to go O/T Adam but I couldn’t help but notice the choice of head gear for these rioters in…Buenos Aires.

    The lady in the above picture what looks like sucking on an egg, would have flt right at home there.

    (The link is from an article in Mailonline, hope they and you don’t mind)

    • From that Mailonline piece:

      The organisation’s full name is the Quebracho Revolutionary Patriotic Movement.

      It defines itself as a revolutionary anti-imperialist movement.

      Its aggressive and confrontational tactics have brought it into conflict with other left-wing organizations.

      It has led violent demonstrations against Israel and in support of Iranian dictator Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and militant group Hezbollah

      They are all Hezbollah!

      … that probably goes for Sherwood too.

    • Harriet Sherwood has the reputation of being one of the most brilliant Jerusalem-based foreign correspondents, one who holds great influence over diplomatic and political circles and who writes for Britain’s most prestigious daily newspaper. Whatever she writes is read on the same day by all British and European officials. It is not difficult to understand why Adam Levick spends his time criticizing Ms Sherwood: he’s jealous to see a woman make a brilliant career while he’s reduced to write for CIF Watch.

      • “Whatever she writes is read on the same day by all British and European officials.”

        Churchill that is not only a sweeping statement it is ridiculous.
        ALL British and European officials read what she writes on the same day?
        In total how many people would that be?
        When did YOU ask ALL of them?

        Do you want to retract that statement or carry on looking ridiculous?

    • Stephen Pollard dishonoured himself when he wrote that he rejoiced at the death of an Italian civilian, peace militant Vittorio Arrigoni. He had the right not to share this militant’s view of the world, but he had no right to rejoice at his death. Ms Sherwood is only one of many journalists who wrote about his disgusting behavior, which cost him a lot: he’s not invited anywhere anymore because he’s tainted himself as someone who praises violent murder. This man has lost everything.

  2. Why why why do they always look like that . Or like Miriam gargoyles – sorry Margolies ( google if nec) .

  3. Now that she knows who sat next to her I wonder if she’ll be taking an extra-long bath so as to wash the “Jew cooties” away.

    • That journalist is used to sitting next to world leaders, I doubt she noticed someone as insignificant as a writer for miniature website Honest Reporting.

  4. Off topic

    Pure asaJew from today’s Guardian review section. It doesn’t get any better than this.

    Open quote: “It would make an excellent show,” salivates Charlus, “the sort of thing we like, eh, my young friend … to thrash that non-European bitch would be giving a well-earned punishment to that old cow.”

    Rose quotes this passage in her new book, Proust Among the Nations: From Dreyfus to the Middle East, as an example of “the logic of projection”. It’s the European baron, not hated, exoticised, Jewish (m)other, who, Rose writes, “truly deserves, longs for, a thrashing”. endquote

  5. Harriet is so

    Nb. For non-UK residents the allusion is to the tv/radio ads for