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  1. Is this tree in occupied land or been planted by the JNF? Just checking as you seem to have a habit of putting up images of stolen property.

    • Golly, Mostly: it must be exhausting being you.

      Actually, this is a wild almond tree. It planted itself and it doesn’t care a jot about borders or les miserables who can’t just appreciate its beauty without injecting snide political remarks into totally non-related issues.

      Happy holiday!

    • So things are with the anti-Zionists:

      Whereas, in the natural and humane order of things, a society that celebrates the planting of trees (as Jewish society does) is self-evidently to be praised over a society that celebrates acts of suicide-murder (as most Muslim societies do, and certainly the Jewish State’s Arab colonist enemies)—

      In the anti-Zionist view, planting trees is to be condemned, because it’s probably done on “stolen land” (so goes the revisionism that posits the Jews to be stealing parts of their one and only piece of land in the world), while raising kids to aspire to become suicide-murderers is, if not praised, then at least given excuses, rationalizations and lightening circumstances (“Because they don’t have tanks for their resistance”).

      There you have it, laid bare by Mostly Hamas and his ilk: The inherent Jew-hatred—whether so is intended or not—in anti-Zionism, and the Orwellian moral inversion, nay, perversion, that ignores everything good that Israel has achieved (making a desolate land bloom, inventing life-saving medicines, and so much more) because of a warped view of Israel’s “original sin,” and on the other hand, ignores everything bad in Israel’s enemies, because it’s “resistance,” they’re the “weak, oppressed party,” yada yada.

      People wonder why my hatred of anti-Zionism and its proponents knows no bounds. Here’s a clear illustration as to why.


      This creature exists to hate. In that, he’s just like the ones he champions, the greenhouse-destroying enemies of the Jewish State. Where I hate, it’s based on a cause and it’ll cease when the cause ceases; but Israel’s enemies hate existentially, for the “crime” of Jews daring to inhabit and exercise political sovereignty on their one and only homeland, a hatred that is not dependent on what the Jewish State does, but on its continued being.