U.N Rep Khulood Badawi caught in a blatant lie about Israel: Refuses to apologize

Khulood Badawi is a UN representative and a partisan activist who published a picture of a child who was killed in an accident in 2006 as “another child killed by #Israel…another father carrying his child to a grave” during the latest escalation between Gaza and Israel.

She and other retweeters at the UN were informed of the mistake on the same day.

It took her 8 days to make a “correction” of sorts while stating that these were her personal views and not related to her work. This puts Badawi in violation of articles 100 & 101 of the UN charter (objectivity and non-partisanship of UN employees).

And, she still has not apologized for making a “mistake”.

People to contact:

Richard Miron: Chief Public Information Officer – mironr@un.org
Ramesh Rajasingham: Head OCHA – rajasingham@un.org

Or sign a petition here: http://t.co/jlrI4b8z

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  1. If it can be proved the child murderer in france (who said he was avenging children’s deaths in Gaza) was directly influenced by her post then she should be charged with incitement to murder.

  2. This is not the first time that the UN fosters lies.
    All the issue of the Palestinians is the result of the lie that the United Nations cultivates.
    Please ask yourself: Why is that the world’s refugees are treated by UNHCR but those Arabs who fought against Israel are treated by UNRWA?
    Please ask yourself: What is the difference between the two UN organizations dealing with refugees? And why the UN discriminates between refugees?
    Please ask yourself: Who are those Arabs who stayed in the Land of Israel between June 1946 and May 1948?
    And now they are claims that the Jews stole their land and waving the keys.
    Please ask yourself: why Jews who were refugees many generations and also after World War II, are not brandishing the keys of their houses?

    Anyone who is looking for a just solution to the conflict, must first learn the historical facts. I invite him to watch a short presentation comparing the two UN organizations dealing with refugees.

    In addition, I recommend reading a short article on the history of Arab settlement in Palestine – the Land of Israel.

    Who understands Hebrew, invited to listen to an interview on the radio.

    Without the knowledge of historical facts, whatever we do will be providing tools and encouraging violence.

  3. Yona:

    “Please ask yourself: why Jews who were refugees many generations and also after World War II, are not brandishing the keys of their houses?”

    Realy, what about those living in Nahalat Shimon?

    The refugees were alloted the land when it was under Jordanian control.
    Now, the fact it belonged to Jews prior to the devision does not mean they can reclaim it.
    If they do, so should the Arab refugees with the keys…

    How far are you willing to chase this?