EXPOSED: UN Media Official Responsible for False Photo Tweet

Written by Simon Plosker at HonestReporting

Our guest post from the IDF revealed how a photo, allegedly depicting the results of Israeli air strikes in Gaza in recent days, have been proven false.

The offending photo was originally tweeted by Khulood Badawi.

(Read Top Tweet on Gaza Proven False for the full story on how this photo was exposed.)

Khulood Badawi happens to work for the OCHA – the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs where, according to a UN Contact List, she works as an Information and Media Coordinator.

A Google search reveals that Badawi has a history of activism in a range of pro-Palestinian non-governmental organizations, some of them radical and politicized. While this background may not in itself disqualify her from a career with the UN, it is absolutely unacceptable that a UN employee working specifically on dissemination of information to the media and public tweets malicious and false information to libel Israel.

HonestReporting’s CEO Joe Hyams comments:

Once again, we are bearing witness to the extent that organizations such as the United Nations have failed to vet the integrity of their employees. The disgusting actions of this individual – invoking the imagery of a dead child to slander Israel – exposes once more the abject failure of NGOs to ensure a basic work ethic and commitment to fair and impartial conduct on the part of its employees.

The halo-effect enjoyed by the UN, where the public trusts the integrity of its staff and its Mission, demands higher professional standards than we are seeing. The UN owes the public, no less than this young girl’s family, an apology. The immediate dismissal of Khulood Badawi on the grounds of incitement is expected.

Powerful images such as these have a deep impact on public opinion. Where Israel is trying desperately to defend more than 1 million of its civilians from the incessant murderous rain of Gazan rocket terror – it is abhorrent that a UN employee working for a body concerned with humanitarian welfare would have more concern for manipulating public sentiment than a true desire to protect innocent human life. Badawi cares more for the lie, than for life.

Call on the UN to take the appropriate action by contacting Badawi’s immediate superior at the Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs – Allegra Pacheco – pacheco6@un.org

This appalling breach of integrity on the part of a UN employee deserves to be widely exposed. Please consider clicking +1, Tweet, Like or linking to this article on your blog or website. Getting the UN to take note is only effective when this article reaches a large readership, especially through the Google search engine. Creating a link to this page with the text “UN Employee Exposed Over False Photo Tweet” helps this article reach the first page search results for the term.

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  1. You mean a pro-Palestinian UN person lied?! I am shocked and will need to reexamine my belief in their objectivity and truthfulness. Who would have thought such a thing could happen?!

  2. I certainly thought that you were exposing this shot posted by Ofir Gendelman:

    which turns out to have been taken 2 years ago.

    Please expose this misleading photograph as well.

  3. MH,

    2006 was not 2 years ago, and the IDF didn’t kill the kid. But, tragically, sometimes children do get killed in wars. Here’s the good news – if Hamas and the rest call off the war against Israel, none of their children will have to worry about being killed by the IDF, only by Hamas and fellow travelers. That would greatly reduce their chance of dying prematurely, although not as much as I would like.

  4. As Reuters clarified at the time, the child died in a playground accident. A tragedy. But not one of war.

    I don’t expect any shame from the people lying about her death.

    When Colbert came up with ‘truthiness’, boy, he said a mouthful.

  5. So where did the picture originate and what were the forgeries? I don’t see any explanation of this.

    • As Reuters clarified at the time, the child died in a playground accident. A tragedy. But not one of war.

  6. She will be sacked if we make sure that she is sacked….We need to pester them til they piss her off………………

  7. Whoring out the body of a dead child to smear Israel is something only a person with no shred of decency or morality could do.

    Khulood Badawi is a malodourous slag, and should be fired immediately, and the UN forced to apologize.

  8. Why would the UN sack her? She has simply followed the implicitly anti-Israel policy of UN agencies such as UNWRA and UNESCO – say what you like about Israel (as long as it’s negative) and close your eyes to anything negative about the Palestinians. She’ll probably be promoted.

  9. I usually post the opposing view to the opinions on this site. Not this time. Using that photo in that way is utterly shameful.

  10. UN officials once again showing their bias against Israel. This cannot be allowed to continue, the UN is meant to be neutral, but time and again, officials in the UN act like they are members of Palestinian Solidarity group!

  11. Erm … are you really sure that the girl in the picture simply fell off a swing?

    Just asking.