Fascist Chic: Pippa Bartolotti moves into the world of Reality TV

Our old acquaintance Pippa Bartolotti (best known perhaps for her fight last year with a pair of sliding doors at Ben Gurion airport) appears to have made a career move from agitprop to reality TV.

For those unfamiliar with the British Channel 4 show ‘Come Dine With Me’, the format involves a group of people holding dinner parties for each other which are then graded by the participants, with the winner receiving a cash prize. This week Ms. Bartolotti – described in the blurb as a ‘peace activist’ (which appears to have become an occupation; other contestants are described as a radio journalist and a housewife) hosted the meal.

Although it is not possible to view the show from outside the UK, the comments on the program’s Facebook account appear to suggest that Pippa did not make much of an impression on some of  the viewers with her locally sourced  spicy lettuce soup and egg curry.

Commenters’ remarks included “If i had that at my indian i would have sent it back”, “No offence but looked totally minging”, “Sounds disgusting”, “she mad as a box of frogs”, “That was a truly awful menu!!” and “Pippa’s food was slightly odd”.

The trick with important dinner parties is, of course, to stick to tried and trusted recipes one has used frequently in the past. Here then, is a suggestion for Pippa’s next soiree.



Sliding Door Soup with Suitcase Croutons

Fascist Flag Fricassee served with a side dish of Steamy Islamist Rhetoric

Greens Salad

 Flambe a la Flynn with Dual-Loyalty Sauce

Ethically-sourced Free Trade Organic Caffeine-free Coffee substitute (produced in Merthyr Tydfil to reduce food-miles) with ‘Not the kind, loving British Jews I have known all my life thin mints

And for entertainment, rather than fortune-telling with witch-doctor bones, perhaps Ms Bartolotti could go for something more conventional and show her guests some holiday snaps.

Pippa Bartolotti holding the flag of the Syrian Socialist National Party – a fascist organization: http://www.danielpipes.org/5788/radical-politics-and-the-syrian-social-nationalist-party.

Pippa Bartolotti with Hamas co-founder Mahmoud al-Zahar

Pippa Bartolotti with Hamas' Ismail Haniyeh

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  1. Now, now, Israelinurse. I have it on rather good authority that Pippa’s
    Temper Tantrum Tart with Knitted Carrot Puree is quite a treat. And she almost always ends her soiree’s with Nuts. Or Bananas (macramed over a blast of hot air)

    PS: thanks for bringing a smile to my face on this incredibly wet and windy British evening! Albeit over Potty Pippa.

  2. ‘peace activist’ presumably in the sense of Lauren “I don’t care about Israeli security!!!” Booth?

  3. Really honey, as someone in healthcare, you should be more aware of the low-fat, high carbo options. I would recommend the inclusion of 0% idiot extremism- it’s the coming thing!

  4. The program is actually daily. There are 5 guests and from Monday to Friday they take turns to cook for the rest and are secretly scored. The winner is revealed on Friday and gets £1000.

    I haven’t seen most of this week but I did watch on Wed. Pippa scored 27/40 on Tues, whilst Monday’s host scored 33 and Weds 31; so she isn’t going to win. At least one of the guests accused her of loving the sound of her own voice (not to her face).

    I can’t recall the exact words but during the intro (which I guess was a clip from Monday) she said she spoke for either voiceless or vulnerable people. To be fair to her, out and out Fascists ARE comparatively voiceless in the UK.

  5. Painful Pippa is holding the flag of the Syrian soc. nat. party. But that translation is meant to soften & obfuscate the real meaning: Syrian National Socialist Party. Note that Pippa’s flag shows a red whirling swastika on a white background.

  6. Well I missed most of today’s show so I can’t tell you if the fourth person beat her. However, one of the men described her as someone who talked a lot but wasn’t so good at listening (I paraphrase). Meanwhile she gave us a story about her not going on holiday.

    Challenged over the gas guzzling car in her drive and the photos of globe trotting trips in her house, which appear to the mortals on the show to contradict her Green beliefs, she changed the subject to let us know she last flew to Ben Gurion Airport intending to enter the West Bank. After landing she was wrestled to the ground and placed in jail. Poor lamb!

    I confess I didn’t realise Israel imprisoned climate criminals!

  7. Final report. It was the last show today. An update from yesterday: the vote was 28, which means the fourth person beat Pippa’s 27.

    On today’s show there was no grandstanding from Pippa. She was comparatively reticent and consequently avoided the other contestants criticism. The fifth person scored 32, one less than the winner.

    So Pippa came last. No doubt another resounding success for the worldwide Jewish conspiracy. /sarcasm