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Mavi Marmara’s Ken O’Keefe compares Jews to Nazis at Middlesex Univ. Event: The Footage.

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Tonge stays silent at Middlesex University after O'Keefe's horrendous attack on Jews.

Here is the footage from last Thursday’s anti-Israel event at Middlesex University in Hendon, which I blogged about here, when Ken O’Keefe compared Jews to Nazis. Proof, if it was ever needed, that these events are held more out of spite against Jews than out of any concern for the Palestinians.

The event was sponsored by Interpal whose website asks you to “donate” or “sponsor” in order to “join in our efforts to help Palestinians in need”. If only.

Equally disturbing is that Jenny Tonge, a British Parliamentarian, sat on the panel next to O’Keefe all night and stayed silent after O’Keefe’s attack on Jews and his accusation later on when he blamed Israel for 9/11.

There has also been a deafening silence from Middlesex University. No doubt they will explain it all away as “freedom of speech”.

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  1. I am in tears because of his lies and the fact a university would allow such hatred to be promoted. He is a nazi in his ideology. Anti-jewish, anti-western, anti-British, anti-American and unfortunately gullible lefties soak up his diatribes without questioning. Shame on Jenny Tonge, proof age does not always confer wisdom. A book Nazi Palestine by Mallmann and Cuppers is excellent and eye opening, should be read by all politicians and students, and teachers As said before the hydra headed monster of nazism lives on in people of his ilk. Ps I grew up in South Africa and Israel is NOT AN APARTHEID STATE. He is a vindictive and malignant individual who should be locked up for inciting hatred. He is but a foolish man who will one day have to give an account to the maker of heaven and earth, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Not only is he foolish but ignorant. I am doing third reich as second year history student and am flabbergasted that a university would give a platform to such a scumbag who is so ignorant and who is spewing propaganda to damage Israel and even Britain and America. The judgement and the integrity of the univeristy leadership and academics who have allowed this to take place is seriously lacking. No wonder Britian lags in so many areas today. Needless to say students who attend such events are not being educated they are being brain washed with propaganda that fuels ignorance, bias and hatred. And they will join the bandwagon of those advocating the Promised Land become judenrein not realising that they are joining the hiers of the nazis.

    • “The judgement and the integrity of the univeristy leadership and academics who have allowed this to take place is seriously lacking.” Charlene

      Well, most probably they share exactly the same views of this prick. And probably receive money from Qatar, SA and other luminaries of islamic democracy and freedom.

      The decent Brits that still exist and care should demand the end of this take-over. To begin with, they should demand the BBShit releases the Balen report immediately to the public. At least the british self-respecting journalists should demand that.

  2. Fascist Ken O’Thief exemplifies the moral depravity of the so-called Left.

    O’Thief leaves out the reconstituted Soviet empire, the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan all need to be destroyed.

    It follows that al qada, taliban, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan act out in the name of Muslim people.

    Happy ETERNAL NAKBA Fascist Ken O’Thief!

  3. I recall clip #3 from the Harry’s Place post. It featured Jenny Tonge and someone before her. The sentiment was that Zionism has to end and one state be established, with a Jewish minority. Jenny said this would happen because the USA would tire of giving Israel “$70b a year,” Israel would lose its support and then, “they will reap what they have sown.”

    The basic assumption is that the idea of a Jewish state is racist. This ignores that several Islamic states have been established in the past few decades and there are several conflicts ongoing in the world right now that seek to establish more Islamic states from pieces of other states. It aalso of course ignores the many actions by the Palestinian leadership that indicate their intention to establish yet another Islamic state that is also Jew-free. Tonge’s “reap what they have sown” shows that she looks forward to persecution of Jews in the Middle East.

    Inherent in all these arguments is that Jewish self-determination must take second place to any other initiative, however trivial.

  4. Let’s not forget that O’Keeffe also said on the (now thankfully defunct) Iranian “news” channel Press TV that Jews need to ask themselves whether they are human.

    This hatespeech goes on day in day out in the UK’s universities, which have become a cesspit of hate and lies. My alma mater even produced a suicide bomber who went on to murder three people in Mike’s Bar in Tel Aviv.

    US universities are also going down the crapper. If you’re Jewish (or decent), don’t bother with British universities.

  5. I was on Huffington Post today, reading an article about BDS, and urged people to view the Frank Barat – Norman Finkelstein video. They wouldn’t post my comment, and after several attempts to find out why….well of course I know why, but I wanted to hear their lame excuse…nothing. Yet the slanderous lies just kept coming from the regular posters that seem to revel in their efforts to one-up each other with their hatred of anything Israeli. I’m way beyond being shocked by the b.s. that passes for dialogue. I admit that I still have a visceral reaction to the deep hatred these wannabe revolutionaries spread though.


  6. That Ken O’Keefe is a phony a nothing,a useless drifter who drifted into the arms of these jerks.The only reason these people tolerate him is because he spews these anti-Semitic diatribes.

    He repeats himself,you get his agenda in the first ten seconds of his speech.
    He claims to be a former US Marine,He claims a lot of thing most of them BS.A useless jerk.

    He got a good working over when he was in Israel,apparently it wasn’t enough……..

  7. Sad to see that Britain has turned into the pissing grounds of every terrorist organization and their cheer squad.The nastier that these groups are the more they are tolerated.In fact encouraged…..

  8. O’Keefe is a disillusioned individual, who instead of making his own quest for truth found solace in the most reprehensible ideological world of terrorism and lies . He spews – not converses – everything with venomous anger and confused rhetoric.He would say in one breath that he does not condone Hamas’ human rights record, but does not believe a word of what Israel or anyone says about them. In the end it is his anger that propels him. Tonge and her ilk just travel along with this contemptible type and enjoy the ride and adds her pounds worth.

    And yes, what about the university who gives sanctuary to this kind of anti-intellectualism and hate speech against Jews? An utter disgrace.

  9. A naive question, perhaps, but where does Mr O’Keefe obtain his funding; I doubt he’s drawing unemployment benefit (or maybe he is, our government in the UK seems to like giving any piece of dross washing up on our shores as much money as they demand) so who is paying him? And secondly, with what authority does he speak; I’ve googled him and there’s not much detail, that I can find. So by what right does he presume to lecture? In a normal world, the man would be regarded as a crank; seen talking to himself in the corner of the pub; and avoided. But we don’t live in normal times, do we?

    • “In a normal world, the man would be regarded as a crank; seen talking to himself in the corner of the pub; and avoided.” cheshire

      Thanks to the post-modernist irrational, intellectually lazy and morally bankrupt LEFT. Proving once again they aren´t much different from the rabid fascist right. Well, Mussolini was an ex-socialist, wasn´t he?

  10. O’Keefe:
    I make no special bones about Jewish people, but …

    Yeah right. We’ve heard that kind of talk before.

    Absolutely sickening stuff, made even worse by the way he personally addresses Jews in the audience.

    I kept on wanting someone to hit him in the face with a shoe.

  11. Ken O’Keefe has officially joined the likes of Melanie Phillips, Daniel Pipes, Pamela Geller & Tony Robinson in blaming all from a certain religion for the crimes of a few.

    However unlike many who post here I am only to happy to condemn them all.

  12. Mr O’Keefe’s rants are disturbing but unsurprising. What should make us all sit up is the speed with the which the left has now arrived at classic anti-semitism. There is indeed nothing new under the sun. I am afraid we have to prepare ourselves for dark times ahead, as many people will follow this pathetic, vicious man.

    • the speed with the which the left has now arrived at classic anti-semitism

      The left has done no such thing. It’s just idiots like O’Keefe.

      many people will follow this pathetic, vicious man.

      I don’t know any left-winger who would do such a thing.

      And what makes him “left” anyway?

  13. I was there, so just a few additional observations.
    The turn out was mainly Muslim/ethnic, who came to hear what they wanted to hear.
    Ken O’keefe is such an obvious crank, that I don’t think that even they took him seriously.

    The most dangerous were the 2 women.
    In particular, Ghada Karmi.
    Her entire speech was a tissue of lies, delivered eloquently and convincingly to those ignorant of the region’s history.
    She repeatedly called for the end of the “gangster” state, and tried to convince that she isn’t anti-semitic because “I live in Golder’s Green, for God’s sake”.
    The thuggish chairman, a past president of the union, did not take a single question from anyone who looked as though they might have an opposing viewpoint.
    He made one mistake when he allowed a question from an elderly, white, obviously gentile woman, who went on to read out a list of reasons why the Jews should have their homeland in Israel.
    She was a religious Christian, and after some minutes the chairman ordered her to stop with the charming words….”I’ve had enough of you”, when she said words to the effect that the Christian God wants the Holy Land for the Jews.

    The atmosphere was menacing, intimidating and openly hostile towards those few dissenters.
    There wasn’t even the pretence of a debate, in the understood meaning of the word.

    The evening was a good lesson in realpolitic for those who think that the Arab world will accept the so-called two state solution.
    Some Jews may want it, but the Arab world certainly does not.

    The whole evening reminded me of what it must have been like for European Jews in the early thirties, except that the word Israel has been substituted for Jew(s), in accordance with the protean nature of anti-semitism.

    Afterwards, I challenged both Karmi and Tonge on some of their lies, with the actual facts….impossible to call them to account on all….there were too many.
    Neither responded, other than to look faintly sick because, like all bullies, they crumple when faced with someone unafraid to challenge them with the facts.
    Come to think of it, the words, evil and wicked, best describe these appalling people.

    Readers of this blog should also know that the Jewish Society, that’s right, Jewish NOT Israel Soc, at Middlesex University, has been suspended by the students union there, pending “investigations” as to an alleged offensive activity of some, or one of its members, which the union is coy about divulging, until further notice,so the Jewish students have no idea what they are accused of.

  14. Bugger its just round the corner from me, and i totally forgot about it. Mind you I think it was best to stay away….too many nut jobs and too many loons. However, not worth the breath out of my mouth.
    Ken , nicely funded by the IRA for many years.

  15. Actually the caption “spits hatred” is a tad too soft.

    Seen that Little Britain skit where the racist woman (and even her dog) spews a horizontal torrent of vomit at the very mention of of black people or homosexuals?

  16. have done a lot of research on KOK the Thief……from his days in the Marines…Hawaii…Road to Hope and the Mavi…..He was smuggled onto the Mavi…The prime organizers did not want him onboard…or associate with his ilk…..Strange – he is all over the media with his lies but the organizers are not interviewed.
    Ken Nichols – His legal name – is a pack of lies…He is a sociopath with various other personality disorders. The police in Wales and England are working on a case involving his thievery and charges should be brought in April.
    OKeefe the Thief has no visible income other than the fundraising he does with a cult following for what he places in the style of a charity but is a commercial venture…..The income apparently is through PayPal accounts….The police need to investigate who gets the funds.
    His ‘babies momma…..The Thief is not married to Fadwa Dajani who he says is Palestinian…..She is not – She is Syrian and Lebanese….because they are not married the accounts are separate and not as easily available to the police.
    Ken Nichols has a past with White Supremacists in the US…many statements of his US Marine service are not fully true…..
    He is a piece of garbage.