Guardian Proletariat Hotel: Accommodations for the 99%, managed by the 1% (A visual guide)

A huge H/T to Armaros

Harry’s Place alerted us earlier in the week that the Guardian is thinking about developing a hotel concept. 

A bible in every room, just like in traditional American hotels:

However, upon closer examination:

Or, to those who find Marxist inspired liberation theology too rigid, a masters class on the secular faith of the Guardian Left by Charolette Simpson may be more to your liking.


The Seumas suite is really special. It has a signed photo of Stalin and a rice cup rumoured to have been used by Mao himself. It also has a Ukrainian flag with Stalins portrait over it reading ” what Holdomor?”


One cannot go by without visiting the Tisdall Sudan Suite located at the bottom floor.


When filled with falafel, Janjaweed cafe and Taliban grill specials, one can work out at the Richard Gott exercise room. There guests can have a real reformation experience. Instead of weights, thread mills and medicine balls, one can shovel coal, break marble stones and carry wood to the freezer wearing striped pajamas.


The Galloway cigar lounge is also a must visit. There one can sample the finest tobacco products Gorgeous George endorsed.  Mostly Cuban cigars but lets not forget that the shisha can be shared with guests from the Iran room.


The Ben White Chapel is available for BDS-compliant secular services.


Tea with Gilad, every Sunday!


Don’t forget to visit the Guardian Hotel Gift Shop, where you can find ideological kitsch and education gifts galore!

Memorabilia from the Gaza flotilla.


Coffee Mugs:


Children’s Toys!


Boost your child’s imagination with additional replacement figures:-

  • Zionist occupier/collaborator
  • Generic capitalist exploiter

“Beat the imperialist enemy” is an award winning education toy.


And, a great selection of educational children’s cartoons in each room are run in a continuous loop. (Seen here, the East German classic, “Worker and Parasite”)

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  1. “I Don’t consider myself a Nazi but I can understand why some are”

    No prizes for guessing who that was………

  2. Adam,

    Sorry to use this article to post an off-topic comment, however the arch apologist Berchman has inadvertently outed himself in the Guardian CiF:

    Here is his comment on a article on Afghan Jews:

    28 February 2012 10:25AM
    Response to DrStockmann, 28 February 2012 9:25AM
    ## Why is the Guardian so relentlessly sycophantic toward Islam,##

    You folk are so threatened by any deviation from the narrative it is hilarious.

    For more than a thousand years the Jews and the Muslims got on reasonably well until the Europeans helped pack Palestine with people we didnt want and were surprised when the people there resisted.

    So its look at the statues or Take no prisoners what about Egypt????..Anything but face the article.


    By his using the term “People we didnt want” he has clearly outed himself as a Muslim!

    • Actually, that is an admission of antisemitism. For Berchmans, (and his ilk), Jews are ‘people we didnt want’.

      Says it all really. It must pain him, (and his ilk), tremendously, the miracle state that has been built by ‘people we didnt want’ in the Middle East.