Harriet Sherwood again takes up the cause of innocent Palestinian “baker”, Khader Adnan

Harriet Sherwood’s first heart-wrenching tale of the trials of a terrorist “Palestinian hunger striker” named Khader Adnan (Israel shackles Palestinian hunger striker), Feb. 12, held in administrative detention by Israel – who has become a martyr in the eyes of terror sympathizers everywhere – barely mentioned his ties to Islamic Jihad, and included no mention of the group’s deadly attacks which have claimed dozens of innocent Israeli lives.

Image from "Free Khader Adnan" Facebook Page

Further, Sherwood provided no legal context about the “administrative detention” being used by Israel to imprison Adnan since mid-December – a judicial method, I noted, similarly employed by other democratic and rights-respecting states around the world, including the the UK and the U.S.  For example, the recently released al-Qaeda terror suspect, Abu Qatada, was held in administrative detention in the UK for over six years.

But, more broadly, the curious subtext of Sherwood’s piece, as with similar criticisms of Israel over Adnan’s hunger strike, seems to suggest that a terror suspect in custody should be released simply because he engages in a hunger strike to highlight his imprisonment to the Western media.

However, Sherwood’s latest piece on Adnan, Palestinian hunger striker Khader Adnan near death in Israeli detention, Feb. 16, was even more sympathetic to the PIJ operative, included passages about the toll Adnan’s hunger strike is taking on his family, and even characterized the Palestinian terrorist as an innocuous “baker from a village near Jenin”. [emphasis added]

Alternately, Sherwood’s 837 word tale of Israeli cruelty included one sentence (15 words) on Adnan’s ties to one of the most violent and hard-line terror groups in the Palestinian territories.

However, Adnan’s major role in the Islamist terror group is well-documented.

  • In a June 8, 2005 Boston Globe article Adnan was identified as a PIJ spokesperson, and was quoted admonishing the Palestinian Authority for cooperating with Israeli officials to apprehend suspects in the wake of a Tel Aviv suicide bombing: “We have strong suspicions that the security coordination’ between Israeli and Palestinian authorities that has resumed in recent weeks ‘is responsible for this”, Adnan said. He further said there had been no response to Islamic Jihad demands that the PA say publicly that it was not involved in helping Israel identify jihadis who were planning fresh attacks.”
  • Al Arabiya identified Adnan as a “main leader” of PIJ.

The multi-talented “baker” named Khader Adan is evidently impressively skilled in both the culinary arts and the more sublime craft of providing rhetorical support for a “resistance” movement’s efforts to murder innocent Jewish civilians.

Harriet Sherwood’s cause celeb, Khader Adnan, is not only a “Hunger striker”, but a true renaissance man.  

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  1. He is a terrorist and he started hi hunger strike, that’s his problem, If he dies no great loss, maybe only to Harriet and The Arabs who hate Israel and everybody ells even they own,the biggest mistake is to give in to that, than it will be mass hunger strike by murdering terrorists,Hanie should go on hunger strike in solidarity with him, he could louse few kg that he gain leaving on money given to Palestinians from UE and USA..

    • It does not matter to M. Levick that dozens of other foreign media have reported on this hunger strike. He seems interested only in criticizing British women journalists. A sad case of jealousy.

      • Come now. Don’t be silly. He criticizes male journalists too.

        And ‘dearest Harriet’ is a hatemonger more than a journalist.

      • Churchill, Yigal, Hannah – those monikers advancing the misogyny narrative of late. Supremely uninteresting argument. As far as “other foreign media” reporting on the hunger strike: Umm, you do know that we monitor the Guardian, right?

      • “It does not matter to M. Levick that dozens of other foreign media…”

        It probably does matter to him, but this site is called CiFWatch, not AllForeignMediaHostileToIsraelWatch.

  2. Goering was of a similar ilk, losing a lot of weight in custody at Nuremberg, and as indignant as Sherwood, that anyone would be so audacious as to make him answer for doing his heroic duties in the persecution and murder of Jews. The progressive Guardian might have even felt it necessary to deploy the vacuous fashion expert turned Jew-baiter Phoebe Greenwood, to comment on the aesthetic virtues of former-fat nasty Nazi bastard waxing lyrical about his legal rights in his slimmed-down 30 inch prison strides.

    • It seems to have become the specialty of M. Levick’s website: attacking women journalists. Groovy, are you jealous of Greenwood because she has a great career and is read by millions of people, while you’re reduced to post on CIF Yes, I thought so.

      • it seems to have become a specialty of Churchill (the stupid commenter, not the great British leader) to comment on CiFwatch using only ad hominem attacks on Adam Levick.

        It seems to be a specialty of stupid commenter Churchill to complain again and again, several times on the same thread, repeatedly over each day. If Churchill is not happy, Chuchill should go and read a website he enjoys, like Stormfront or Mondoweiss.

        It seems to be a specialty of stupid commenter Churchill to complain that Adam comments only about the Guardian when this website is specifically called CiFWatch – yes – it watches CiF, published in… drumrolll… the Guardian! Duh.

        It seems to be a specialty of stupid commenter to complain that Adam Levick only comments about female journalists. Hmm, someone ought to tell Ali Abunimah, Ben White, Seamus Milne, Khaled Diab, Gilad Atzmon and the others to visit their gynecologist stat.

        • Indeed, M. Levick focuses most of his criticism on female journalists working at the Guardian. Could it be that M. Levick’s application for a job at the Guardian was turned off? This would explain his bitterness in front of the successful women working for this major newspaper.

          • One wonders if “Churchill” and “Hannah” who made pretty much identical ad hominem attacks on Adam Levick yesterday may be one and the same person?

            Clearly, he/she has nothing substantive to say about the analysis of the persistently anti-Israel and (on occasion) anti-semitic bile being pumped out in the Guardian and CiF on a daily basis, so he/she resorts to spurious accusations of mysoginy.

            Yawn… just another troll. I suggest we give him/her the level of attention he/she deserves. None at all.

            • He/she also ignored the final part of my comment, which is that Adam has written about Guardian writers of both sexes. As you say, he/she/it is a troll, or possibly even a bot, just repeating the same sentence over and over.

          • “Indeed, M. Levick focuses most of his criticism on female journalists working at the Guardian.”

            No, it’s about fat people. Get your false accusations right, troll.

            • Aha! But it´s only female fatsos! So, he´s twice guilty. 🙂

              PS: by fat I mean obese, er, I mean, gravitationally-challenged.

      • Churchill,

        Greenwood writing in the Guardian is read by at most 200,000 fellow travellers, as for her career her most notable achievement seems to be your unrequited love for her.

      • Er, yeah, now you come to mention it. I’ve always been jealous of peddlers of anti-semitic / anti-Z|ionist discourse Always wanted to be just like Martin Luther, the Tsarist secret police and their best seller the Protocols, and a myriad of false heroes who always find a sympathetic ear with Europe’s legion of sanctimonious bigots – you of course lap it up like a pig in a sewer. Being fed shit is part of your culture.