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CiF Watch Global Zionist Subterfuge Update: Our blog welcomes 3 new international readers

Though most of CiF Watch traffic is obviously from Anglo nations we have received some “special” comments recently from non-Anglo regions of the world.

If you recall, a comment in response to our post, “Arthur Nelson’s Occupied Mind: Why the Guardian Left can’t take Arab antisemitism seriously“, arrived from a neighboring Palestinian polity:

Indeed, we traced the IP address back to Gaza City.

And, beneath the line of our post “What the Guardian won’t report: Pro-Palestinian activists in London – Israel must be destroyed“, was this, which we traced back to Mexico:

Yesterday, one of Israelinurse’s postcards from Israel, (Tiberias Waterfront), elicited this comment prophesizing that blood will be shed to take back what was taken from the Palestinians:

While I traced the IP address of this reader, who hopes that “god bless[es] our soul”,  back to Spain, a quick search found that he had signed a petition during the Second Lebanon War condemning Israeli genocide against Lebanon and the Palestinian people. 

While he’s currently located in Spain, he evidently identifies with the fascist (Nazi inspired) Syrian Social Nationalist party, which promotes Pan-Syrian nationalism – the goal of building a Greater Syrian state which would encompass Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Jordan, as well as parts of Turkey.

Such attention, from anti-Zionist commenters from 3 different continents, would seem to indicate that our international Zionist (Jewish supremacist) blogging is finally garnering wider attention.

Indeed, as you can see from this map of our traffic (orange and red indicating readers), our blog is read throughout most of the world – with a few unfortunate exceptions, such as Greenland (population 56,000).

So, as we’re always looking for ways to increase our web traffic, it appears as if we haven’t done enough outreach to the Greenlandic community, which, as you’ll see in our (quite ambitious) 2013 global Zionist strategic plan, we believe has growth potential.

As 2013 is fast approaching, any suggestions  on how we can more effectively engage in Zionist ‘Greenwashing’ would be greatly welcomed!

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  1. What I like best about our blame-the-Jews-until-we-die sect is the vast amount of intelligence they bring to the debate.

    Keep ’em coming, guys. Your abject idiocy is always a treat.

  2. You have the right enemies. 🙂
    Here is a little anecdote. I get a lot of hits from the Arab/Muslim world, but most of my pageviews are for my 3 posts about Femen, the Ukrainian topless protest group. I embedded a few pictures on my blog. I suspect my Muslim visitors are looking for soft porn.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised. Such Muslims are obsessed by sex and at the same time repelled by it. They play head games with themselves when they go with kufar prostitutes, and more disturbingly, whenever they target and groom neglected and very young white girls – that the girls are worth less than the dirt under his feet and can be used to relieve their urges.

      Yet at the same time such men demand that their wives, sisters and daughters remain pure. They are only too aware of their own base urges and their lack of capability to apprehend the female as human and so they very easily imagine that their female family will be used by others in the way that they are capable of using others.

  3. Not very popular in Iran it seems.

    But there are fans in Saudi, Turkey and Iraq. Not Syria but …working on it 🙂

    • The illegal Israeli occupation and genocide of the Falkland Islands, which are historically Arab and Muslim, is a war crime. I heard it from Peter Beianartzi so it must be true.