Fascinating Twitter exchange between Guardian’s Seumas Milne & Hamas member Azzam Tamimi

Yesterday, we posted about Seumas Milne’s latest essay (Intervention in Syria will escalate, not stop the killing, Feb. 8), which warned against any international efforts to put a stop to the massacre of civilians by Bashar al-Assad.  

Milne argued that the West is really only interested in weakening Syria in order to strengthen the U.S.-Israeli hand in a future confrontation with Syria’s ally, Iran.  In short, for Milne, any Western interference to prevent further bloodshed in Syria (where, just last night, another 100 Syrian civilians were reportedly killed in Homs by government forces) would represent yet another example of U.S.-Israeli-Western imperialistic interference in the region.

Milne posted his Guardian essay on Twitter, here. 


Shortly after Milne’s Tweet, there was reply by Azzam Tamimi.  Tamimi is an unashamed supporter of Hamas and a vociferous supporter of terrorism who, during an interview, said he would, if given the chance, go to Israel and become a suicide bomber. (He also is a contributor to Comment is Free.)

As you read the exchange, see you think comes out as the more ideologically extreme of the two.








Later, adding to his previous exchange, Tamimi, responds to another Twitterer asking him if he explicitly supports foreign intervention, but broadly addresses Milne’s arguments.

So, Azzam Tamimi, member of a group which seeks the annihilation of Israel and openly condones the murder of innocent Jewish civilians, emphatically disagrees with Milne’s opposition to any foreign interference on behalf of the rebels (whatever the benefits to the Syrian people).

That is, the rigid anti-Western ideology of the Guardian Associate Editor is more extreme, and more zealous, than even a member of Hamas.

I’ve noted several times that Milne used to work for the pro-Stalinist paper, Straight Left, and highlighted his 2001 defense of Soviet Communism, not to smear the “journalist” with gossip about past political transgressions but, rather, because, in reading Milne today, its clear that he’s hardly deviated at all from the Soviet-inspired anti-Imperialist propaganda he so eagerly parroted earlier in his career.

That Milne assumes such a prominent and influential position at the Guardian seems to at least partially explain why the paper continually publishes commentary by religious extremists, apologists for terror, and those ideologically opposed to the Jewish states’s very existence. 

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  1. I have no truck with Tamimi, but his house-on-fire analogy was a great response.

    Milne, as ever, is comfy preaching from his armchair – completely detached from reality.

  2. A very illuminating exchange.

    Milne’s views on Syria mirror many in the west that hate Israel and the US. I regularly read such views in other forums that only relate tangentially to the many problems in the Islamic and Arab world. They will accept any nonsense broadcast by the Assad regime and question anything that comes from the opposition as being tainted by sponsorship or some kind of involvement of any state or group such as Turkey, the Gulf States, NATO and of course Israel.

  3. Mr. Milne comes out of this exchange as being more pious than the 12th Imam. If you can out-Hamas a Hamas member in viewing everything through anti-Zionist and post-colonial glasses, that’s saying something.

  4. I don’t care how many pictures of the Carina Nebula the Guardian prints (see today’s centrefold) – it is still a bigoted, racist and extremism-supporting newspaper.

    And if I were the Carina Nebula, I would be ashamed to appear in the Guardian.

  5. Interesting. In the above exchange, Shameless repeatedly mentions Israel, Tamimi not once (unless the Hamas man considers it even beneath twittering the name of the Jewish state that he so despises).

    Hamas and islamists hate Marxists and Communists, but these Western totalitarians still cling on to islam(ists) as their last hope of destroying the West. They’ve no shame.

  6. You know you’re in a very bad place when Tamimi gives you a lecture on the case for western intervention.

    • Worse than that, he is really lecturing Milne on simple humanity, which at least Tamimi can apparently feel for those he considers his own and not his enemy. Milne is the essential expression of that blend of idealogue and Marxist-Leninist opportunist, for whom other human beings are an abstraction.

  7. The article is also very supportive of the Russian stance which makes the Stalinist bit more interesting. I wonder if SM is confusing Putin with Stalin? He obviously hasn’t changed his ideas since Stalin died in 1953.

  8. Jenni Russel is a Guardian contributor, (and one time editor of BBC radio4 World Tonight.) but this anti American, anti Israel review appeared in Sunday Times Culture last week:

    Russel reviews William Shawcross’ book Nuremberg, 9/11 and the Trial of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, where he argues that the West’s tactics in the war on terror are justified, and that sometimes military courts deliver more effective justice than civilian courts.
    She writes that Shawcross’ thesis is fatally undermined by inter alia “his willingness to ascribe the best of all possible motives to the American side in this conflict and by inconvenient facts that are either not mentioned or dismissed.”
    “He talks for instance, of militant Islamism starting to “concentrate hatred” on the newly created Jewish state after 1948. He never refers to the fact that Israel came into being by displacing Arabs and that this might have had something to do with fuelling fury.”

    • He never refers to the fact that Israel came into being by displacing Arabs and that this might have had something to do with fuelling fury.”

      Well. She is growing up. At least she is using ‘displacing Arabs’ rather than the usual parroted mantra of ‘stealing Arab lands’

      One wonders how she looks upon immigrant Muslims ‘displacing’ indigenous UK residents in certain areas of the UK.