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Prepared talk by US State Dep’t consultant in Qatar: On racist, skinhead-embracing Jewish state

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, addressing the International Conference for the Defense of Jerusalem in Qatar on Sunday called on Muslims to go to Jerusalem and confront Israel’s accelerated efforts to “Judaize the city”.

The conference’s aims, per their website, includes

…pointing out the weaknesses of the Jew’s historical arguments backing their claims to the holy city. Of paramount importance is the disclosure of Israel’s deeds at falsifying History and archeology by means of destruction, omission, modification and fabrication of historical and archeological facts.

Muslim Brotherhood spiritual leader, Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, at Qatar Jerusalem Conference

That there is yet another coordinated effort by the Arab world to delegitimize Israel and erase the Jewish connection to Jerusalem isn’t at all surprising. 

However, included in the list of conference participants – a who’s who of Arab leaders, Islamists, and others committed to the end of the Jewish state – is an American named Kenneth Raymond Insley, described as a consultant for the U.S. Department of State.

Insley’s LinkedIn profile notes that he is currently Director of Public Diplomacy at Capital Communications Group, Inc, (CCG) which, according to their website, “organizes briefings, workshops and seminars on the structure of U.S. government…with special emphasis on foreign, defense and trade policies.”

Among the clients CCG highlights (which include several Arab governments, as well as the PLO Mission in Washington, DC) are quite a few U.S. government agencies and departments, including the Department of State.

The following are Insley’s prepared remarks for the original Qatar Jerusalem conference which was to take place in February 2011postponed till this week due to the political upheavals in the region erupting at the time:

“Most Americans are unaware of the impact its overwhelming support for Israel, while simultaneously turning a blind eye to their shameful treatment of Palestinians in Gaza, and in Jerusalem, has caused their country be viewed more negatively in the Arab world than all the positive contributions it has done for the Arab world combined.”

Other passages in Insley’s speech include the suggestion that “US politicians care more about Israel than the foreign policy interests of their own country” and the argument that the US “blindly supports Israel no matter which government is in power”.

Insley also warned, darkly:

“It is now well understood by almost everyone that either Israel will cease to be a democratic state, or a Jewish one, because it can’t have both without the creation of a Palestinian state…or it will lead to Armageddon.”

Here are other passages from Insley’s prepared remarks, as they appear in context, from the online Google document:

Insley then added:

“Perhaps it is understandable to be perceived as racist when you are considered by some in the world to be God’s own ‘chosen people’…” 

Finally, Insley noted in his speech that he has, for the past decade, “coordinated international exchanges with State Department delegations”.

Evidently the style of hateful, demonizing vitriolic rhetoric about Jews and Israel which is endemic in the Arab and Muslim world has gained a foothold in Washington, DC.  

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  1. Read his whole speech. It actually ends with the word “shalom a’lekum,” and is surprisingly open-minded. Maybe too optimistic, if anything, about Jews and Arabs living together in peace.

    • Who said Jews and Arabs want to live together?

      They don´t.

      That´s why there´s a Jewish state. Arabs have plenty of land and countries and more than 20 islamic paradises to go.

      • What is this middle-age view of the world? Why do you want to segregate between Jews, Christians and Muslims? serJew, do you live in the 10th century?

        • It´s reality, dear. Pakistanis also didn´t want to live with Indians. Serbs didn´t want to live with Croats. Czechs didn´t want to live with ethnic Germans. South Darfurians didn´t want to live with North darfurian murderers. Etc, etc. And Europe didn´t want Jews in their midsts.

          That´s why there are countries, sweetie. So, quit your kumbaya fantasy and learn to the real world.

          • Well put, SerJew.

            This Marxist tactic of construing nationalism as “racism” needs to be shown for the dishonest ploy it is.

    • Open minded? You can’t be serious? Or you didn’t read the entire speech. He compares Israeli Jews to segregationist, racist whites in the 1960s, claims Israel is a skinhead/fascist embracing state, and even throws in the “chosen people” canard. He also claims Israel may take us to Armageddon. Its a hateful diatribe against Jews and Israel pure and simple and fails to hold Palestinians even marginally responsible for their culture of hate, violence and antisemitism. Its a truly sickening speech

  2. What a collection of Jew haters and would-be Hitlers! The “Israeli Arabs” – who serve in the Knesset! – are mostly listed as being from “Palestine”, which does not surprise. On the other hand, someone named Mr. Amichay Ayalon is on the roster and is listed as being from Israel without any other description. Any idea who he is? A Mossad agent? One can only hope.

  3. Unfortunately certain secular Jewish organisations support Palistinians with political actions. Some of them are in the environment of the BDS-movement. No wonder that above islamists and the Jew- and Israel-hater Insley feel stimulated. Some of the secular Jewish supporters of Palistinians are:, jewish voice for Palistnians, humanrightsin There are much more Jewish quislings in Europe.
    Meanwhile Israelis are attacked by Israeli arabs, arabs and Palistinians are mobbing against Israel and Jews, Iran wants to destroy Israel, Abbas is lying his life thru history and the defamation and deligitimation of Israel and Jews goes on.

  4. The grey-suited individual next to Qaradawi in the photo looks several sandwiches short of a picnic.

  5. Samson, I suspect Amichai Ayalon is actually Ami Ayalon of the Geneva initiative, the only delegate listed as coming from Israel. Perhaps he didn’t turn up in the end, there is no place for anyone, even on the Left, who espouses two states at this hatefest.

    • Thanks for the reply. Yes, that must be who they mean, and he is still listed on the program as of this moment.

      Nonetheless, I can hardly believe an individual of this stature would show up at an anti-Israel hatefest such as this. After all, he is a two-stater, and the participants at this verbal pogrom are definitely one-staters – and by that I don’t mean a Jewish state.

      I’m still intrigued as to how his name appeared on the program. Not that intrigued, mind you, just curious. The rest of the program is basically a rogues gallery of anti-Israel activists and Jew haters and it is obvious that he would not fit in, however one feels about the Geneva initiative and his politics in general.

    • See also from Elder of Ziyon:

      Monday, February 27, 2012
      Criminal disingenuity from Peace Now’s Lara Friedman

      As I’ve mentioned, this week there was a conference in Doha that was meant to try to ensure that Israel and Jews would never have any say in how Jerusalem is administered.

      The keynote speaker was Mahmoud Abbas, who gave a speech that was sheer incitement against Israel and Jews as he effectively denied any Jewish connection to the city.

      The Emir of Qatar urged the UN to take away any vestiges of Judaism from the holy city.

      Its final statement is a classic example of anti-semitism, promising to go to the UN destroy anything Israel might have done in the city since 1967, including imaginary excavations that they accuse Israel of digging under the Al Aqsa Mosque.

      One attendee among the haters was Lara Friedman, Director of Policy and Government Relations for Americans for Peace Now. In an astoundingly disingenuous piece for the Forward, she claims ignorance of the sheer hatred that Arabs have for Jews and the Jewish claim to Jerusalem.

      You have to read it and ask yourself – is it possible someone in her position is this clueless?:

      When I was invited to this conference, I took this as a sign that the Arab League wanted to capture the full complexity of the issues related to Jerusalem, including openly pro-Israel, pro-peace voices. However, it seems that virtually every conversation I am having here involves me, to a greater or lesser degree, having to defend the two-state solution and having to assert and defend the Jewish stake in Jerusalem. The fact that I am forced to do so points to what is clearly, from my point of view, a major flaw in this event. That flaw is the absence of more voices like mine, which represent the mainstream of American Jewish opinion and Israeli opinion. People who care about Israel and are committed to the two-state solution, including in Jerusalem. This solution is the only thing that will guarantee peace, security, and a future for either Israelis or Palestinians.

      I don’t know who else was invited to this conference and couldn’t (or chose not to) attend, but it seems to me that by not having more pro-two-state solution, Jewish voices here, the Arab League is doing a disservice to the cause it is ostensibly concerned with — the health and status of Jerusalem — and missing an opportunity. The Arab world, and activists around the globe concerned with the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, do themselves no favors when they listen to voices that tell them only a piece of the story that is comfortable to their ears (just as Israel and the American Jewish community do themselves no favors when they choose not to hear unpleasant truths).

      Speakers at Sunday’s opening session, including Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, one after another laid out laundry lists of criticisms of Israel — many of them regrettably marked with exaggerations. All also spoke a great deal about Muslim and Christian attachments to Jerusalem and the importance of defending the holy sites and communities associated with both religions. However, only one speaker, Michel Sabbah, formerly the Latin Patriarch in Jerusalem, mentioned any Jewish connection to the city. This is a serious problem. If President Abbas cannot acknowledge Jewish claims in Jerusalem, even as he asserts Palestinian claims (a problem Yasser Arafat suffered from), he should not be surprised if it is more difficult for Israelis and Jews, wherever they are, to believe that he can be trusted in a peace agreement that leaves Jerusalem sites precious to Jews under Palestinian control.

      If representatives of the organization that sponsored the Arab Peace Initiative cannot bring themselves to acknowledge the legitimacy of Jewish equities in Jerusalem, they should know that they discredit their own professed interest in peace. Their framing of the future of Jerusalem as a zero-sum game only makes it more likely that Israel will continue asserting its current power over East Jerusalem to hinder the vision of two states living in peace with a Jerusalem as a shared capital.

      All throughout the day, it was unfortunately the same story. Participants talked about Jerusalem as if Jewish history did not exist or was a fraud — as if all Jewish claims in the city were just a tactic to dispossess Palestinians.

      …I regret that the conference so far has not taken the issues related to Jerusalem more seriously, and I am proud that I am here representing a truly pro-peace — and thus be definition pro-Israel — perspective. Much of the discourse here thus far has been personally objectionable and even painful to me, but I believe my presence here is important for the cause of peace.”

      Did Friedman come to this conference honestly thinking that the Arab League and Mahmoud Abbas are interested in peace? Where has she been the past few months as Abbas has been doing everything he could to avoid even talking with Israel? Where was she when he gave a speech to the UN last September, saying the exact same things about Jerusalem that he said in Doha?

      She is shocked that the Arabs at the conference weren’t like the liberal Jews she hangs out with, or the Arabs who have been conditioned to tell her what she wants to hear when she speaks to them individually, with ambiguity designed to fool wishful thinking Westerners into believing they are interested in co-existence with Israel. Not at all. When they speak to a predominantly Arab audience, things sound much different. What a surprise it must have been to Friedman, who apparently woudl never deign to spend five minutes at the MEMRI or Palestinian Media Watch sites. They are too distastefully right wing, you see.

      Yet even after she sees the hate and hears the lies herself, first hand, she fails to get it. To her, the problem isn’t that Mahmoud Abbas is a liar inciting Arabs to rise up against Jews living in their holy city. No, that is probably just rhetoric. To her, the problem is that such hate speech makes Israelis uncomfortable with freely giving the Jewish sites to him. To Friedman, the crime isn’t hate and lies and anti-semitism (yes, Lara, denying the Temple existed is anti-semitism.) No, to her the crime is anything that slows Jews down from giving their holy places to a Holocaust denier who praises a man who wanted to exterminate all the Jews of Palestine. Lara thinks that Jews must do exactly that – for “peace” – and therefore Abbas’ hate and lies are an unnecessary obstacle delaying Jews from happily abandoning Jerusalem’s holy spots.

      And on and on it goes. After hearing speech after speech, she still believes that the Arab League is interested in peace with Israel. Well, they are. Their concept of peace is where Israel disappears by political means, legal means, demographic means or military means, whichever is most effective at any point in history. But when they say “peace” she grabs on to that word for dear life, closing her eyes and clicking her ruby slippers three times and repeating “They really want peace! They really want peace!”

      Is it wishful thinking overwhelming her ability to believe what she heard? Who cares? The fact that she did not experience a “eureka!” moment when listening to mainstream Arabs from “moderate” countries deny any Jewish connection to Jerusalem – people so willing to lie in order to defame Israel and Jews – shows that Lara Friedman is just as bad as they are, no matter how many anguished articles she writes for the Forward.

      Let her try to write an article defending the Jewish claim to Jerusalem in Al Akhbar, or Al Jazeera. Then she can claim – still disingenuously, but at least somewhat credibly – that she really wants to work for peace. Otherwise, she is just as much of the problem as those she feels so uncomfortable about. (And if she does do that, let her read the vitriolic talkbacks that such a column would spawn.)

      Friedman will get over her Doha discomfort in a couple of weeks and go back to penning her articles that put all the blame for no peace on Israel. That is her comfort zone. Her wishful thinking will win out. Because even this article shows that she cannot and will not learn the lessons from Doha that all but slapped her in the face.

    • Some of the aid workers, diplomats, journalists, UN employees working in Gaza are Jews and it’s not a problem at all. You seem very ignorant when it comes to the Middle-East. Have you ever been in Gaza or do you speak without any knowledge of the place?

      • And you are very arrogant and patronizing. Save your kindergarde teacher lessons to yourself. Thanxs, sweetie.

        • Hannah will confirm that Gilad Shalit was the last Jew to live in Gaza under the loving tender care of Hamas.

          Many on the Guardian and on CIF believed that this one Israeli Jew living in Gaza was priima facie evidence that Gaza was occupied by Israel for over 5 years.

          Some even believe Gaza is still occupied to this day. Though not one Jew remains, 8500 having been ethically cleansed in 2005 and 24 synagogues destroyed many of which were shortly afterwoods transformed launching pads for rockets into Israel.

          • Millfield, as a matter of fact, the Israeli army still occupies Gaza:

            – Tsahal controls 4 out of 5 land borders
            – Tsahal still controls the birth registry for Palestinians in Gaza
            – Tsahal controls 85% of Gaza’s seaside (you can see Israeli warships all along the Gaza coast)
            – Tsahal controls 100% of Gaza’s airspace
            – Tsahal controls one third of Gaza’s arable land (the buffer zone – you can see Israeli soldiers and tanks inside Gaza)
            – Tsahal forbids almost all exports from Gaza
            – Tsahal forbids almost all Palestinians in Gaza from accessing the rest of the Palestinian territory (West Bank, including East Jerualem)
            – Tsahal filters, controls and restricts imports of humanitarian aid and commercial goods into Gaza

            This is called a military occupation.

      • Jewish in Gaza?

        Who are these Jews that do not have a problem working in Gaza? Enlighten us with your knowledge and name them. Self hating anti-Zionist Jews excluded

        Then ask one of them to wear a kippa and further enlighten us as what you think would happen to him

        • Please read my comment above. Some secular Swissjews, classical helpful idiots, are indeed selling palistinian brand olive oil in Switzerland. Only on Shabbat! Therefore, I believe some of them might visit Gaza, beside their frequent visits to Westjordan. They are also in the political environment of the BDS-movement. Its outrageous.

      • “Some of the aid workers, diplomats, journalists, UN employees working in Gaza are Jews and it’s not a problem at all.” Hannah

        Oh, yes, those are the “Theobald-Jews”, that islamists love to display for their murderous cause. Chomsky, Norm Finkel-Stinkle and a host of
        useful idiots that visit Gaza to hug Hamarses tugs.

        I ask rethorically: Are you that naive or just putting a very bad act?

  6. SerJew – I would respectfully ask you to calm down a bit and stop patronizing/insulting Hannah, who has said nothing objectionable or offensive. Many people are ideologically or instinctively uncomfortable with structural racial, ethnic, religious and national separation between human beings. It doesn’t automatically mean that a person is naive or unable to comprehend realpolitik. It’s cool to disagree with each other, but please could we all tone it down a notch and not descend to ad hominem stuff?

    • Well, I respectfully ask you to stop being sexist. Your sista was the one that began patronizing. Are you treating sistas differently from men? Isn´t that sexist.

      Good lord, the PC disease is spread everywhere, and people don´t even notice.

    • “You seem very ignorant when it comes to the Middle-East.” Hannah

      See, Katya, THAT´s patronizing. Wake up and stop defending Hannah just because she´s a “sistah”. This is blatant sexysm. Or do you think women are unable to defend themselves?

      • SerJew, you say refuse to live with Christians, Muslims, Budhists, Hinduists… You also refuse to live with women… And you say will not mix with secular Jews or left-wing Jews.

        Your obsession with rejecting any mixity in life is really sad. All the wealth of humanity comes from mixing different people of different religions and ehtinicities, because difference helps us grow. This is the reason why the USA is the most successful country in the world, while Israel is still struggling. You must feel terribly lonely if the only person you want to mix with is yourself.

        • I don’t think SerJew is stoning women to death for “family honor”, forcing girls to undergo FGM, or mutilating the face of Afghan girls as the one on the cover of Time magazine was by your Taliban.

          Those acts of depravity are the work of your Islamofascist heroes.

          Happy Nakba “Hannan”!

        • “Your obsession with rejecting any mixity in life is really sad.”

          I apologize to the mods if this is out of line (I don’t think it is, but I’m not in charge here), but… have you ever looked who in the Middle East is now a racial mixture of people from all the world, and who still rigidly keeps to the custom of marrying the father’s brother’s daughter?

        • Hey, “Hannah” go get a mixity with the Talibans. They´ll mix you up a lot. Though u are already so messed up that u won´t feel a thing.

  7. I didn’t mention anybody’s sex or gender at any point. Why do you assume that I would “defend” someone’s views just because of what is between their legs? That would be both morally unsound, and intellectually preposterous. I am not a sexist, and I am at a loss as to how I might have given the contrary impression.

    At any rate, this is now sidetracking the discussion, so I’ll stop.

    • Because u seemed upset and excusatory only with this Hannah, to which you referred in your complaint against me. And you didn´t address HER blatant patronizing stance. Why is that? Were you upset because of my use of the sarcastic “sweetie”? Can´t people even take sarcasm these days without getting offended?

      Again, the politically-correct infection is successfully spread all over the places. They basically won. That´s why people take fraudsters such as doc doo-doo seriously. That´s why journalists can shamelessly lie. And demopaths are happily exploiting that to their great advantage.

  8. Though some in the Israeli government are religious in their private lives, the overwhelming Israeli government and army is NOT.
    Its laws date –mainly– back to the British Mandate.

    Even harsh anti-Israel critic Jimmy Carter admitted “that Israel is a democracy with equal rights for all under the law,” (CNN, LKL, December 12, 2006). Not to mention that it provides often preferential treatment to Arabs. Besides the “affirmative action” that was pushed more by Ariel Sharon, there’s an additional imbalance fact that Jews are obligated to serve in the army (unless one is a Haredi, ‘Conscientious Objector’) whereas Arabs are not, yet get all citizenship’s benefits nevertheless.

    Whereas “Palestine” is “purely” Islamic, so are its laws. Above all, the ‘ethno-religious cleansing’ apartheid law of prohibiting from selling land to Jews punishable by death was reinforced in the 1990s fatwa by the Mufti Ikrima Sabri (the fanatic, who preached hatred against the US in 1997 and in 2001, and for example also incited in Feb-2012 Muslims of al-Aqsa, who stoned Christians on Temple Mount).

    Clearly, routinely Palestinian-Arabs (moderate Fatah’s al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade or Hamas) call (the genocide phrase) Itbach-al-Yahud and Allah Akbar. However Israel is motivated by security and safety.

    Last but not least. What Syrian minister of education (Suleiman) said in 1968 that “the hatred which we indoctrinate into the minds of our children is sacred,” is the most poisonous foundation and seed for the conflict. Palestine Media Watch / Palwatch (for example) is documenting the constant venemous “schooling,” hateful official media and outrageous inflammatory Mosque sermons by mainstream clerics.

    Question is. Can this imbalance ever bring about peace?

  9. This guy sounds about as delusional, unbalanced and rabidly anti-Israel as Richard Silverstein.