Guardian’s biased coverage of terrorist hostilities in Israel’s south: Numbers, headlines and photos

Since Friday, March 9, when hostilities between Israel and terrorists in Gaza began – upon the IDF’s disruption of a Popular Resistance Committee planned multi-pronged terror attack on Israel’s south, the Guardian has devoted 8 stories to the issue.

Total words and stories: 4485 words in eight separate pieces (including a video story)

Headlines sympathetic to Gaza/Palestinians: 7

Headlines sympathetic to Israel: 0  (One was neutral)

Story photos sympathetic to Gaza/Palestinians: 7

Story photos sympathetic to Israel: 1

Number of passages in the eight stories clearly sympathetic to Palestinians: 22

Number of passages in the eight stories clearly sympathetic to Israelis: 12

What the Guardian didn’t report or severely downplayed:

Number of rockets fired from Gaza since Friday: 303

Number of Israelis injured since start of hostilities: 17

Number of Palestinian terrorists killed since the start of hostilities out of 24 total deaths:20 (Civilian to Combatant ratio of 4 to 20) H/T Challah Hu Akbar

Average civilian to combatant death ratio in recent conflicts involving the U.S. or NATO forces: 3 to 1 (3 civilian deaths for every one combatant death)

Number of Israeli citizens who spent the weekend on high alert, with alarm sirens regularly warning people to rush to bomb shelters: Over 1 million

Who has been responsible for most of the rocket attacks on Israeli civilians? Popular Resistance Committee and Islamic Jihad. (both funded by Iran, and the former controlled by Hamas)

Stated goals of Hamas, Islamic Jihad and Popular Resistance Committees: The destruction of Israel.

Most cynical and cruel Palestinian attack since Friday not reported by the Guardian: Kerem Shalom incident

(Two vehicles en-route to delivering humanitarian goods to the Gaza Strip were struck by three mortars on Monday morning close to the Kerem Shalom crossing. Activity at the crossing was only temporarily suspended, with the decision made to continue operations at the crossing. Despite escalating rocket fire in recent days, the Kerem Shalom and Erez crossings continued to function, with over 180 trucks with aid transferred to Gaza on Sunday.)

Finally, here are the photos and headlines which accompanied the eight Guardian stories:

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  1. You have made some errors in the numbers at the begining of this article.

    Not sure about the rocket count (was 266 this morning).

    The total death tall figure is lower than your count of terorists killed.

    • rocket count was taken from IDF website. And, clarify about death toll figure question. Thanks.

    • How many have been intercepted by “Iron Dome”? Anybody know? I’m very interested to know the actual percentage.

  2. The guardian is a newspaper. It doesn’t have to be balanced. Stop whining You’ve got Melanie Phillips for heaven’s sake!

    • The Guardian is an antisemite rag, calling it a newspaper is something like calling a Nasrallah a politician.

    • Maybe not in your book a but a real newspaper mustn’t spread racist propaganda as the Guardian does but trying to report verified facts balanced or not.