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Is ‘Federation of Student Islamic Societies’ (FOSIS) Training the Violent Extremists of Tomorrow?

This is cross posted by Hasan Afzal at Huffington Post

University Islamic Societies have been described as conveyor belts‘ for extremism and terrorism. There may be some truth in this. After all, Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, better known to you and I as the underwear bomber, who tried to make a martyr of himself by attempting to detonate a bomb in an airplane en route to the US was the president of UCL Islamic Society. Amazingly, Malcolm Grant, the vice-chancellor of the University, tried to later claim that campus extremism is ‘made up‘.

The ‘conveyor belt’ theory follows the line that young Muslims enrol into university as liberal-minded, impressionable students only to be indoctrinated by extremist Islam and turned into insular, backward-thinking, extremely conservative Muslims. In turn, the mindset of these students can then be used by terrorist recruiters to mould them into potential bombers. The rationale is convincing as this is precisely what is thought to have happened to Abdulmutallab.

All too often we see the end product of the conveyor belt. We see the Abdulmutallabs and extremists of this world when it’s too late. Ever seen what goes on in the middle? Have you ever wanted to know how well intentioned young Muslims turn into their community’s worst nightmare? I can give you a sneak peak.

The Federation of Student Islamic Societies (FOSIS), the umbrella organisation that represents most Islamic Societies, likes to make-believe that it has no part to play in turning young Muslims into extremists.

If that is the case, why is FOSIS hosting an event with a vicious hate preacher to an audience described as “exclusively for the leaders of London Islamic Societies”?

A concerned Muslim student provided us with a link (in case it is shut, have a look at this screenshot) inviting that person to a religious gathering. The concerned student had reason to be worried for Haitham al-Haddad would be speaking at that event.

Haitham al-Haddad is an extremist. Let’s have a look at what this man believes in:

The Arab-Israeli conflict is one of our generation’s biggest challenges. To solve the conflict, it will take time, nuance and a lot of patience. But, that’s not how al-Haddad it. Like other extremists, he takes the far-right view that the conflict is one against Muslims and Jews (ignoring the fact that Israel’s population is one-fifth Arab).

In a video on YouTube, al-Haddad’s advice to Muslims is to “be ready to pay the price for this victory from our blood”.  You read that correctly. Whilst NGOs and governments across the world try to bring both sides together in peace, Mr al-Haddad has told Muslims to be ready to die. Indeed, al-Haddad’s opinion on the Gaza conflict is to tell Muslims, “to prepare themselves for jihad, all over the world.”


Furthermore, Haitham al-Haddad runs such a Sharia court. Sharia law brings untold, and often unheard, misery to moderate Muslims in the United Kingdom (just have a look at the brilliant work of One Law for All). There are many stories of women being denied justice because they are forced by their families or communities to go through the unfair and unjust sharia court system in the UK.

Al-Haddad’s tribunal has issued a number of judgements (otherwise known as fatwas). In a question asked to him on why sharia law considers two women the equivalent of one man, he answers with the following, “The text (Surah Al-Baqara 2:282) which requires two female witnesses in place of one male witness, gives a clear reason for it i.e. “if one of them forgets, the other reminds her.” Is this derogatory to the status of the women or is it a revealed secret about the nature of the women?”. The misogyny and extremism is laid bare.

In another judgement, al-Haddad was asked if stoning and hand lopping should be discontinued as a barbaric practice. al-Haddad’s answer was, “As a Muslim we should know that our religion is perfect without any imperfection as Allah says, ‘this day, I have perfected your religion for you, and have chosen for you Islam as your religion’. Therefore, belittling them or calling them as out-of-date constitutes disbelief as Allah says.”

A final example of the sick mind of Haitham al-Haddad comes in a fatwa asked of him what to do if a woman refuses to sleep with her husband due to a history of childhood sexual abuse. His answer is that should that woman refuse to sleep with her husband, “angels will curse” her.

So, the Federation of Student Islamic Societies London is inviting someone whose views would render him a sociopath in a decent-thinking person’s judgement. This is what young Muslims in Islamic Societies across the country are taught, they are taught to hate the very society that has brought them up. Just don’t be surprised when the next Abdulmutallab decides come off the conveyor belt and into the news headlines.

I challenge Nabil Ahmed, the president of FOSIS, and FOSIS London to explain why they are inviting such a nightmarish individual to their ‘religious gathering’?

What good can this man do to the minds of young Muslims?

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  1. There are laws in the UK prohibiting people from inciting violence as well as racial and religious hatred. If this “person” expresses such views in public he should be reported to the police immediately. Some form of evidence to the fact would be useful for the police.

  2. There are laws in the UK prohibiting people from inciting violence as well as racial and religious hatred.

    No there isn’t.

    What there is, only applies to non-muslims. If such a law ever applied to all, in just and fair manner, they’d have to close nearly all islamic religious institutions down.

    No disrespect to the author – Hasan Afzal, from whose name I presume is a muslim. He’s done a fine and brave job here.

    Kudos to him.

  3. I accept that UK government’s (and law authorities) have applied a differential test when applying this law. However, if no one complains about something then the police cannot really do anything about it. It needs someone in there with a recording device. As soon as he advocates killing – Bingo – you’ve got him.

  4. Mario Dunn, unfortunately you seem to be unaware of our British legal system.

    A TV channel did just like you said. They recorded the hate preachers in “British mosques” (*cringe*) spouting their venom on gays, women, Hindus, Jews etc. And guess what? The police went and arrested the documentary makers for inciting… wait for it…violence!

    In short, there is little justice or no justice for non-Muslims in Britain today. Apparently you can also attack visiting Israelis to our country and claim you did it for the Palestinians – and you can walk free.

    • Rupa, the West Midlands police were threatened with a lawsuit for libel by the makers of Undercover Mosque and settled out of court in 2008 but not before the force issued a formal apology in the High Court and settled out of court in the sum of £100,000. The police spent around £14,000 on the investigation, which was initially looking at whether three of the individuals shown in the programme could be prosecuted for inciting terrorism or racial hatred, but they then announced offences may have been committed by Channel 4, specifically in stirring up racial hatred.

      Charges were not brought against the offending and offensive hate-mongering preachers, however.

      In a subsequent documentary the same Undercover Mosque team revisited the issue. A female reporter attended prayer meetings at an important British mosque which claims to be dedicated to moderation and “dialogue with other faiths”. According to Channel 4, “she secretly filmed sermons given to the women-only congregation in which female preachers recite extremist and intolerant beliefs”.

      In one scene, as hundreds of women and some children came to pray, a preacher called for adulterers, homosexuals, women who act like men and Muslim converts to other faiths to be killed, saying: “Kill him, kill him. You have to kill him, you understand. This is Islam.”

      Channel 4 also said that in the same mosque, “the reporter visited the bookshop and discovers books and DVDs still on sale, promoting extremist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic and intolerant messages”.

      The undercover reporter also “filmed inside a key Saudi-funded Muslim organisation, which claims to promote tolerance and integration yet distributes literature which promotes intolerance towards non-Muslims, an extreme version of sharia law and teachings which support discrimination against women”.

      You are correct that there is little or no justice for non-Muslims in the UK today in the face of sharia-based lunacy and supremacism, but as Channel 4 showed such justice may be achieved simply by standing up to the bullies in court, within the law. That however is costly indeed so perhaps we need a dedicated legal service to do so, just as those Muslims who want to spread sharia are quick to resort to our democratic laws to try to get their way.

      Mario, I know from my own experience that you are correct, but only to a point, that until we who are concerned about such behaviour complain formally to the police then nothing will be done. However, every police force in the UK is paralysed by its crazy “received wisdom” about political correctness they are often rendered frozen and immobile in the face of such complaints. How else can one explain the absolutely disgrace and craziness that is Tower Hamlets in London? One has to be very careful indeed about the way in which one makes complaints against Muslim behaviour.

      I was amazed that the media actually described the latest terrorists in terms of their belief system. Perhaps they are waking up.

      Well done CiF Watch for not shying away from reporting this.

      • “a key Saudi-funded Muslim organisation, which claims to promote tolerance and integration yet distributes literature which promotes intolerance towards non-Muslims, an extreme version of sharia law and teachings which support discrimination against women”

        Demonstrating once again that islamofascists say one thing in English for public consumption of Infidels, and something quite the oppose in Arabic for their true believers.

  5. A case study about the antics of one Islamic society:

    Were there an award for dealing firmly and fairly with nasty Islamic Student Societies at universities I would give it to City University in London, albeit that it took its time.

    It bent over backwards to accommodate the needs of its Muslim students for ablution facilities and a prayer room, but could do so only in a building which, (being off-campus although it was within walking distance of the campus), could not be regularly patrolled by City’s security staff.

    But the society demanded room on campus, where space was at a premium, after a fight had broken out between some of its members and a gang of youths which resulted in a stabbing. It was offered space in the multifaith prayer room in the main building but resolutely refused to share prayer space with kufar, (frankly crazy when one considers that a Muslim can pray anywhere except in a lavatory, and need not even be in the company of other Muslims).

    The university could offer nothing else except an undertaking that there would be a prayer room when space became available. Now, to most reasonable people this would be acceptable, but not to the City University Islamic Society. Instead they took over the square outside the main building for a month in protest that the university would not give them back their old premises, ie the ones in which they felt at risk of attack!!

    The Islamic society also warned City University staff, including the editor of City’s newspaper to “submit to Allah” or face “severe and painful punishment” in the “next life”.

    Abu Osama, one of the clerics who featured on “Undercover Mosque” was also invited to preach there by the Islamic society, which further strained relations between it and the university. The final straw was its proposal to show a video of Anwar Al-Awlaki preaching, which caused outrage among Muslim and non-Muslim students alike, and a proposal that its Eidh festivities be segrated by gender, which is in breach of the university statutes. The society was therefore closed down for a period and told that any segregrated meetings in future could not be held on university premises.

    How do I know this?

    I lectured at City throughout and for two years after that. The praying Muslims caused no trouble as such, but their presence was obstructive and menacing given the Islamic Society’s message to staff like me.

  6. It was a surprise last November to witness Nick Clegg taking a swipe at FOSIS – an unexpected manifestation of all-too-rare sanity by a Lib Dem:

    And the FOSIS response here:

    open quote Nabil Ahmed, President of FOSIS, said today, “It is with great disappointment that the coalition government has chosen to ignore the example of universities, a number of civic society organisations and the National Union of Students, who we continue to work with, and rather seek to attack the national democratic body of Muslim students on tenuous claims.

    He emphasised, “This government’s unhealthily-aggressive treatment towards students and minorities like our own – and its utilisation of conjecture – is becoming rather worrisome.”

    He concluded, “We are not distracted from what really matters. Our work, day-by-day, to enrich the campus experience of Muslim students, heighten their aspirations and enhance contribution to British civic society only continues to prosper.” endquote

    British civic society will not prosper as long as extremist organisations such as FOSIS are allowed to flourish.

    • I really do not understand why Muslims like these should claim the right to insult, threaten and otherwise cause discomfort to people like me and yet feel affronted when we want them to have to answer for it!

      Or perhaps I do, if I really think about it. If you think you are the only ones who are right and everyone else is beneath contempt then it must be easy.

      Look closer at Nabil Ahmed’s whining self-pity and no sign that he has any awareness that the way Islam conducts itself on campus may be highly offensive, even threatening to others who merely want to go about their lives and do not present any threat to anyone.

      The likes of Nabil Ahmed are quick to deflect blame onto others for their non-acceptance of the extremes of Islam (the nerve of it, inviting lunatics who accept that murder for apostasy and homosexual is the norm).

      And as for the “We are not distracted by what really matters….” But of course this worm doesn’t mean what he wants us to think he means, does he? And if enriching the campus experience for Muslims means messing with their heads in order to spread da’wah and “heightening their aspirations” means cranking them up to rubber stamp murder and threaten basic human rights then he really has a ruddy cheek. What matters to him and his ilk is the supremacy of Islam, on campus and elsewhere, and far too many university chancellors and others are easily fooled and want nothing but a quiet life.

      They should insist that Islam on campus show respect to other faiths before they get any concessions, but that would be rather too much like hard work for them.

      Hasan has made a start and good luck to him, but as for:

      “I challenge Nabil Ahmed, the president of FOSIS, and FOSIS London to explain why they are inviting such a nightmarish individual to their ‘religious gathering’?”

      Does he really think that such a challenge will be enough to halt FOSIS in its tracks or that, if FOSIS bothers to answer it will do so honestly or try as usual to deflect blame? My money is on the latter, and what will Hasan do then?

      I worry for the UK and that, in spite of decent, brave people like Hasan, most citizens lack the backbone to front up to Islamic excesses and where they do they are accused of racism. They are led in that by successive UK governments who have effectively made it impossible for people to speak out about it.