Propaganda by wife of Islamic Jihad terrorist, Khadr Adnan: Courtesy of the Guardian

Islamic Jihad terrorist Khadr Adnan, imploring Palestinians to launch suicide attacks

Articles penned by high-ranking members of terrorist organisations proscribed by the British government – and also by UK-based supporters of those organisations – are, as we all too well know, nothing new to Comment is Free.  Now we have the WAGs version of puff pieces whitewashing terror groups and their actions in the form of an article written by Randa Musa. (My husband, Khadar Adnan has shed a light on Israel’s disregard for human rights, Feb. 22).

Mrs Khadr Adnan, as she is also known, seeks to inform readers about her husband’s supposed exposure of “Israel’s disregard for human rights”. With considerable drama she tells us that as a result of Adnan’s arrest last December she “would not be surprised if even our unborn baby which I now bear will also be affected”.

Randa Musa’s concern for human rights apparently does not extend to the trauma her husband’s terror group, the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, has caused to the thousands of family members of those murdered or maimed in its car bombings, suicide bombings and other terror attacks.

In fact, she tries to pass Khadr Adnan off as a “student activist” which, to British readers probably conjures images of someone whose activities stretch to handing out flyers or drawing placards.

The truth is of course very different.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad’s own website describes Adnan as a “leader” of the organisation on more than one occasion. Reuters described him as a “senior figure in the Islamic Jihad” in 2010 and AP as “a top Islamic Jihad leader” in 2005. The Gulf Daily News has him down as “West Bank spokesman of the militant Islamic Jihad group” whilst Middle East Online and IMEMC both describe him as an “Islamic Jihad spokesperson”.

And if there were any further doubts about Adnan’s terrorist ideologies and affiliations, they are quickly dispelled in this video from 2007 in which he solicits suicide bombers.

Apparently banking on her readers’ lack of geographic knowledge, Musa tells us that “life under Israel’s military occupation has turned our dream into a nightmare”. However, their village – Arraba – has in fact been under Palestinian Authority control since the Oslo Accords in the earlier part of the 1990s.

Randa Musa makes the ridiculous claim that Administrative Detention is “part of an immoral policy used to keep Palestinians in a state of perpetual poverty and under-development”. In fact it is a means used by many democratic human rights-respecting countries around the world including the United States and the United Kingdom.

Despite having a degree in Islamic Law, Musa displays her ignorance of other forms of law when she states that:

“When a military commander issues an order for administrative detention, no evidence is produced. No charges are brought against the victims, and the occupation has no obligation to give reasons for the detention. This is by no means a legal mechanism. It is simply an arbitrary draconian measure used to inflict psychological and physical harm on its victims. When they are fortunate enough to be brought before a judge, he can detain them for periods of six months that can be extended indefinitely. “

In fact, the laws of Administrative Detention require that the detainee be brought before a judge within a short period of time. Detentions must be based upon evidence and all detainees – including members of terrorist organisations – have Habeas Corpus rights before the High Court of Justice.  

Musa states that “the occupation has decided under pressure to free my husband in April” (emphasis added) whereas in fact Adnan’s detention was due to come to an end on April 17th in any case.

This self-described “devoted wife” is of course no less a propagandist for Islamist terror than her husband. Her concern for human rights, “freedom and dignity” is not universal and certainly does not apply to the ultimate right – the right to life – which her husband and his fellow PIJ members seek to deny Israelis.

She is also apparently prepared even to use her own children in furthering the Islamist cause. The picture illustrating Musa’s article is captioned as showing her daughter holding “a picture of her father, Khader Adnan, who is on hunger strike”. 

The caption omits the fact that the child is also holding the flag of Islamic Jihad – a movement well-known for its indoctrination of children with hatred and glorification of terrorism. 

Palestinian Islamic Jihad scouting boys wear uniforms and painted faces during a protest demanding the release of Palestinian prisoners being held in Israeli jails, at the Palestinian Legislative council in Gaza city, Monday, Aug. 16, 2004. (

A Palestinian woman supporting Islamic Jihad attended a Gaza Strip rally Friday marking the 13th anniversary of the death of the group’s leader, Fathi Shekaki (

In indulging its now infamous addiction to terrorist chic, the Guardian long since ditched its liberal credentials to such an extent that it is not ashamed to publish unchallenged fact-free articles by terrorists and their collaborators.

One would, however, have hoped that a terrorist organisation’s exploitation of a child for propaganda purposes would have been a step too far even for the Guardian. Apparently not. 

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  1. Two things struck me about the article:
    (and this is what I would have posted had the thread not been closed so swiftly)

    a) No mention of what her husband is actually accused of.
    b) Her reference to “Four months ago he was unknown outside our homeland, Palestine” but then “He is well known to both the Israeli occupation authorities and the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah.”

    Perhaps she meant “unknown” in the sense of the wider public. Alternatively she might mean that Palestine includes Israel.

    • Amazing article. The sheer irony and chutzpah of the wife of a man who calls for others to become suicide bombers complaining about human rights in Israel because her husband was justifiably detained – and in a weak-kneed moment will be released – is some kind of record.

      Any comment that called him a terrorist or/and referenced the video of him calling on others – of course – to become suicide bombers was removed.

      Here’s a brief set of examples of the moderators in action:


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      22 February 2012 3:12PM

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      • Der Guardian can delete any “counter revolutionary” commentary, like a Stalin era photograph minus the out of favor person, but the Internet is Der Guardians worst nightmare.

        Der Guardian LIES are overridden by uncomfortable REALITY.

      • Nonetheless – interesting to see the balance of comments firmly against Adnan. Most were not deleted.
        Precious few posters were defending him. Possibly – and I may be going out on a limb here – because he has precious little defence.

      • Despite all that, I was astonished in a very pleasant way at the sheer number of pro-Israel (or anti-Adnan) comments, even those that condemned the Guardian for publishing this propaganda exercise in the first place.

      • Amazing the propaganda-speak – our homeland, Palestine. The name “Adnan” comes from the Hejaz! “Musa” appears to be Afghan!

        Not too close to the Streicher-press-labelled Israeli occupation authority.

        What vile people write, publish, swallow and disseminate these lies.

  2. Time for a Sharia nursery rhyme from Duvid for this Sharia law graduate and her baker hubby:

    Singing of Sharia
    (to the tune of “Sing a Song of Sixpence.” Traditional nursery rhyme.)

    Singing of Sharia,
    A pocket full of poo.
    Terror-monger Adnan
    Baked in a stew.
    And when the jail was opened
    Adnan began to bay
    For all to suicide-bomb Israel;
    Himself – well not today.

    Adnan was in the bakehouse
    Shrieking for Sharia
    His wife chained to the work-station,
    Spouting verbal diarrhoea.
    The maid was in the garden
    Being lashed to shreds,
    When came the Saudi headsman
    And chopped off all their heads.

    DS Al Coda

  3. Yes, I’m sure Mrs Suicide Bomber `Recruiter-Cheerleader wrote every single word herself, especially as Islamists like Islamic Jihad are such renowned supporters of high powered secular literacy and education for women, especially wives.

    Funny, I don’t think The Guardian will be publishing any time soon an equivalent article by Mrs Abu Qatada, wringing tears from our eyes with her touching descriptions of the little Qatadas missing daddy (him being imprisoned for endless months without trial and all that) and demonstrating for him to be freed to walk the streets of London.

  4. Surely it is time for faithful Guardian readers to realise that the paper has betrayed all its old ideals and is just a shill for illiberalism and hatred, isn’t it? How much evidence do they need?

    • One would think so, but you are forgetting that the remaining faithful, ie those who didn’t jump ship when the Grauniad began to betray them and its principles and sell out to Arab/Islamist money, are not particularly intelligent, full of animus which they project onto Israel and Jews, and quite probably predisposed anyway towards the sort of paranoid conspiracy theories which the Guardian feeds them about Israel and Jews, the far right and anyone else which it believes are not worthy.

      Therefore they are attracted to the like-“minded” attitudes displayed in the Guardian like flies are to manure.

      Also, most of those who remain constitute the other polarity so necessary for the authoritarian personalities who run the Guardian to continue to grow and destroy whatever they touch – ie they believe slavishly and unquestioningly because they need to be part of a group which believes in this way (for a prime specimen look at Berchmans); they hate those who do not believe what they believe or who question their beliefs (note how quickly Berchmans hits the “delete” button, reptile that he is) and adhere rigidly to the given, acceptable world view fed to them by the ignoramuses who run the Guardian.

      Any questioning of that world view makes them deeply uncomfortable, but rather than debate like adults they attempt to obliterate the questioner or otherwise undermine him/her.

      Thank heavens for CiF Watch!

  5. Every time that you think that it’s impossible for the Racist Anti-Semitic Guardian to sink any lower.

    Just to piss us off,they sink that much lower.

    If this woman thinks that Israel does not practice human rights,then perhaps Israel should start practicing the palestinian variety of human rights,specially for people like her husband.

  6. Is it possible that psychopaths run the Guardian ,reading the articles and cartoons, the authors and posters below and above the line in the Guardian make you sort of start to wonder that we are up against psychos…………………….

    • There is something bizarre about their constant attempts to puff up terrorists only to be slammed BTL when they open up the columns for comment. They seem somehow to believe that this time they will get massive support from someone other than Berchmans for their love affair with the world’s worst.

      • AKUS, I wrote an article here some time ago, about hostility in terms of personal construct theory which explains this behaviour, see

        A more sinister explanation, for which I have no proof, it’s merely an uncomfortable feeling, ties the Guardian’s behaviour in with the Islamist concept of fitna whereby Islamists, as commanded by their prophet deliberately sow discord among people, as he did among his allies so as to weaken them and then take advantage of their weakened state to conquer them and spread Islam.

        As I said, this is just an uncomfortable feeling for which I have no proof, and the Guardian’s behaviour is more easily explained in terms of its persistent attempts to alter its readers’ grasp of reality, (all doomed to failure because they are not, after all, reality-based), by manipulation of its readership so that they will become so confused that they will give the Islamists what they want.

        As I have said elsewhere, critical thinking and intelligence are no longer sine qua non for Guardian readers.

  7. This woman holds a degree in Islamic Law.To her luck Israel does not practice Islamic law,otherwise her husband would have been shot in the middle of a busy street, palestinian street theater style,then dragged in the streets behind an SUV paid for by the EU…..

  8. They shut down the debate,because they found that most of the posts went against them.That it was a mistake to promote a nasty terrorist,and publish an article by his wife,trying to defend him……..

  9. I was at the train station this morning and took a look at the Guardian newspaper, guess who’s article is inside!

    The problem with allowing this article inside the paper is that it is impossible for the reader to know that Adnan is a member of Islamic Jihad & that he has actively recruited people to blow themselves and innocent people up.

    The only positive aspect is that the Guardian commentators BTL have by a huge margin questioned the logic in allowing his wife to post what is basically propaganda, and that when the commissioning editor made an appearance to justify the article she was ridiculed.

  10. Unbelievable that the Rustbucket’s daughter Isabella Mackie(the one with the dumb hairdo) came out in support of this woman….
    The Guardian must have sent Isabella Mackie to save this nauseating article………….

    She got six responses to her masterpiece……..And guess what.most of the responses were deleted………..

    • Isabella Mackie, scourge of Melanie Phillips, is Rusbridger’s daughter! Wow I never knew that. Makes sense, though.

      Anyways, the Adnan piece crossed a line in Graunland — if the crazies keep on coming, CiF will soon be editorially indistinguishable from the PressTV website.

  11. not quite in the same league of irony and chutzpa but..
    The BBC in its wisdom chose Deborah Orr as the champion on anti racism to pontificate in a discussion on racism in football, against the admirable and common sense of former Chelsea player Paul Elliot who crushed her sneery ill informed jibes. Her brilliant point was that kicking racism out of football is just kicking it back out into the continuing racism in Society.

    But of course the interviewer never raised the issue of her Chosen people comments.

  12. OT
    since I can’t find an e-mail address on your site I alert you to this delightful tidbit on Jonathan Freedland here:

    SAM Bourne is the pseudonym of the distinguished Guardian journalist Jonathan Freedland, and thereby hangs a tale. When his first thriller, The Righteous Men, was published in 2006, the review commissioned by the Guardian was spiked.

    According to Private Eye, the literary editor took it to the editor who consulted Mr Freedland, who … well, you can guess what. As it happened the rejected reviewer was none other than Michael Dibdin, author of the splendid Aurelio Zen crime novels who, perhaps a bit miffed, took it to the Times, which happily published it. So the bad review appeared after all, and Mr Freedland looked a bit of an ass.

  13. The only recognition I’m looking for is that from Iran. I want them, and those who are in league with them, to know who they are dealing with. To let them know that there is one voice that won’t go quietly into the night. This message is for it’s leaders.

    I would like to say something in response to the idiot who calls himself General Masoud Jazayeri as if I were actually talking to him. In case you haven’t figured out who I am, I am a Sergeant in the United States Army. I proudly serve my country and would lay my life down for any one of the millions of citizens, regardless if they appreciate my status being in the armed forces or not. There are some who will read this and say that isn’t in the best interest or in reflection of the highest standards of the Army and may possibly be dishonorably discharged, but I am a Christian. Being a Christian doesn’t make me perfect or better than anyone else; just that I hold myself personally accountably to higher standards. It would be shameful and in my eyes, unethical, to not speak up against the tyranny you and your gas bag of a leader reflect towards my country, my people, my faith, as well as that of your own people. Plus, how often does a regular person have the chance to talk, so to speak, to the person/people that has qualms with me, especially people of your “stature”? Not often so I hope you are at least a little humbled by the fact that I, an ordinary person, am taking time out of my day to let you know what I’d like to say. Even if you’re not, at least now I know I have your attention. Should I just call you Saddam Hussein? I think I will because you actually remind me a lot about him. What would be even more so reminding is when we, and I mean those of us who will go track you down and bring you to justice for the atrocities against your own people as well as mine, will go to the ends of the earth to find you and those accountable, including Amenijihad, your leader (I’m sure I misspelled it but I’ll say right now I’m not sorry). If he gets sore about that, hes got a bigger stick up his you know what then what he was letting on about. I say hes a gas bag because of what he did at the United Nations. What makes him think hes special to the point of getting in front of the world’s leaders and use his time to denounce the United States of America? He does it almost daily in his teleconferences and websites in his country. Hey guy, and yes I’m talking to gas bag at this moment, I’m gonna let you know just how special you are. I remember back in the beginning of 2010 that Israel had wanted to fly over Iraqi airspace and bomb you, your nuclear facilities, and other targets of opportunities to kingdom come but President Obama said no. With us no longer being in control of Iraqi airspace, I’d like to think that sooner or later Israel will revert to doing just that. Oh yes, I already know that you or one of your devout followers will denounce such actions as an act of war, but let me tell you something: you’ve already declared war on the free world. Your response might be that you haven’t but now have. And that would be why I call you a pompous wind bag, I mean gas bag. As the superpower in this world, the United States of America has the obligation to protect countries from within themeselves,the countries whose leaders care more about power and riches and subversion and use such means against their own people. Don’t get me wrong. You’re not the only leader of a country who kills their own people. I didn’t want you to feel alone on that fact. But let me get back to singling you out. There will be a time that you won’t feel so high and mighty. We will come for you. We take you down and/or take you out. You have already committed yourself to actions against the free world. It is because of people like you that I have committed myself to protecting those that can’t protect themselves, even if it means forfeiting my own life to do so. God has called me out to protect and serve His children. Speaking of children, let’s talk about Israel for a moment shall we? If you don’t want to, just let me do the talking. Is that ok with you? It is? Good, thank you. You have wished the destruction of this nation for as long as I can remember. Hey dude, if you haven’t realized this by now, and I’m guessing that you haven’t read your world history, but Israel has put down every enemy that has come at them. Sure they might have lost battles here and there, but in the end they win the war. If you have one ounce of grace or decency in your being, I suggest you stand down or face obliteration for you and your people. Are you willing to subject yourself to being a martyr and put your will before the will of your people to the test? You might think about this twice before civil war comes to your country. Then again, since you are a cruel dictator, I might just be wasting my breath on you. You might be one of those smart terrorists who use subordinates and brain wash them to kill themselves so you don’t have to do it yourself. Who knows? Only the future will tell. Now I don’t want to seem rude but let me get back to your general who I was originally talking to. By the way, have a nice day. Hey General, God only knows how you got into that position of power but I’d like to say its probably because of corruption and blackmail. Maybe one of your family is a political big shot/hero and got you to where are. These days it’s all about who you know. And that is saying something from someone who sees it back in the States. It’s everywhere but that’s beside the point. I just wanted to take time out of my day and let you know I’m one of those soldiers in Afghanistan in which the people you are telling to attack. Let me quote you just in case you try and say you didn’t say it: “”The Americans must know that the Afghan nation … is tired of the illegitimate presence of invaders … and deserve to use force and offensive operations to kick invading enemies from their soil…American troops must experience the bitter taste of revenge so that they won’t feel security in any part of the region.” Hey guy, in case you didn’t find this out yet, YOU ARE IRANIAN. Last time I checked, that doesn’t make you an Afghan. So stop thinking you’re one of them and talking like you know whats best for them. So do the rest of the world a favor and shut your mouth and quit wasting our air. You also said you want the Afghans to make their territory unsafe for American troops. You’re an idiot. Like your “fearless” leader, you haven’t read up on your current events. The Afghans that are fighting us are already doing that. We are in a war. DUH. That comes with the territory you moron. Oh yeah, at the same time they are making it unsafe for us, they are doing the same thing to their countrymen. Hold the phone, this sounds familiar. Oh snap, now I remember. Its what you and the gas bag are doing to your own people. I see a familiar trend in the way you run things. Its just a matter of how you go about destroying your people. All this said and done, I actually pity you: you, your leader, and anyone one else in your country’s chain of command who denounces Israel. The Mossad are NOT people to screw around with. In fact, right now I’m sure your name is on their Red List, which is a Kill On Site hit list anywhere in the world at any time. Now, I’ve only heard about it when I was younger so I don’t know if its true but with Israel making good on its word to protect itself, I don’t doubt its existence. And in case its not, it still sounds really cool to believe in. I would not want to be you having to look over my shoulder for the rest of my life, checking my car everytime I go up to it, looking in my rearview mirror to see if anyone out of the ordinary is following me, doubting what your most trusted friends say about security perimeters, doubting if your personal body guards are actually loyal to you or if they’re double agents sent to whack (eliminate) you, or wondering if your very own house is bugged. Basically what I’m saying is your every movement from here on in is monitored. Your private life is no longer yours. Like I told your taskmaster, I mean boss gas bag, we are coming for you. Its only a matter of time. Like I said before, I am a patriot willing to lay my life on the line against tyranny and oppression. Heres a verse from God’s Word (the Bible) that helps me in this fight against you for His people: John 15:13 – “There is no greater love than this: that a person would lay down his life for the sake of his friends.” I interpret this to pertain to not only friends, but strangers too. I don’t have to know someone to help them out. We don’t even have to speak the same language. I will fight to my last breath to make sure this world is a little safer from the likes of you. As I said earlier, you and your leader have declared war on Israel, the U.S. and anyone that is allied to us. I have just two words for you: BRING IT!!!


    And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what [is] that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God. Romans 12:2

  14. Israel has no right to exist or do anything. All Israel does is commit crimes & massacres/murders against the Palestinians. It’s time for Israel to be fully destroyed in a world war with the use of Hydro-bombs!@!

    • You’re an idiot, you and everyone who thinks and acts like you. Let me tell you something: there are people in this world who are not Hebrew but believe as they do. I’m one of them. Let me tell you something else: I will defend them to my last breath. So just try and do something stupid. If you really want to meet Allah that badly, all you have to do is ask. I don’t care if you’re Palestinian or Iranian. With this train of thought you and those that support you have, you’re all arrogant morons. So like I said before in an above greeting to Irans moronic idiot of a leader….BRING IT.

  15. Israel has deserved every attack it has received & more! Much , much more!! Israel WILL NOT EVER GET ANY SECURITY!!! Israel started it all in ’48 with their massacres against the Palestinians. Israel has never lasted long throughout history, this time is no different- Israel WILL BE destroyed FULLY-= ravaged & dispersed for good,.. once again!!

    • Dear oh dear…..

      Escalating rant

      One-track mind

      Little intelligence

      Utterly ignorant of facts

      Probably posting during an occupational therapy session on the secure unit while the nurses’ backs are turned.


  16. I really didn’t want to join in, but note this person’s moniker, which gives us an indication of his mental state and how he perceives himself – “Big Ruler” – overblown and grandiose.

    Note also the choice of words, which indicates quite a disturbed individual.

  17. General Black Jack Pershing
    Just before World War 1, there were a number of terrorist attacks on the United States forces in the Philippines by Muslim extremists. So General Pershing captured 50 terrorists and had them tied to posts for execution. He then had his men bring in two pigs and slaughter them in front of the now horrified terrorists. Muslims detest pork because they believes pigs are filthy animals. Some of them simply refuse to eat it, while others won’t even touch pigs at all, nor any of their by-products. To them, eating or touching a pig, its meat, its blood, etc., is to be instantly barred from paradise (and those virgins) and doomed to hell. The soldiers then soaked their bullets in the pigs blood, then proceeded to execute 49 of the terrorist by firing squad. The soldiers then dug a big hole, dumped in the terrorist’s bodies and covered them in pig’s blood, entrails, etc. They let the 50th man go. And for the next fourty two years, there was not a single Muslim extremist attack anywhere in the world.

    BOO YA
    Think about them apples before you start shouting crap you have no control over. Plus, its a biased view to begin with. So shut up